Who dropped the bomb?

Discussion of the Generic Collectible Card Game engine designed and run by Tommi "wigy" Ronkainen.
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Re: Who dropped the bomb?

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Not getting anywhere with my metw.bat file. What should be in there?

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Re: Who dropped the bomb?

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again, if you do a svn checkout for Core, http://www.councilofelrond.org/forum/vi ... f=20&t=903, you should get the correct metw.bat file. You need this file to start the program.
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Re: Who dropped the bomb?

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hmm, i suggest a sealed tourney, because thats the easiest to start with without the need of building any decks.
now hvaing to build even 2 different GO decks for a toruney, makes it a lot harder and i am pretty sure many will not consider to play because of this.

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