Looking for new host for GCCG

Discussion of the Generic Collectible Card Game engine designed and run by Tommi "wigy" Ronkainen.
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Looking for new host for GCCG

Post by jhunholz »

I've been hosting the GCCG server for the past few years, hopefully providing a good service to this community. I have a server that is colocated and was used for my personal web hosting and some small side jobs of hosting for others. Unfortunately, I've reached the point where I'm spending too much on colocating the server and will be shutting it down soon.

What I'm looking for is someone that is willing to pick up the hosting duties for the gccg server. It runs on Linux and uses free libraries when you compile it. There's no special software needed other that. Bandwidth and disk space requirements are very limited. It also uses very little CPU and ram, so it can be hosted alongside other applications or websites. You could even rent a small VPS for this if you don't have an existing server available.

Would anyone in the community be willing to start hosting this? We can coordinate moving things over to the new server and working with the councilofelrond.org domain owner to repoint the gccg subdomain.

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Re: Looking for new host for GCCG

Post by kodi »

If you want, I would like to host it ;)

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