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Re: Storage Solutions

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this thread makes me drool. :shock:
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Re: Storage Solutions

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Moriquendi wrote: Sat Dec 07, 2019 10:19 pm Updated pics of current transport & storage mentioned above.
Hey Moriquendi, what is that large-format card you got there? Some kind of promo? Is there a front side?

Almost forgot, the silliest accomplishment of mine (3 of each pair except, the Red/Whites):
(finally got the other 2 alternate side versions of each)
Well done! 👏👏👏
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Re: Storage Solutions

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CDavis7M wrote: Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:21 pm
Hey Moriquendi, what is that large-format card you got there? Some kind of promo? Is there a front side?
I don't recall what is on the back, if anything, I'll check when I get home. I got it from The Jabberwock and couple months back, not sure where he picked it up.

There was a postcard sized Dwar promo card for the Lidless Eye I've seen as well, but don't have one myself.
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Re: Storage Solutions

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I didn't mention before, but I've been using Ultimate Guard's deck boxes ("boulder" series) and their card/deck cases ("ArkHive" series) for a while now. The products are nice, though expensive. I've been buying more lately, and trying to find their deck boxes in stock anywhere I can. So I just decided to post. I don't work for them or anything, but the reason I bother sharing is because I've found them to be great for various MECCG decks. You can see their stuff here:

Also, I just use the lightweight sleeves, not the heavy duty ones with plastic backs. And I don't double sleeve. So if you do that then these products won't fit the same as they do for me.

Here is the "ArkHive 400+" box with 5 "Boulder 80+" boxes. These fit the Challenge Decks including their sites and sideboard. Again, using single lightweight sleeves. I've got one the purple one with minion decks and another for the hero decks. I can actually fit about 120 cards in these 80+ boxes.
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The ArkHive can also fit 4 of the "Boulder 100+" deck boxes which are great for your normal MECCG deck. These deck boxes are almost square so you can put them facing the front or the side. I have 110 cards in one deck. Since I use thin sleeves I can fit 140 cards, but not quite 150. So I have my starting company, play deck, sideboard, as well as a bunch of lands and regions already with the deck.
DSC_1195.JPG (58.7 KiB) Viewed 88 times
Here is something called the "Twin Flip n' Tray 200+" that I use for my sites and regions. I can just barely fit all of the regions and the hero, minion, fallen wizard, and balrog sites. I do have doubles of the havens and deep mines. I think they are making a slightly larger version these days aimed at 266+ cards. So if you have heavier sleeves maybe check it out. If you don't bother with regions then you'll get extra space compared to me.
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It's also possible to remove the tray by itself if you wanted to for some reason... It fits a lot of dice.
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Re: Storage Solutions

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Very very nice
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Re: Storage Solutions

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CDavis7M wrote: Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:01 am Sounds like a great setup. Are your vertical cards sleeved or unsleeved? How many rows do you have filled with Northern Rhovanion? I got half a drawer at least.
In fact I have 3 Northern Rhovanion cards. One is Dutch printed at least, so higher quality ink color! What can I say... until the end of 2017 I only knew one other person who collected MECCG, so currently 5 of my 6 Helmer drawers are MtG (even though I stopped purchasing MtG product circa 2006). My philosophy is that not owning all of the cards is the only true CCG play experience, although digital platforms are great for appreciating MECCG as a non-collected game.

My Helmer stores a mix of sleeved rares and unsleeved. I finally took a picture:
IMG_20220116_005313249.jpg (154.69 KiB) Viewed 66 times

Left row is hero resources (sorted by expansion and whether MP card), middle row is hazards (sorted by expansion and whether creature), right row is stage + characters + unsorted (partially cannibalized decks and "recent" donations) + donated minion resources (further in from what is shown). As I am principally a Player, and only secondarily a Collector, there are also some subsortings by things like creature bonus types, requiring doors/gates, character mind, but they are of less importance. More useful cards naturally gravitate to the expansion boundaries as I resort old decks and place cards back on the ends.

And as the Denver group knows, my "game day transport" is an old worn Whitman's Sampler chocolate box. The height and width are perfect for two rows of sleeved cards with dice in between, and I find the outer overhang helps protect the corners. The lid makes a decent dice tray. Need to stock up soon, though, because I think the company recently downsized their 12-oz box to be 10-oz, which doesn't look tall enough. :P
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