Untapping/tapping when facing an attack

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Untapping/tapping when facing an attack

Post by kober »

Source of confusion:
CRF wrote:A company may not play any resource during the Site Phase until they have faced all automatic-attacks, unless that resource directly affects an automatic-attack. Removing an automatic-attack does not directly affect it, although cancelling does.
CoE Erratum #1 wrote:When facing an automatic-attack, you may play resources that directly affect the attack or would otherwise be playable during the strike sequence. The same applies for facing attacks created by cards with multiple actions.
Two companies are moving to a common site, and Doubled Vigilance as well as a hazard creature are placed on-guard. At the beginning of the site phase, the combined company, which contains (among others) a tapped character (A), a wounded character (B), and a Wizard, decides to enter the site. The site has an automatic-attack, and thus both on-guard cards are revealed. A roll is made for DV, but the result is poor, thus the company has to face three consecutive attacks (all three having multiple strikes):
- DV Orcs ("to be resolved before any automatic‐attacks"),
- AA,
- on-guard creature.

Now, can tapped character A (who is bearing Healing Herbs):
1) Untap with And Forth He Hastened, and then (potentially)
2) Tap to use HH (to heal wounded character B),
during any of the following moments when facing one of the three attacks:
A) before strike assignment,
B) during strike sequence,
C) between strike sequences,
D) between the attacks?

I.e. can action 1, and then 2, be taken during any given moment (A-B-C-D) when facing the attacks?

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Re: Untapping/tapping when facing an attack

Post by CDavis7M »

Right. The CoE Erratum was in addition to the ICE CRF ruling instead of changing the ICE Ruling itself. But you can see here that CoE Erratum #1 directly overrides this ICE Ruling: https://councilofelrond.org/forum/viewt ... =68&t=1976.

Under the CoE ruling, Character_A could untap and heal Character_B in all cases (A, C, and D) except during the Strike Sequence (B). Under the ICE Rulings, Character_B could not be healed unless Character_A were already untapped at the beginning of his Site Phase (which is not the given scenario).

CoE Way:

Under CoE Erratum #1, in addition to canceling the attack you may play resources that directly affect the attack. The given examples also indicate that you can play resources that are playable on a character facing an attack. Also, when "facing an automatic-attack" you can play resources that would be playable during the strike sequence.

YES, you can untap A and heal B (A) before strike assignment.

NO. (B) during the strike sequence -- You can only untap Character_A during his strike sequence. You cannot untap Character_A during Character_B's strike sequence. Character_B cannot be healed during Character_A's strike sequence. Character_B could be healed during his own strike sequence of the conditions for using Healing Herbs could be met.

YES, you can untap and heal(C) between strike sequences.

YES, you can untap A and heal B (D) between the attacks.

ICE Way:

Scenarios A, C, and D are not possible under the ICE Rulings. Only Scenario B is possible and that scenario doesn't work.

It is not possible to heal Character_B under the ICE rulings. Obviously Character_A would need to be untapped in order to heal Character_B. Character_A may untap at Step 4) of the Strike Sequence using And Ford He Fastened (so that he does not receive the -1 prowess modification for being tapped). However, Character_A would have still been tapped from before at Step 3) of the Strike Sequence. Meaning that Character_A cannot take the -3 modification to remain untapped after his strike sequence. Even if Character_A untaps at Step 4) he will still become tapped unless you play Block or Dodge. On the other hand, if Character_A was already untapped, Healing Herbs could be used during Character_B's Strike Sequence, which you would resolve first.

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