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Post by dirhaval » Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:04 pm

Ren if fired-up and not in a good way. Ren has been tasked
to put Chey under his control and to remove the Uncleaned.

The White Wizard has been speaking with the local leaders.
Resistance from them will hinder his Master's plans. Little
factions need to be dispatched to protect Eastern Mordor.
Ren will influence a few factions to stall advancement of
the enemy to Mordor.

Bharam will become a Warlord.
Gorovod will be in his company using Shadow-magic.
Perchan will be there too influencing factions.
The other company. Two orcs in a desert. Nazog will become
a Warlord with Shagrat as a follower with Do As I Say.
Two high prowess orcs with the Lyharg ally will cut across Harad
to CvCC Imrahil, Pallando, and specifically Saruman's elves and men.
They will make Nazog's home site a Warlord's Lair so they can heal west of the Ered Hamal.
The Ring of the Dispossessed will be found and played on Shagrat. He will have
problems with corruption unless Ren is Unleashed.
Ren will be in Fell Rider mode too using Shadow-magic.

Saruman will be overshadowed in Chey. No word will reach the White Council.

I like this deck for the focus of a Ringwraith in Fell Rider Mode playing magic on heroes.
I like that there is a dynamic duo of two big orcs using Shadow-magic and a base
away from a darkhaven.

I read in the MECCG rules that half-orcs cannot take trophies. Nazog is a half-orc with
normal abilities to double the bonuses of trophies. Is that right? I know there are no
rules to allow covert minions to take trophies as the card Warlord stats. I am working on it.

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Re: 638-Ren

Post by dirhaval » Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:01 am

Here is the updated Ren deck.
Not much has changed. This player did well, but there was something more using the Ringwraith
outside his darkhavens.

Changes to characters:
Grunt and new MECP characters removed. Melorak given to Khamual.
Shagrat also removed replaced by Gorshuk. Shagrat is not in any Avatar deck.

Agent changes: Pon-ora-Pon for Om-buri-Om.
Ullis replaces Lomelinde. Daurukh removed.

Flails of the Horseplayers removed to give to Indur. Haradhwaith then removed for more shadow-magic cards.
Minor Ring added. More items added including Thrall-ring. Perfect Gold Ring and Least of the Gold Ring
added to help play Trifling Ring, added Magic Ring of Shadows and Minor Ring.
Desert Orcs, Naga Ulurk and Variags of Khand removed for closer factions: Muranaians, Chyans.
To Satisfy the Questioner replaced by a second That's Been Heard Before Tonight.
Now, 23 "MP cards" from 18.

Not Slay Needlessly replaced by Orc Quarrels. Ered Hamal and Crept Along Cleverly replaced by Forged below and Mace-master.
Pretender, Gift of Deceit, Warlord, Warlord's Lair replaced by more items.
Feast on Flesh, Open to the Summons, Channels of Chey x2 replaced by A Malady, Sojourn x2, Well-preserved x2.
Crooked Promptings x2 replaced by Honey on the Tongue x2.
Motionless Among the Slain added.

These changes are more combative-oriented with help from magic. No more stress to crown two Warlords to worry the player.
Honey on the Tongue helps will playing characters until DI support arrives. Fell Rider starts in the playdeck for quick play
by Ren.

My favorite change is this:
Araudagul, Captain no More, in same company as I'll Be At Your Heels, with Black Mace, Mace-master, and Forged Below for 9 prowess
from a +4 weapon. He just has four corruption points with Ren still able to help.
full file updated after practice game
(407.83 KiB) Downloaded 24 times

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