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The turn notes are in the PDF following by the text pasted here.
Five minion players CvCC this player on Turn 24. Only Thranduil and Legolas returned after making Dol Guldur a Ruins on Turn 23.

Thranduil of Mirkwood had successes and failures. He fully inverted Towers Destroyed on Turn
23. However, I think that if the minions fully knew of the risk, then they would have stopped the
elves. The first token of Towers Destroyed occurred on Turn 12. I think Twisted Tress will now
be played by Khamual. Hazard event changes make Mirkwood more dangerous.
Failures include gathering only 17 MP and allowing The Mouth to earn 36 MP. Thranduil left his
captive wife at Celebannon to move to Dol Guldur on Turn 23. The avatar was corrupted during
the final act of checks during the Council due to having items lost by those killed.
This avatar had the most characters eliminated at 11 if you do not count the prisoner Arhendhil or
the eliminated avatar. Thus, Galion and Legolas were the sole survivors.
This player faced the fifth most hazards at 87. Balin at 98, and Cirdan at 91. 22 of the 87 were
creatures, a bit above average, and 11 agent actions. He played many hazards at 72 (66=average).
I like to see this count in the 80-90 range.
22 creatures (9 in last four turns), 11 agents, and 3 corruptions were played on this player. Main
hazard player, Mouth, just played two hazards before Turn 17. Only one turn saw no hazards
A low 14 count of hazards were played against The Mouth. That value should be 20 or more. The
Mouth played 17 hazards on Thranduil – all but two in the last four turns.
13 sites were tapped and another 3 used. This is a passing grade.
The MP total never went over 19 to start a turn. This was due to lack of keeping factions away
from agents and losing characters. Turn 10 ended with one card in the playdeck. The next game
will have this deck exhaust during Turn 8. First deck had 10 cards drawn/turn and 15 were
shuffled in the playdeck. That was high. The second deck had 99 cards and exhausted during 18.
Next time, it will be Turn 17. It had a high 13 cards drawn/turn with just 5 shuffled.
Third deck had 94 cards and ended with 19 in the playdeck. Again 13 were drawn per turn. This
means that three decks will be exhausted and a strategy can be created to get the right cards in
hand to end the game.
Three characters were eliminated thru Turns 1-12 – Bladeothrin on Turn 11. Just two the
resource non-events cards were not played during the first deck (just those to start in the
playdeck). That was nice to get them into play quickly.
Many Foes He Fought was popular, 6/8. It has been removed for Well Aimed.
Sated Beast played 2/8. Scatha on Turn 20 and Leucartha on Turn 9. This was nice due to helping
Lord Thrain and Radagst.
A Friend or Three just 3/8. Better means for healing will keep large companies in tact to use this
card in better ways.
Fair Travels in Border-lands played 2/8. More use of MWWH should get this to be 4/8.
Hey! come merry dol! Played 3/8 but no more after deck one. It was removed.
Greenwood the Great was 3/8 which was good. More play of factions can get this to 5/8.
Flatter a Foe was a great on-guard bluff. Lack of diplomats doomed this card.
Lesser Minds Daunted was not much better with just one played.
Face Out of Sight was 4/8 and not played until the second deck. I think I failed to properly
discard agents a few times, but no matter. However, I think though more Never Seen Him cards
will be in the second test game due to this resource.
Refuge and Elf-path were used infrequently resulting in a loss for this player. A better effort will
be made to use these events for the next game. Refuge was fetched twice with a stage event. Four
uses to me is needed. Elf-path was fetched thrice. I like to see that at five or more.
47 creatures drawn and 15 discarded from hand; a great ratio. 5 of the 12 spiders killed.
Galadhrim played 1/5. Thranduil’s Folk was just 3/9. Better card flow should get this to be 5/9 so
to play it against the Mouth early.
Black Vapour was 3/8.
The Reek was 2/5. This is a good ratio with needing Spawn in play.
Thranduil played Giant Spiders and Galadhrim against a Necromancer companies on the same
turn, but creatures cancelled.
Thranduil played 9 hazards (the most) on Dark Dwarf including a FFR+WoW Giant Spiders
(3s12p), but the best was a tie for one strike.
T01-Good cards where in hand to start. Gates of Morning, Quickbeam, hoard item, and the avatar
where in hand. All of these cards were played.

T02-Bladeorthin moved to Rhubar for the elf faction. His result is a 10; that is failure. New
Friendship was in hand, but no Diplomat could help. That resource has been replaced with A
Friend or Three.

T03-All move to Mountains of Mirkwood to play the unique animal faction. Towers Destoryed
played. Things are well.
T04-Foolish Words prevents Thranduil to play Men of Lake-town.
T05-All move to Carass Amarth to have Thranduil influence Wild Hounds. Horn of Anor is

T06-Thranduil moves to Woodmen-Town and plays Beasts of the Wood.
Bladeorthin uses Many Foes He Fought to handle the AA at Gondmaeglom. Valiant Sword
T07-Two copies of Gates of Morning starts the hand. All move to the haven to play the wife.
Shipwright is killed with Pierced By Many Wounds.

T08-Arhendhil is played. Bladeorthin is dispatched to find an Elf-stone at Celebannon.
Turn starts with 12MP, 5SP, PD8.

T09-Refuged is first played. Bladeorthin moves there alone and is attacked by Leucaruth Ahunt.
Arrows Shorn of Ebony used to give dragon strike 15p5b; body check is 3!
Wielder’s Curse then played on Valiant Sword. Sated Beast discards the aHunt event.
T10-The deck had exhausted. Hand starts with Greenwood, Lardin Aril, and Heladil. The plan is
too discard Bladeorthin soon. Great Bow of Yew is played at Sarn Goriwing.

T11-Greenwood played with Prince of Mirkwood. Thranduil returns to haven to play faction.
Bladeorthin moves to Rhubar to bring into play Aramacar. Lardin Aril still in hand.
Fankil plays Leucaruth from Summons from Long Sleep using Fever of Unrest. Bladeorthin taps
to face both strikes of 18p. first strike is tied with 11 roll. An 11 body check kills the elf. 60
characters killed at this time. Wood-elves played.

T12-Aramacar is played. Arhendhil and Legolas move to Lorien. Thranduil, quickbeam,
WOodelf, Heladil, Aramacar, and Dweller move to Dol Guldur. Sudden Fury is played on that
site. Forewarned is Forearmed only has the maia attack faced; it wounds Heladil. Greenwood the
Great is discarded to heal Heladil. Event is tokened once.
Gorfaur visits with 5 other prowess bearing friends. Quickbeam, Heladil, Woodelf are wounded.
Dweller kills Grunt. Dweller plays Many Foes He Fought to face 3 strikes.

T13-Lardin Aril is played at Lorien. Wounded move to haven and others to Framsburg.
Ebony Arrows and When You Know More played. This are good at this point.
T14-Some move to Lake-town. Now A Friend or Three is used for the faction, which is played.

T15-Events in play to start turn include:
Res: Forewarned is Forearmed, Senses More Keen Than Most, Gates of Morning
Haz: The Moon is Dead, Echoes of Numenor’s Fall, Angmar Arises, Rank Upon Rank,
Yavanna’s Plea, Dark Shapes Gathered there, Naugrim, Kelvar Enraged, Wrath of the Olvar,
Wake of War, Naugol, Plague of Wights
T16 starts with 19MP, 6SP, PD18.
Clean the Greenwood is played at Rhosgobel but after two strikes from agent Elernia. Event is
T17-Trusted Counsellor is played on Arhendhil. Ungolcrist is in hand with A Panoply of Wings.
T18-Some elves more to Dunharrow.

T19-Arhendhil is wounded by a Cave-drake. Thranduil influences the animal faction. Heladil
uses Many Foes He Fought to face a Minions Stir+Doors of Night AA at Shelob’s Lair. He is
killed on the last strike while Aramacar plays Ungolcrist.

T20-Aramacar stays due to lurking minions. He has 5 CP with sword, The Burden of Time, and
Elf-stone. Others move or stay at the haven.

T21-Wood-elf moves to Amon Lhaw to meet Aramacar. Wood-elves played.
T22-A mistake was made to move Arhendhil to Celebannon instead of Heart of His Halls so to
discard a tapped haven. Gorfaur did not tap with strike on Arhendhil; he later taps take her
prisoner. Two-headed Troll wounds Othar.

T23-All elves move to Dol Guldur. New Moon taps Aramacar before site phase. Orc AA is easily
defeated. Thranduil plays Many Foes He Fought with Bow of Yew helping with each strike of
the event’s Troll attack. He does not tap for either strike and later taps to token event. Avatar
card untaps him. Quickbeam is wounded by the Nazgul attack. Legolas taps to token. Dweller is
killed by the maia attack. Thranduil taps to token event to make site a ruins.
Five minion players combat Thranduil and Company at Dol Guldur: Khamual, Dwar, Mouth,
Lidless Eye, Bolg in that order.
Against Khamual’s minions Greenwood the Great discarded to untap elves. Grimburgoth kills
Woodelf. Kabadir kills Ohtar. Aransiros plays Swift Strokes to kill Aramacar. Ungolcrist is given
to Legolas who now has 5 CP.

Dwar sends Miruimor and Uchel. Miruimor wounds Woodelf. Uchel kills Dweller.

Three elves and an ally face The Mouth’s minions. Gorfaur wounds Thranduil using a Dwarven
Ring. Sniffler is discarded from a Dweller strike.

Lidless Eye sends an elf, man, and three orcs to attack. Celedhring has The Reviled Ring and a
Dwarven Ring for 8 prowess. He ties a wounded Thranduil. Zurtak wounds Quickbeam. Brawler
wounds Woodelf. Veteran wounds Greenwood.

Bolg appears from Gundabad. A two roll by Hurog results in a wound from losing the combat by
two. A successful strike would of killed Legalos. Mauhur wounds Woodelf.

Turn 24-A return to the haven has Hobgoblins follow the elves. Thranduil uses Bow of Yew to
help Woodelf, but the 3-mind characters is killed.
Galion taps to help Greenwood store Ungolcrist. Avatar rolls a 3 on three corruption points
during the Council corruption checks.
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First 11 turns of game notes.
This player seems "safe" in his woods.
Played 23 hazards; faced 28 hazards.
3 body checks, 11 strikes rolled, 4 corruption checks.
Earned 14 MP; Bladeorthin, Dweller, Woodelf, Shipwright, Emissary,
Ravens, Entwives, Raft-Elves, Quickbeam, Great Bow of Yew.
Wood-elves at zero. The Road to the West in play.
It was a pain to play RttW; had to recycle Raft-Elves thrice!

oh, how about a resource event tapping a unique faction
to bring to hand non-unique character of the same
race as the faction and character has it as a home site?
Need to play character at that site that turn.
Put character off to the side with card so no use
with Refuge or Ride Against the Enemy.

Only visited four sites not haven or free-holds.
Wellinghall, Logath Camp are only sites not adjacent to Woodland Realm
that were visited.
Avatar played on Turn 2.
Elf-path, Elven Bridge were useful.
A Lesser Spiders needed Protecting Their Domain to kill Vallin.
Galadhrim was ready to wound, but Deeper Shadow reduced the value of HL to naught.
Quickbeam canceled two attacks from Old Man Willow using Curse Him Root and Branch
Entwives played needing Tidings of Death.
Turn 11 had him play against Desert Orcs: Shelob's Brood at Fuinur's well
with Black Vapour, and two Flies and Spiders; kept it played on one strike.
Orc-Tracker as Blade-Master allowed creature to be taken as a trophy.
3 elven cloaks now in play,but not used for anything.
Waiting until Cirdan looses more elves so I can discard Bladeorthin.
first 11 turns
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