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The Third has been brought to Udun to unleash his hounds on the West.

Dwar is to store Always Black Horses for later use, play orc factions in Mordor,
and subdue Rohan. Wolf allies, Scara-hai, and sorcery events will do this.

Dwar will move in Black Rider mode to either influence factions Gaurhir cannot play
or raid into Gap of Isen for a surprise attack. Scara-hai will play wolf allies and poison
to invade Gondor to either kill horse allies, leaders, or draw them to distant
regions such as Anfalas and Old Pukel-Land. There will be much CvCC.
Durthang will be made into a healing site for orcs and wolf allies.

The hazard deck is filled with creatures inhabiting the White Mountains. Demons, Pukel-men,
boars, and elves are included. Hazard events are about disease, agents with Cunning Foes, and
harming allies.

What I like about this Deck
This deck is a synergy of wolf allies, movement, and sorcery. You can have certain combos
in hand for specific turn strategies.

What I do not like about this Deck
The companies seem weak due to low influence. There is no warlord event used or other boosters
to add higher prowess minions. Also, no inherit sorcerer starts the game.
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Re: 633-Dwar

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The deck file is updated in the first thread.

Not much changed. It was agonizing how to handle the losing of a magic-user.
Miruimor went to Scatha and Lieutenant of Dol Guldur came from The Mouth.

So many changes could be made with the companies, but no composition is wholly satisfying.
Ring of Flame will be in the deck. It does not make sense to use it elsewhere. Unless Ren
gets sorcery and Dwar gets shadow-magic. Then, Dwar will get Feagwath too.

Let's stick with sorcery for Dwar. I wanted to have Gorfaur stay in Mordor influencing factions.
But that leaves Gaurhir to wear the mind ring, but his prowess is too low to stay unwounded.
The practice game had Haeldwyn roll for 20 strikes. Miriumor rolled just as many. Therefore,
Gaurhir cannot wear the mind ring, and I want another character to use Sorcery without the magic ring.
The only solution was to have Gorfaur have the mind ring controlling Haeldwyn with the Magic Ring of Weals.
Gaurhir is to have Wolf and a -2 modified mind Bulrakaur. Gorfaur has Orders From Lugburz and I'll Be At Your Heels
to give Haeldwyn zero CPs. Gorfaur's 10 mind will keep safe from the mind ring.

If Haeldwyn is under GI, then he must control Bulrakaur that has Heels. That leaves the Man with 0 CP with trifling ring.
Then Gorfaur has the mind ring and ByRW Word for 12 DI controlling Gaurhir, Wolf, and Virsh.
Haeldwyn has room for Orc-Grunt. That is another option, but forces Gorfaur to have ByRW Word when the companies are

Haeldwyn with By RW Word and no trifling ring has 7 DI to control Bulrakaur and Virsh. It is tough to decide.

In any case, no sorcerer starts the game. I hope to draw a Stolen Knowledge event or a gold ring early.

I would like to switch Miriumor with Haeldwyn, but that Dunadan is not allowed with trolls. That switch will allow
the second option of companies: Gorfaur w/ Gaurhir and Miriumor w/ Bulrakaur.

Oh, Oathbreaker is included with The Dwimorberg. The minion decks have 32 shadow magic, 34 sorcery, and 34 spirit magic cards. A clean 100.
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Re: 633-Dwar

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Updated deck for current practice Avatar Deck game.

Surprised that some selected this player for minion in poll.

Deck changes include:
Magic Ring of Savagery for Magic Ring of Guile to handle dangerous Gondor movement.
Thing Stolen and Path to Vileness removed for Warg-Riders, Gwaith-i-Mirdain, and Blood-mage.
Gwaith-i-Mirdain is good to fetch Secrets of Their Forgings to play at Amon Lhaw.
Blood Mage is nice far away from a Darkhaven.
Ivic Removed to Scatha the Worm's deck.

Needed minion player ready to raid into Rohan against Theoden King. Thus,
a player that moves alot such as Dwar Unleashed. Use overts with agreeableness of their death.
Wanted heavy use of wolf allies. Ardagor has wolf allies. Also wanted movement of Oath Breaker ally
into Mordor so no home base in Eriador. Hoarmurath is a good replacement with his Unleash
and Dwar Unleash can target heroes east of the Great River. But I like to keep Dwar in Udun
for movement. Wanted an overt company in Gondor able to stay alive for a few turns.

I wonder, can Dwar the RIngwraith use a Creature of an Older World to move from
Udun to reach Gap of Isen? That is fly over the river?
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Re: 633-Dwar

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Creature of an Older World (like Winged Terror) is Winged.
This means he can tap to give another character (presumably his controller) 'flying.'
If the company is allowed to use region movement, and all characters/allies have 'flying', they can move 6 regions, and only the first and last region are considered in their site path.
This does not mean the company can move between non-adjacent regions, like from Dagorlad to Rohan. But with a total of 6 regions, it's possible to reach Gap of Isen from Udun, sure.
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