265-Avatar War

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265-Avatar War

Post by dirhaval » Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:15 pm

Here are the notes of the first 16 turns of the Avatar Deck.

Things did not go as I thought. First, not every avatar has a resource to move factions.
The Northern Waste avatars were in no mood to battle. Also, there is no means to move dragon factions, which is find with me.

Mirkwood was quiet. Minions were chased out of Eriador. There was a two-turn battle at Osgiliath.
Now, there is a race to stop the Mumakaniril. 18 factions are moving to converge in a single region.
Current rules have that 5 factions per region per alignment are allowed. Nilulonde, a battleground, seems too far away.
The minions have an advantage. Mumakaniril can move northwards while minions can leave
two factions in every two regions blocking movement of heroes. That will likely kill minion factions.
Else, Mumakaniril can stay in Bozisha-Miraz to get easy Darkhaven healing while hero factions
will break like water.

I added faction healing rules. I have been thinking for years to allow characters to move with factions
and the mind is not counted against General Influence. However, no table resources can be played
on such characters (e.g. items, Fellowship, allies) except for MERN resources and MP do not count. It gets these characters
used and are there to be used normally if needed (but need to come into "play" normally. Complicated I know.

I played with the non-battleground frenzy rules of multiple battles. But I used it first and given its notes at the end of file.
Leave me your comments Thank you.

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Re: 265-Avatar War

Post by dirhaval » Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:52 pm

Attached is the full notes of the practice faction wars.

These notes include the previous days's commentary, but also
notes of playing and moving the factions along with the battles themselves.
The updated rules are included.

Overall, battles are a major investment that may loose you MPs since the body stats
are usually lower than that of characters. The game can become complicated, so
ensure the rules are flushed before playing in tournaments.
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