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Introduce yourself

Post by DainII »

Here is space to introduce yourself. Give a brief description who you are, what your preferences in MECCG playing are (i.e. "I am a passionate Dreamcard Player") and perhaps some hints what else are you doing (i.e. "I also play Magic or the Simpsons CCG").

Note, that it might be useful to add your location into your profile (User Control Panel) to enable nearby players to find you. With your username in this forum you can nonetheless stay anonymous.


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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Shapeshifter878 »

Hello everyone,
I´m Andreas from Sweden. Been gathering MECCG-cards for some years before recently trying to play online with GCCG. I actually first tried the Lord of the Rings TCG but wanted something that more captured the spirit from the books, which lead me to this game. I´ve always liked fantasy art and games in general, and I think through time I´ve really learned to appreciate both the gameplay and artwork of MECCG. Beside John Howe, Alan Lee and Ted Nasmith, Omar Rayyan, Audrey Corman, Steve Otis, and Jon Foster are some artists that I like. It´s fascinating to see how the visions of Middle-earth and it´s inhabitants can differ by looking at all the artwork. My favourite sets are The Dragons, and The Lidless Eye. I´m more of a casual player, and I´ll rather play a fun deck than a super-effective one. For now I prefer playing Hero vs Hero or maybe Challenge vs Challenge Deck as I´m getting used to all the details of gameplay. On GCCG my name is Berulf.
Cheers! :)

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Yanadil »

Hello, people of Middle-earth!

I am new to the world of MECCG and this seems to be the right place to introduce myself.

My name is David, I am 38 years old and I live in Frankfurt am Main/Germany. I play and collect all different kind of games for a very long time now: boardgames, role-playing games and cardgames as well. What I am really happy about is that my wife shares this hobby with me. We regularly play with our friends and attend conventions like the game fair in Essen or the "Spieletreff in Willingen/Usseln" which takes place in November every year.

What makes a game good to me is the way it implements a strong theme, the way it is able to tell a story. As I love the work of Professor Tolkien for at least the same time I love games, I suppose it is more than a miracle why I didn't stumble upon MECCG earlier in my life.

It was a few weeks ago that a thread about MECCG was started in the "Spielbox-Forum", a german game-forum I read frequently. Over there some really nice links about the game were posted so I started to follow them and became more and more interested. I started to get in contact with some people of the MECCG-community and received a lot of great information and a great introduction to the game on LackeyCCG (again many thanks to thorondor and zirilan for your help and patience).

As I only played 2 times so far I am still trying to get used to the rules (and erratas). I am really looking forward to meet with some MECCG-players in my area next week as this will be my first chance to play the game with "real" cards.

I would also like to give GCCG a try if someone would be willing to introduce a MECCG-newbie to it.

I am sure I will have tons of questions once I get more into the game and I would be more than happy to get some support from the community on my way through Middle-earth.

Thank you for reading :)


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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by keywood »

My name is Keywood Cheves and I live in Charlottesville, VA. I play Eurogames and wargames and generally I do not enjoy CCG's. I was, however, a playtester of MECCG for ICE from the Dark Minions expansion through the Balrog expansion (see page 88 of The Lidless Eye Companion). I really do enjoy playing MECCG though, and I am sure it will always be one of my Top Ten favorite games. I think that the fact that people are still playing MECCG 12 years after the publication of the last expansion shows the quality of the game and the dedication of its fans. Even though I was a playtester I am certainly no rules expert, and I really appreciate all the work others have done to allow people to continue to play MECCG and to bring in new people. Certainly keeping the errata, FAQ's, strategy articles, and tournament information plus running tournaments is a huge job that I really appreciate. I once played in a 14 player MECCG tournament and managed to finish 5th with a deck of all COMMON cards including sites. This convinced me that MECCG was a good game and that you could build a competitive deck without spending a lot of money. At present, my family keeps me from doing too much traveling but one of these days I hope to be able to come to some tournaments.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Beornd »

At present, my family keeps me from doing too much traveling but one of these days I hope to be able to come to some tournaments.
Its possible to get easier in touch with the community without burden your family. Connect to GCCG

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by keywood »

For anyone who might be interested, I plan to bring several MECCG decks to Origins 2010 in Columbus, OH. Look for me in the breezeway between the hotel and exihibition hall or in the open gaming area at the CABS end of the building. I will try to be wearing an ICE T-shirt or cap.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Gothmog »


im new here.
Im from Poland and start collecting ME one more time (i was active player few years ago, but i sell my collection, so i need any cards :oops: ).

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by shintorg »

New to this site, found it years ago and should of hopped on then and didn't. Same with GCCG. I collected MECCG when it was released, well through the MELE days. Then life got busy and I wasn't able to get back to affording to be able to collect till METB was out and ICE announced they were done. Used to be a rather active trader through Chris Cable's site and have a rather nice collection I intend to keep forever. :) Over the 15yrs or so I've been only able to play a handful of games, likely less than a dozen. I remember some prior incarnation to the current GCCG that I tried to use but failed at.

So I've recently moved and have a rather large amount of free time to pursue this amazing game and hopefully finally get to play it a bit. Being the new guy here I'm filled with hopes, dreams and energy. We'll see how it goes. I'm sure I'll ask all the wrong questions and maybe some right ones, at least I'll try to pick the correct forum to post em in.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by henrikbe »

Hi all,

I'm Henrik from Norway. I'm new to this site, and, after not touching the game for more than five years, hoping to get back to playing it again. I already have a complete collection, but a couple of weeks ago I bought a large bunch of cards (unseen) from a former collector quite cheaply, which got me thinking about MECCG again. So far I've mostly just sorted the cards (plan to put some of it up on eBay), but I also plan to start to make decks to play with as soon as possible.

I usually play with my wife, don't know anyone else around here who play. I've been on gccg once, maybe I'll try more in the future. We play very casually, which is part of the explanation why we haven't played much lately - MECCG requires quite a bit of time and involvement.

We're also fans of german-style board games, travel to Essen each October, and have also done some game design (Rattus, Oregon).


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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Fangorn »

Hello Tolkiendili !

I'm Franck Stassin from France.
As introduction I'll explain my journey with MeCCG since the beginning.


My first experience with CCG wasn't MeCCG.
Like others it was Magic, and with friends we found this new kind of game wonderful.
I totally stopped playing Magic for pecuniary reason (selling out all cards except for one deck) when MeCCG was released in 1995.
I wanted indeed to collect it, being a great fan of Tolkien's work.
MeCCG was released when I just became student like my friends (me at Lille, north of France)
The only other one who bought MeCCG too studied almost at the other end of the country.

For each new extension, we bought card boxes for exciting moment while discovering new cards with wonderful pictures.
Angus Mc Bride, John Howe, Ted Nasmith and Alan Lee are in this order my favorite artists.
I remember for example when opening a MELE booster at the same time, it was inside The One Ring for me and The Lidless Eye for my friend !
Without any true opportunity to play, I focused then on collecting for me and my friend, one version of each english card.

Meanwhile, I tried to trade cards, but at this time it was difficult without Internet.
But I saw once in my favorite shop that a tournament was planned (in Lille).
I went to tournament without playing, and I made several trades with lot of nice players.
I thus had a look to some games and saw how players had fun while playing.

At the end of the following tournament, the organizer taught me basis of playing the game.
It was a great feeling, and was convinced to play the following tournament, which is better than waiting between games.
As a side note, the organizer was a well-known player, Ernst Brun.


I had great pleasure while playing my first tournaments.
At this time, I played only with cards not in my collection, so I didn't had access to rare cards for playing.
I even didn't had access to some fixed and uncommons and a few commons, because I gave to another friend one of each non-rare card !

Then I had once the opportunity to play a national tournament in Paris.
The event was a 2-headed tournaments, the first one with all english extensions up to MEWH, and the second one with only french extensions up to METD.
I attended second one while all other guys from Lille attended the first one.
For this event I took some rare cards out of my collection to improve my deck which was Awakening of Rhovanion (see
I unexpectedly won the tournament, and got as prize a complete collector set of french MEDM (which was released few days before).

I became thus aware that group of players from Lille had a very good level, because the first tournament was won too by a player from Lille.
With this victory I was automatically qualified for French nationals, in which I finished at 13th place.
Afterwards I played other tournaments with another deck (see Entmoot, until the end of my studies end of 2000.


I didn't kept contact with the players when I began to work in Paris.
After some years, I change home from a flat to a house in 2005.
With far bigger place, I took all stuff which was in my parents' house, including naturally MeCCG.
I thus realized I missed 4 cards in my collection.


My goal was then to finish my collection and the one of my friend (who missed almost 25 cards).
I first contacted former French players with help of old list, but it wasn't very efficient.
Only a few kept their collection and none were still playing.
I felt this situation as a disaster for such a wonderful collection/game.

I had more results with Internet, and slowly completed collections.
The last card missing in my collection was Freeze the Flesh, and the one in my friend's collection was Farmer Maggot.


Meanwhile, Ernst Brun (didn't playing anymore too) gave me contact of Dominique Bergeret (aka Darksatin) for trade.
After trade, Dominique had difficulties to convinced me to play a game again, because I hadn't truly motivation after 5 years without playing.
It was again a great feeling while playing and I became then slowly corrupted by the game.

With the fair quality of laser printer, I could print proxies.
I have indeed a collector set only, missing thus 2 versions for each non-unique rare card.
That was naturally a lock for building all thematic decks which came to my mind !

The next step for Dominique was to convince me to attend an international event.
Worlds 2008 in Antwerpen was a great opportunity, because it is only 2 hours far from Paris by train.
Games were very friendly with a fair spirit among dudes, although being a high-level tournament. (see report
Another hinderance was thus unlocked and I attend just after Walloon Nationals.
The next step was naturally the Lure (see report 2009 ... ame=franck and report 2010 ... ame=franck).


It was very enjoying at Lure to discover alternative and thematic game formats.
Arda is a great multi-players format with lots of fun.
Scenario formats like Hamburger (and seemingly Cool Play I don't know yet) allow casual play.
Dreamcards dispose of in-depth thematic with amazingly possibilities of different deck.

I like to play thematically, and game is so close to the spirit of Middle-earth that playing a game is like living an adventure in it.
For example I never play with "the ultimate 5" (The Mouth, Adunaphel, Uvatha, Baduila and Daelomin at Home), unless it fits with thematic (for example I add Daelomin at Home only if hazard thematic is drake/dragon).
It is then always a great surprise for opponent if he's playing an hunting Alatar !
Until now I always played hero alignment (except for only 3 times minion).


As a conclusion, I'm back to the game since 5 years thanks to Dominique who use persuasive words.
Since few weeks I play sometimes on GCCG, which allow playing all year round.
I hope I'll find some online French players in order to registrer a new country for the Nation Cup !
I have now the goal to convince french players to play on GCCG and alternate formats, and old players to play again.

See you soon !
Hrum, Hoom ! Do not be hasty, that is my motto.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by daedel »

Hello everybody,

My name is Santiago, I am 38 years old and bought my first deck of MECCG in 1996 :). Since then and until 1999 I bought several decks and boosters, mainly from The Wizards, The Dragons and Minions. But guess what? Never got to play. My friends were hardcore roleplaying gamers and didn't like card games, plus didn't have my love for Middle Earth, so my cards were driven to oblivion. Until several months ago.

I started to play again my old rolemaster fantasy/merp campaign (with new friends that like Middle Earth as much as I do) and remembered about the cards. "They can be a nice complement to the game", I thought. And when I recovered them, I stumbled upon a copy of The Wizards Companion. I picked it up and out of curiosity, started to read the rules again. And I was shocked. I didn't remember how good the game was. I inmediately developed a desire to restart collecting the game again and play it if possible.

And several months later, I have bought as many boosters as I can afford, and my better half is willing to play with me. As are my friends. So I expect a long time of enjoying the game. I'll also have many questions that I hope will be answered here :)


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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Aranarth »

Greetings from New Mexico!

I got into this game when it was released in late '95, I bought every expansion, and completed all sets --which I am now selling off on ebay! This includes sealed Balrog boxes. [My how those have gone up in value! :D ]

I played this game a lot (along with M:TG) but then stopped around 1999 when my group of CCG friends dispersed to careers and marriages elsewwhere...and ICE bit the bullet. :( I have a large amount of playcards left and still play with my brother (and his girlfriend) occasionally, and I taught a girl (with whom I was dating) how to play last year. Now another good friend of mine is getting back into it and so I have gone hunting for singles, updated rulebooks, maps, etc. and found this forum whilst on that search! Thank you!

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Uvatha the Horseman »

Hello everybody,

Trying to get back to this wonderfull game after an hiatus of more than 10 years. Still have some decks, a bunch of cards and recently I ordered the challenge decks from someone in USA (still waiting them to arrive).

Loved the game back then, always liked the theme and have been using the alias above ever since, even though just registered in here. I live in Brazil, Sao Paulo city with my no-gamer-wife, who I can picture running away from me while I am trying to convince her to play this game. It was not a problem when I started playing, hell I was not even married, but right now I jsut can´t find people to play with. So if you are around here in town, reading this and still play or want to get back playing this, let me know.

Also, there is a chance I will be in Paris and/or Lyon mid may this year, so if someone knows where I could find singles/booster/decks whatever related to this, please give me a hint.


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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Vastor Peredhil »


Welcome back, well most players without a group try GCCG for a chance to play

also there are some French members, Darksatin in one of them

and I found these players with loaction France in the member list:

Coibor 0 France Mon Apr 27, 2009 3:44 pm
sigurd 0 France Mon Oct 20, 2008 4:33 pm
Adanhedel 0 France, Alsace Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:58 am
Hellgie 0 France, Alsace Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:01 pm

yours Nicolai aka Vastor, Germany

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Uvatha the Horseman »

Thanks for the fast response.
I downloaded gccg and already instaled; was there for a few days and also received a lot of commons from someone as a gift, very nice community. I think I will be going to use it more in the future, it's just that right now I am trying to decrease the time I spent on the PC as I work in front of one all day long. I still want to try to find players to play with face to face here in Brazil though, but its been hard.
I will just be in France for a couple of weeks, working most of the time. I wonder if I would find some stores that still carries some meccg stuff, we will see.
As a side note, I tried to connect to gccg, but failed tree times in a row; it keeps saying "working offline".

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