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Below is the commentary provided for the first eight turns of this deck. Bade to Rule is a great card for the needed general influence
to play characters. But getting trophies on Rogrog is an issue to play Warlord. Thorin II playing drakes and dragons is annoying.

This player is successful in gathering MPs and preparing the avatar to move away from Angmar near the end of the first deck. Card draw is 10.3 cards per turn, which 9.5+ for the first deck I consider success. First deck should exhaust during Turn 10 unless it is better to draw resources on Turn 11 for the avatar. 15 MP is healthy. Dark Captain was played on Turn 1, which allowed easy use of the sideboard. One ring item is in played.
Any failure for the first eight turns is having Warlord in the sideboard since Rogrog has no trophies; not even from Severed Tokens. CvCC is a source of a trophy MP, but that can wait until no choice is available to have 2-trophy MP for Warlord. Elrond has a two-elf company at Barrow-downs. Looks like Prince of Cardolan revisited. Some dwarves are at Bree enjoying the tour of the “Dunlending Dirt Diggers” at the Prancing Pony. A delay in playing Minor Ring was not as bad as it could be with Grashûkh yet to be drawn.
Facing the Northern Waste Division for Turns 5-8 has to be the worse. Thorin played Cave-worm on the Ringwraith, then Corlagon was played on Rogrog’s company. Scorba aHunt was also played. Doors of Night however has been in play for almost every turn.
Aware of Their Ways and Knowledge of the Enemy are taking their toll on cards. I might limit the resource to only include hazards that are “Seen” when Elrond faces the Witch-king when the Ringwraith player is his hazard player.
The only hazard to see limited use is Choking Shadows. Few resources were discarded from hand. Elrond defeated an 8 strike 11 prowess Chill Douser (Doors+Plague+Chill Douser).
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I have posted here the Witchking Deck with the first 16 turns of the practice game.
Other details of the turn summary also included in the file:
-cards giving MPs
-sites tapped per turn and cards played
-card sequence
-hazards played against each player
-hazards played against this player

The summary is that of the deck used for the game.

Overall this player failed with small companies and a broken resource strategy.
Playing Sea-helm of Ciryatan at Lond Daer is not worth the hassle.
Origins Revealed and Twice-baked Cakes required separate tap sites.
Moving to Dagorlad to play the undead ally is another factor.
Only two sites were tapped in the first 10 turns. He gained 21 MPs
in 16 turns, which is one more than Elrond Half-Elven without Clad for War.

The deck was slow to exhaust, Turn 13, but 1 card in pile on Turn 12.
Eight sites tapped, but one is a darkhaven.

Troll-Lout and Brawler were killed early. Burning Rick, Cot, and Tree was
a success. Now without Twice-baked Cakes that event is given to Azog.
This player will have Smoke on the Wind to affect heroes by targeting
Free-holds in the Shire. I made a mess with general influence failing
to play Grashuk after moving to his home site.

Allies are the only positive. All three are in play giving fear to the elves.
Severed Tokens are clumsy with Foul Trophies being in the discard pile.
Hounds of Sauron are enough to gain trophies.
Warlord was played on Turn 12.

Elerina attacked at Rhosgobel on Turn 16. Firiel moved, but no help.
Her two strikes indirectly killed Lardin Aril later that site phase
against Clean the Greenwood.

28 hazard cards were played. 15 of the deck's hazards were discarded
during first deck. One creature killed and another Aware of Their Ways.
Only two hazards played against the Gondor Division.
This player killed a Shipwright elf.

First deck recycled 14 cards and had 7.7 cards drawn per turn.
It was a deck of sluggishness and indifference with the Stolen Knowledge
and undead ally requirements. The updated deck I posted yesterday
can get this minions into a mode of pillaging quickly.
Then the high prowess entities (Rogrog, Grashuk, Bone Dragon, and Feagwath)
will break the ranks of the elves.

No CvCC or FvFC

[removed file for storage purposes; You know I pay nothing.]
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Here is the game summary for the Witch-king. However, I did not write a turn summary.

The game quicken for this player after Turn 16. Bone Dragon is great.
Grashukh lasted one turn.

[made an update to the deck that was posted this week; will not update file though.
Large Warrior Loose x3 for Troll-woods and Use Your Legs x2
I think Dunlendings too replaces Vile Fumes. I know now that Vile Fumes
cannot be used with Long Grieveous Siege. Having the cards in hand is so different.

Symbol of Malice will keep Ettenmoors Troll-woods in play. Lidless Eye
has Lost in Wilderness hazard.

This player was slower than the breath before the plunge. Yet, speed was present late with high
prowess characters using Hounds of Sauron and A Nice Place to Hide to handle large attacks.
27 MPs and three factions earned. Grashukh and Black Mace lost on the last turn via CvCC.
I liked this player for its rawness of strength, unfairness of shadow-magic, and undead plays
reminding me of Monty Python bringing out the dead.
It was clumsy playing Sea-helm of Ciryatan. I tried using Origins Revealed with a hero minor
item, but That Ain’t No Secret would be better. However, I will let that Ringwraith play the item
during the Power Deck. The Witch-king moved to only two non-Darkhaven sites. Now, the
Witch-king will play factions. Dunlendings added (recent addition).
It took to Turn 8 to have two non-Ringwraith companies. Smoke on the Wind removed.
Taladhan was good to use shadow-magic, but Feagwath could use that skill too. Thus, Taladhan
will be used as only an agent. Troll-chief will bear Magic Ring of Shadows. CvCC had Elrond
and Tom Bombadil wounded. Two orcs were killed and another two discarded via body check.
88 strikes were rolled for this player with 9 uses of Hounds of Sauron or A Nice Place to Hide.
But only 22 strikes rolled for first 14 turns. 15 body checks resulted in four casualties. Only 18
corruption checks made. That is low with many magic cards: Feagwath does not get paid
overtime. the avatar tapped 11x to access the sideboard. Rogrog and Forest-Troll rolled for 13
strikes each. The three allies rolled for 31 strikes. Shaman rolled an astonishing 9 strikes.
This player face 19 creatures from 49 hazards, but 5 were agent actions. Elrond played 11
hazards. Creatures included Elves Upon Errantry, Galadhrim, Cave Worm x3. There were 41
moving companies and 55 total companies. Average hazard limit was 2.63; that is average.
About 123 regions were moved through. 26 regions were Wilderness. 47 Shadow-lands and 34
Dark-Domains. This was a reason of facing few creatures.
75 hazards were played by Witch-king, 23 were agents – 19 on Elrond. That elf-lord killed
Barrow-wight and Chill Douser. Balin killed Ghosts and Ghouls.
First deck exhausted on Turn 13. Turn 11 ended with 18 cards in deck. Second deck exhaust on
Turn 20. 13 non-Lordhaven sites were tapped. First deck shuffled 14 cards and drew a low 7.7
cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 6 cards and drew 10 cards/turn. Third deck ended with 27 in the
deck, shuffled 7 cards and drew 9.2 cards/turn.
Witch-king, played on Turn 3. he shuffled between three Darkhavens for seven turns. He played
Sea-helm on Turn 11. He played Vasmacil and CvCC Cirdan’s elves at The White Towers
wounding Tom Bombadil.
Lieutenant of Angmar, was a key character. Wounded once by Elrond on Turn 23. Magic Ring of
Fury only used for 3 strikes; needed to wound Glorifindel on Turn 24.
Orc sniffler, p12. Tapped to use ANPTH. Killed in cvcc on only faced strike.
Orc sniffler, never played
Grashûkh, played on Turn 23. Trouble with his mind to play and timing. I had him in hand on
Turn 10, but then went to Iron-deeps to play the ally. I wasted a turn by moving Taladahn
to Deep Cleft but lacked the direct influence. Why would I do that. Then I realized I
wanted to move Heralded Lord there, but again I had DI problems. That was a mess.
Forest-Troll, rolled 13 strikes and made 7 corruptions checks. That was too many. fully expected
dying before then.
Orc tracker, played on Turn 18. did his role.
Orc tracker
Orc Shaman, played on Turn 7. Lived longer than expected. Survived 3 body checks.
Orc Shaman, never played
Troll lout, killed early, but okay.
Elerína, agent
Firiel, agent
Taladhan, faced too many strikes at 7. Rather have Troll-chief with a magic ring.
Orc Brawler, killed early.
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The First is in Angmar with his Helm and resources.
Shaman will soon be an apprentice.
Hero Harad Division played Fake to waste a gold ring item.
Now Uttersouth Division sends creatures to tap minions.
3 two turns were needed for Jaaklat, Drowning Seas returns company.

Icy Touch, Moon is Dead, and Plague of Wights used on one creature.
Slow on playing agents.
first 7 turns
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