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Post by CardGameGeek » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:17 pm

Hi guys,

I am here to let everyone know I set up a Patreon campaign for

If any of you used the website so far either to track his collection or to build some decks, you know I am working constantly to improve the website, and included in this, is the development of a complete Trading feature and an e-commerce like eBay but for CCGs only.

I am also continuosly looking to add more contents for all games... Currently in the process of scanning all my EN collection of MECCG (Cards and Books) and sharing them with the Patrons...

Endgame... if you like what I am doing and you think the project deserve it, it would be extremely appreciated if you want to jump aboard and support the website!

NB: Shameless advertisement post approved :wink:
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