Sharing my fancy map

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Sharing my fancy map

Post by USMCgeek »

Made a fancy version of the Region Map with Hero/Minion/Fallen Wizard combined. Just sharing it. ... p-2017.png

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Re: Sharing my fancy map

Post by Moriquendi »

Thanks! I have a collection of laminated high-res maps that I use when gaming. This looks great!

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Re: Sharing my fancy map

Post by CorumMc »

Looks great. I did something lighter on the info (sticking to just the Regions and lightened borders) a few years back in order to make myself a play mat. The 3 images on the left are where I place my deck, discards, and marshaling point cards. ... size=large

I started to turn that image into a play-worthy map like you have but honestly didn't have the attention span to see it through. :)

I really like yours quite a bit. Though I think I'd change the font on the dark red/black banners to white to ease my old eyes.

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