GCCG METW with help of Quadragon

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GCCG METW with help of Quadragon

Post by Vastor Peredhil » Thu May 28, 2015 1:37 pm

I all, while I was busy moving house, I got 2 emails and we need help from the community to keep GCCG for METW going, here are 2 emails from the man in charge now,

please bring to the table what you guys can add, as neither Eric or me are any type of programmer !, but we are sure to help as always, but we need others as well


fuuu and I have been fixing and further developing Gccg. We now have functional copy and paste on both Win and Linux (as opposed to only paste and only on Win), plus a neat highlight thing for the messagebox, and we're going to do more later on.

I logged in on the metw server, since I believe that to be the only other active community, to figure out what's going on on your side of things.

As far as I understand, you people update over the SVN instead of using the regular gccg_package perl stuff, which means any changes I make won't affect you until I port stuff over here.

So, to the point: Tommi has given me permission to discard the previous TODO (which is mostly wrong, unclear or just bad) and create a new roadmap. If anyone over there at metw wants to contribute or submit issues, I guess we can either use discussion/mailing list here on sourceforge or set up some other kind of environment. My understanding is that you've had some issues for the last few years, for instance, and if those are relevant to the general stuff it'd be good to know about them.

Let me know, please.



If you wish to participate (or someone else from your community does) in the decision making and further developing of Gccg, I'd recommend getting in touch ASAP. Otherwise, guess we'll carry on on our own.

Let me know,

yours Nicolai aka Vastor Peredhil

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