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A quiz to test your rules knowledge

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 8:45 pm
by CDavis7M
This was a quiz developed for prospective MECCG netreps. Enjoy!

1. The CRF says that the hoard goes away immediately (under Rulings by
Term) if a Dragon manifestation is defeated, and that it goes away at the
end of the turn (under Complete Errata Listing). Which is correct?

2. What regions does No Escape From My Magic apply to if I play it on Snaga-hai?

3. Can I assign a strike from Cave Drake to an tapped character?

4. I just started playing, and I don't understand the rules. Can you
explain them to me?

5. Can I play a Wizard's Ring at Minas Tirith with the White Tree played on it?

6. If I move while a Snowstorm is out, can my opponent play hazards on me?
Can he key creatures to my site of origin?

7. When are you going to errata Eomer to make him like he was in the books?

8. Can I play Rebuild the Town before the automatic-attack has been faced?

9. If two people are playing a Fallen-wizard in a general opponent
tournament, who declares which Fallen-wizard they are playing first?

10. What happens if I tap Power Built by Waiting, and then my opponent
plays Marvels Told on it?

11. I'm never buying MECCG again. I bought a booster pack, and there was no
rare card in it.

12. For the Balrog of Moria, does the +2 prowess bonus if Galadriel is in
Lorien apply to itself?

13. I was attacked in company vs. company combat. My opponent played Orc
Quarells to cancel the attack, but I said he couldn't because I had a
Two-headed Troll in the company. Who is right?

14. Can I get a Twilight from my discard pile with Smoke Rings if I played
it as a resource?

15. If I play Dark Tryst in response to a hazard, can I use one of the
cards I draw to cancel the hazard?

16. When is the Balrog coming out?

17. If I Marvels Told a corruption card, do I have to make the corruption
check before or after the corruption card is removed?

18. The CRF says a character can tap to take a corruption card off of
another character. Why isn't this errata to the rules?

19. If I use starter movement from Lorien to Rivendell, can a Cave Wyrm be
played on me?

20. If you were the netrep, how would you do the job?

Re: A quiz to test your rules knowledge

Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 4:50 am
by Theo
Nice. I'm guessing the author got (2) wrong. ;)

... are you the author, Chris? :P

Re: A quiz to test your rules knowledge

Posted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 2:18 am
by CDavis7M
I missed the joke. As far as I know the author got it right. I'm certainly not the author. This was a quiz developed for prospective netreps and was posted to the old mailing list.

I have tried to use No Escape before though. Not much success.

I think (2) is a trick, given the errata.

Re: A quiz to test your rules knowledge

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:22 pm
by Bandobras Took
And here are the proper answers:

1) Neither of those is correct. I didn't notice Smaug's horde vanishing after Bard shot him.

2) None, if you tap the Witch-King.

3) Only on alternate Thursdays.

4) If anybody could explain the rules, we wouldn't need a NetRep, now, would we?

5) So long as you've played Chambers in the Royal Court there.

6) If you get your opponent to help you with the heavy furniture, he won't have time to play hazards.

7) Around the same time Fatty ceases to be the most useful Hobbit.

8) Time is an illusion.

9) The winner is decided by knock-out.

10) An argument.

11) As far as I can tell, nobody's buying MECCG again. Lost license, and all.

12) It operates on the same principle as the +2 prowess bonus when Galadriel isn't at Lorien.

13) Anybody who wants errata for Two-Headed Troll.

14) How does one not play Smoke Rings as a resource?

15) Only if you could legally use it to cancel the hazard.

16) In today's general climate of tolerance, the Balrog can come out any time he wants.

17) Do it both, just to be on the safe side.

18) Schrodinger's cat is in charge of maintaining the rules.

19) Sure, but you'll probably want to take it off before standing up.

20) Snarkily.

Re: A quiz to test your rules knowledge

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:52 am
by Theo
You've got my vote!