Saving the Game Letter - Problems & Possible Solutions

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Re: Saving the Game Letter - Problems & Possible Solutions

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Someone is paying for the domain hosting.
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Re: Saving the Game Letter - Problems & Possible Solutions

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Nice to see all this activity by new players, though be aware we do a lot of stuff in in person chat via GCCG, so many dudes find it hard to believe but there is way more activity then this forum allows one to see,

so please get a GCCG account (SVN version is best) and have a talk in person ;)

yours Nicolai, long time council member ;)

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Re: Saving the Game Letter - Problems & Possible Solutions

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‘I do not understand all that goes on myself, so I cannot explain it to you. Some of us are still true Ents, and lively enough in our fashion, but many are growing sleepy, going tree-ish, as you might say. Most of the trees are just trees, of course; but many are half awake. Some are quite wide awake, and a few are, well, ah, well getting Entish. That is going on all the time.
Interesting read. The mention of trees was a reference to this passage? I had the same impression.

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Re: Saving the Game Letter - Problems & Possible Solutions

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IMHO the only way to expand the player base is to do a complete overhaul of the rules, reprint of the cards to make them more affordable (a player starting from scratch has to spend like what ? 1000+ € to get a full playset) and massive marketing.

Let's be realistic: It's not going to happen.
As much as I would love to see cards reprinted with all the rule changes and Errata incorporated and all that for a reasonable price, it's just impossible due to IP issues. Furthermore I can not see who would be able to finance such a project up front.

Yes, the council webpage might need an update and yes, there are like 1000 minor issues that need attention.
However, working on them is totally secondary as the key problem is the player base.

I myself have accepted that MECCG is a game of the past.
As much as I love to play it and a much as I enjoy seeing the game beeing played regularly at events like Lure I can not imagine a boost in the player base.

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