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Indur known as Dawndeath has returned to Mumakan to be Jí Amâv IV.
As Cloudlord he will rebuild the mighty Mumakan army and reconquer
the lands south of the Yellow Mountains. His only goal is to bring
the mighty Mûmakanril host to Mordor [which is not yet created with text].

This player will test magic rings, recruit factions, and fulfill mission events for marshalling points.
Some factions will aid in playing creatures such as The Black Dogs and Monks of Ereg Eiren.
A treasure of a faction is Hathorians worth 5 MPs to a Black Player. The companies
can use Not Slay Needlessly and Ruse to cancel attacks. Indur will first move using
Black Rider to play an Oliphaunt ally. There are three such allies. Then use
Morgul-Blade and his Unleash card for brutal killings at dawn. Many spirit-magic events
are in the deck, which can be fetched with a Magic Ring of Delusion.

Golodhros is the prime minion with 4 DI and three skills. He will control Leardionoth whom
is another spirit-mage. I made nine new minions of the Uttersouth. This company will
influence the factions. They may need to move to the Dominions of the Seven to play items.
Hargrog leads the overt company as a Warlord. He will control
the half-orc Burdîlgoth with Orders from Lugburz. The half-orc is a spirit-mage. This company
will be at Tower of Hargrog playing items and CvCC the Valdacli scum.

The hazard strategy uses slayer creatures and Ruin AA enhancers. All three slayer creatures
are present (i.e. Slayer, Knifeless Ones, Southern Slayer). The AA enhancers are the usual
in Arouse/Awaken/Incite and Tidings of Bold Spies and Unabated in Malice.

His main opponent are the Valdacli.

This Ringwraith has the vital mission to bring the Mûmakanril faction to Gondor. The faction will be played early in the second deck. Expect battle during the journey in Bosiri, Seznebab, and Bellazen. The War of the Ring will start late in the first deck of the Power Decks. The extra turns in Imlad Morgul allow additional turns in battle and two turns for healing. Get the host to Bosiri by Turn 15 to allow Indûr CvCC for two turns. Whips of Their Masters can be played on this faction to outrun hero factions.

Turn Movement of Mûmakanril Host
20-BozishaMiraz-Suza Sumar-Bellazen
24-Harondor-Ithilien-Imlad Morgul
25-Imlad Morgul
26-Imlad Morgul
27-Imlad Morgul
28-Imlad Morgul
29-Imlad Morgul-Ithilien-Anorien
30-battle at Minas Tirith
31-battle at Minas Tirith
32-battle at Minas Tirith
exhaust deck
33-battle at Minas Tirith
34-VICTORY at Minas Tirith.
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Re: 634-Indur_Slayer

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Here is the updated Indur file. The game went well for this player, but
the covert company was hounded by low prowess characters. His factions were unstoppable
resting in Bellazan after the council.

Not much has changed. Of course, my created covert characters were removed along with Magical Whip.
Those cards have promise, but I can use Horseman in the Night instead. Also, I can discard Horseman
late in the game to have a five-character overt company led by Orc-Chieftain. Breeder's Stock can
get those minions into play faster.
Djerul was removed for Sakalure since the 4-mind spirit-magic user was needed elsewhere. The Ranger skill helps
Indur too.

Black-mail Coat replaced by Broad-headed Spear 1) two Horseman of 7 body available, 2) Threats nullfies DI so use weapon,
3) will transfer weapon to orc late in the game. Magic Ring of Lies replaced by Minor Ring to save on corruption.
Seize Prisoners replaced by To Satisfy the Questioner. I could give one TStQ to Adunpahel for her Seize Prisoners.

Gifts As Given of Old replaced by Threats. This is somewhat an issue with Words of Menace and Deceit in the deck, but
I can manage. Old Prejudice stays.
Two copies of Not Slay Needlessly replaced by Ready to His Will x3. That will hurt.
I'll Be At Your Heels violates my new limit on resources in the game, so it was replaced by a second I'll Report You. Now, Horseman
in the Night using a Spear has 6 prowess to max on Threats.
Above the Abyss replaced by Tokens to Show and Breeder's Stock.
Messenger of Mordor and Riven Gate were removed.

Pirates were given I think to Necromancer. Marsh-drake replaced by Fell Turtle. Slayer given to Akhorahil. Wargs and Wolves added
to use Rabies, which a Slayer creature can use too.

Twilight replaced by Peril Returned. Unabated in Malice x3 and Tidings of Bold Spies x3 replaced by Awaken/Arouse/Incite Defenders x1 and
Death of a Kinsman, Alone and Unadvised.
Two Foolish Words lost for another Ring-chained and one Despair of the Heart.

The idea is to soften heroes with the Automatic-attack hazards by playing resources. Then next turn wound or tap using Despair of the Heart, Alone and Unadvised. Then tap all with Death of a Kinsman when a creature kills. Wolves then can kill.

No changes to used sites.
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Re: 634-Indur_Men

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Changes to Deck from earlier 24 turn game:

For sites no visiting west of the Western Spur of the Yellow Mountains or sites with nearest
haven as Tower of Hargrog. This helps keep sites compact avoiding movement between
Darkhavens. Previous Game had five movements between Darkhavens with some several using Tower of
Hargrog Darkhaven as a stop before returning to the east.

Items removed include Flail of the Horseslayers and another movement north of the Yellow
Mountains. Added another Paltry Ring, replaced a Least of Gold Rings for A Little Gold Ring.
Added three more unique items.

Replaced Seize Prisoners with To Satisfy the Questioner --- good to keep quiet avoiding attacks.
No more Threats, but now Gifts Given as of Old. I’ll Be At Your Heels replaced by Smart and
Secret. Forced March replaces Above the Abyss.
Ancient Rite added for Messenger of Mordor. Poison of His Voice removed.

Only 16 non-creature hazards kept. All Slayers replaced by Men creatures. Only Niocupa

Characters with a home site near Usakan Bay given to Malezar: Ukan, Bewac, Maarv, Es-amu,
Ulrith. Sagvak now with Desert Orcs. Djerul, Leärdionoth moved elsewhere.

Previous version was a mess with such a large Uttersouth territory. Now it feels normal
with compact sites. Thought about including METW creature Mumak playable in same region
as the faction. Or maybe allowed like that with Mumakan Expansion in play.
Updated for current 50 player game.
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