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This topic holds specific threads about the One Ring in FATE instead
of placing rules, guidelines, and notes elsewhere.
Rule numbering will start at R701.

R701-Transferring of the One Ring during the Councils

If the One Ring is in play after Turn 24, that is after the Avatar Deck,
but before the Power Decks, then the One Ring can be transferred
to another player to start the Power Deck with these conditions:

1. Player of the new ringbearer must have a 1+ MP character at the site of the
current ringbearer to denote transfer.
2.If a transfer is agreed upon, then the current ringbearer makes a corruption check.
The second condition might scare the Wise so to keep the One Ring with the current player.
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R702-Power Deck starting site of the One Ring

If a hero player has the One Ring, then
a hero Ringbearer must start at the site that the One Ring was located
at the end of Turn 24. If this site is not a hero or Lord-haven, avatar home site, or anyone's home site
then only those resources and characters in the Ringbearer's company at the end of Turn 24 are allowed to start with him on Turn 25.

Ex. Frodo is with Sam carrying the One Ring. Turn 24 ends with those two at Tom's House.
Only those resource with the hobbits can be with them on Turn 25.

Frodo and Sam controlled under Gandalf's GI are at Tom's House on Turn 24. Turn 25, this means Gandalf has to have an Avatar
Deck to keep the One Ring in play. If the site was Bree, then Aragorn II can start play with the hobbits.

At this point I am debating on limitations of starting the One Ring. Would it be fun to allow Gandalf to start the Avatar Deck
with the One Ring at Lorien? Mordor is just down the river then over the Cross-roads, alongside a big spider. But it would
be too much to force the One Ring starting at Rivendell. I want the Enemy to guess where the Ring might be found, which
is the purpose of Cirdan's and Saruman's ring playing.
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R703-Limitations of movement by a Black Player Ringbearer.

During anytime of FATE if the One Ring is controlled by a Black Player,
the region allowance for that player is set to maximum of two regions.
This maximum is set to all hazards and resource effects.

Ex. No Way Forwards forces a minion Ringbearer to stay in his region
unless he uses a resource such as Strange Rations. Emyn Muil Sauron?

Doors of Night and No Way Forward keeps the minion ringbearer at his site,
unless he has flying abilities. Then it is four region maximum as usual during
the Avatar Deck and three regions for Power Deck.
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R704-Concealing the One Ring using multiples of the One Ring

Somebody used a 3-D printer to make many of these trinkets of gold.
A mechanism is suggested here to allow the One Ring to be hidden during play.

At a haven of the player with the One Ring, the Bearer can make a corruption check
to transfer it as normal. If successful, then multiple copies of the One Ring as decided by
the player can be given to characters who must be at different sites by the next site phase.
All copies of the One Ring are inverted after the transfer.
The player makes a note of the true bearer and gives it to the judge.

Any negative effects of the true and fake One RIngs (e.g. hazards, corruption to bearer, and corruption to all those in the same company)
are in effect. All positive effects (e.g. +5 prowess, body, DI) are not available as normal unless character is forced by
the hazard player such as a creature that the hazard player selects a strike on the Bearer.
For example, agent attempts to influence away Gollum on a possible One Ring bearer, the +5DI is applied, but not when potential
Ring-Bearer makes an influence attempt against the Ents of Fangorn unless the true ring is revealed.

Resources can still be played on an inverted One Ring such as Free to Choose. But the cancelling of a strike as on the card cannot be used when hidden.

If a fake-Bearer is killed or fails a corruption check, then normal rules apply and the inverted One RIng is removed from play.

If the true-Bearer wishes to use the canceling ability of the ring or freely use its bonuses at any time, then reveal the One Ring
and remove from play all fake One Rings. So a true Bearer may option to not use the prowess bonus, fail the strike, and then
want to reveal the One Ring for the +5 (max 10) body.

Now the question is - how can the true Bearer reveal the One Ring if not forced to do so?
The One Ring cannot be revealed so to avoid the penalty of a corruption check by a fake-Bearer.
Deciding now to freely reveal the One Ring during the Organization, End-of-Turn, or Site Phase.
Umm. I would say EOT phase so to endanger the fake-bearers during the Move and Site phases.

Any effect that causes the fake-One Ring to be stolen or discarded just removes from play the fake One Ring.
Movement in Mordor, same site as a Ringwraith or agent has no forced revealing.
However, when the true One Ring is at Mount Doom, then it is revealed.
But, a strike by a Nazgul or Ringwraith on any true or fake bearer of the One Ring automatically shows if
the One Ring is real or fake--after all other effects of the strike.

It's an idea.
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Reading the above thread the timing is preventing the use of the body bonus after the failed strike.
So no changing of mind of bonus between such actions. Either use it or do not.
Besides, a character hiding the ring, taking a strike, failing the strike, then putting on the Ring is dumb.

In addition, when all fake rings have been revealed as such, then the true One Ring is oriented as normal.

No unique resources can be played on any hidden One Ring such as "A Weapon in the RIght Hands."
Any such resources played on it when hidden are also inverted and nullified in use.

Such a rule will allow some turns for the Ringbearer to divide the Enemy's search parties.
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R705-Stature Cards are playable on The One Ring

Any Stature card found in the MEMM expansion set can be played
on the One Ring, either alignment of the One Ring,
but the race condition is ignored, but other conditions are still true.

Nb. Fell Deeds is playable if the ring is borned by a Ringwraith or a Man or Dunadan warrior.
For the One Ring, this now expands to maiar/dragon character or warrior.
Thus, Saruman (maia) can play Fell Deeds, but Galadriel cannot (not a warrior).

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R706-The One Ring Corruption Immunity to Avatars

If an avatar successfully plays a card that has him "win" the game wearing the One Ring, other than Gollum's Fate/Cracks of Doom,
the game does not end, but that character has now immunity to corruption like as a Ringwraith.

Nb. A Lady Rules Upon Arda, King of the Seven Houses, atani-lord card?, A New Ringlord
can allow this to happen.

Clarification: The game continues with a very powerful avatar that can use the Stature cards
with the One Ring. And yes, multiple Stature cards can be played on that least of rings.
How about only one Stature card can be played on the One Ring per turn, but multiple
can be discarded--treat the Stature cards then as stage events for this purpose only (play, discard).
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R707-Free addition of Stature and Winning Cards

Winning cards are (A New Ringlord, Sign of Might, and the like).

Players can avoid putting such cards in their deck for the Power Decks.
Then if the One Ring is in play by such players, then Winning Cards
and Stature cards can be added to the sideboard from their own collection.

This method avoids wasting space in the deck with the low chance
of acquiring the One Ring, which is usually expected to be stolen.
Any number of such cards can be added, but only once are
cards added from a collection.

It would be nice to see a Ringlord play for several turns abusing
those Stature cards. Imagine Lord Dain with the One Ring and Fell Deeds.

8 mind, 10 DI against Dwarves/Men, 11p/10b then CvCC everywhere
with boosted body stats for his dwarves.
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R708-Testing for One Ring

The card They Are Accounted For will be in the Necromancer's Avatar Deck.
One Ring tests: GRSF(11,12+); ALGR(11,12+), TLoGR(12+)

When a ring is tested; it will have two results: normal, One Ring playability enhanced by TAAF.
Goal is to get the One Ring into play more often. TAAF effects are global.
No TAAF effect if ring is tested due to storage.
One Ring played due to TAAF allows any player without One Ring in their decks to take ring from collection into play.

if the One Ring is played due to TAAF, then the One Ring cannot be moved to the
same site as a Ringwraith avatar if played by a Ringwraith player, or moved/be at to their darkhavens or to Gorgoroth.
TAAF results are not possible if One Ring would be played on avatar; ignore .
Nor can the One Ring be used to end the game by card effect. One Ring bearer will go on a power bender for its player.
Expectation is that the One Ring Bearer will not last long in the game.
Corruption check failure does not result in bearer elimination, but discarding. One Ring then vanishes from
that player's control into the reeds of a river to be later found.

Bearer can tap the One Ring, and make a roll (pseudo corruption check) failure means to tap
and success means to either take a card from the MEMM set into play immediately or place into any pile
a MEMM card not already in player's decks. Think of it as in movie Ready Player One that mech suit artifact use.

Current Fate game has expectation to play 7 dwarven rings, 9 spirit, 1 man, 80 other rings.
TAAF then has a test modification of : +3.DR+3.SR+16.other = 22
TAAF will be modified to give +1 bonus for every other 10 rings (not 5); so now +14

Each normal result to play the One Ring will have additional text of: TAAF(value+8) for 12+8=20 rings of power
Nb. GRSF, The One Ring (11,12+), TAAF(19,20+)
ALGR, The One Ring (11,12+), TAAF(19,20+)
TLoGR, The One Ring (12+), TAAF(20+)
Black Rain: The One Ring(10,11,12), TAAF(18,19,20+)
Same for hero resource card effects.
Other cards with test results: TAAF(20+)

Now at Turn 16, TAAF gives a bonus of +5

Players with:
ALGR: necro,Indur,Dwar,Akhorahil,Court2
TLoGR: necro,wking,Akhorahil,Indur,Court

Minions with no rings: Hoarmurath,Azog,Felagrog,Durlach,Throkmaw,Lomaw, Desert Orc, Malezar

Such a rule is void during Power Decks.
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