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I'd been sorting my hoard of cards recently. About twenty years after having put hundreds of C/U cards in a box I came across a misprint I was unaware I had it: One of my German cards (Caves of Ulund, actually) has a blank back, it's completely white. Interesting, never seen this before.
Probably at least one uncommon sheet had been produced without printing on the back.

Anyone else having a similar card?
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Re: Misprints

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I have never seen this. It would be great to have a detailed list of all the known miss-prints.

The trouble for me is distinguishing a miss-print from something that is maybe just a poor quality print, etc. A lot of the cards vary from pack-to-pack it seems. Some of the Balrog cards are variable, for example?

A card without a back illustration is definitely a miss-print, or maybe it is just half a card?
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