appointing a new NetRep

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appointing a new NetRep

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there is an initiative among Spanish players to constitute a new NetRep (team). Foremost, Manuel Cabezali is willing to act as the NetRep, having at least 2 other Spanish players as sidekicks (Marcos Cáceres and Pedro Mellado).

I was asked to bring this to the attention of the COE.
It´s part of our agenda to maintain a NetRep that takes care of rulings and clarification. While probably there is no doubt that a rules authority is needed, maybe we can discuss here how this can be enabled best in order to serve the needs of the community.

There are a lot of rules questions brought up here in the forum, that within a very short time transform into a controversy between Konrad Klar and Chris Davis (and sometimes Theo) - often without a clear final result. While their input could be a great source for good rulings, i very much prefer a coolheaded guy like Manuel, who also has the perspective of a tourney player.

In this context: it would be very welcome to have all the rules combined in one big document.

Any comments and suggestions?
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