Window size issue

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Window size issue

Post by Padster »

I have just installed GCCG and run it.

But the window that opens disappears off the bottom of my 768 screen and I cannot see anything I type (I presume that what I am typing is at the bottom of the window, which I cannot see).

What can I do?



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Re: Window size issue

Post by Shapeshifter »

Be sure to run GCCG in fullscreen mode. The relevant line in my metwDC.bat looks like this:
start %CLIENT% --server --design 1366x768 --full --user %USER% %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9 metwDC.xml

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Re: Window size issue

Post by Germanico »

A little piece of advise i learned by myself...

If you have multiple screens in "extended" mode, full screen wont work.

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Re: Window size issue

Post by Mordakai »

I'm not very fan of fullscreen mode. I have my own metw.bat in about 50 pixels less in height and width, so the window is almost fullscreen, but allows me to see the notifications bar, other open programs, etc. Be carefull, however, latest windows builds (Win 10) have an option of zooming the open programs if your screen resolution is FullHD or above, usually at 125% or 150%, that can screw your numbers.

In a FullHD res. (1920x1080) I have windows zoom at 125% and GCCG resolution at 1540x790, and that is almost fullscreenx.
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