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I felt that I need to get these decks out soon. I have yet to work on the hazard deck since
my return. Enjoy!
[Note that I pasted the file here. The deck had some rewrite cards that should not be used. Thus the comments below
may seem odd, but were well placed. That led me to upload the PDF and delete the pasted deck.]

I have not dealt with the hazard decks.

I am still debating on using Gollum as an avatar. I like to use as many minions as possible.
Update: Gandalf's hazard opponent is Necromancer.
Update. added Beretar as extra character
Update. Removed Merry. Added Bilbo in case Frodo dies. Merry goes to Theoden.
Update. Added playing summary.

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Re: 40f-Gandalf_FreePeoples

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Good read William, but seems you are mixing DC & virtual Cards (Grey borders) which are 2 different formats sry dude ;)

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Re: 40f-Gandalf_FreePeoples

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Can you please tell me specifically which cards are making this void? With all the downloading of cards from you site I might get them mixed.
Thanks! I know the format is not the best, but there it is.

EDIT: oh, the Scroll of Isildur right playable only at Minas Tirith? Well, I see it as that Scroll new text is more restrictive. If the MECCG Scroll is used
I would still not change anything since Shadowfax is a good ally. It will be tougher to play Scroll at The Stones though. So I need to include
if the card is a VC, which only the METW I downloaded that has "RW" as a suffix. Is that what you mean by VC?

These decks are meant to show such a large meta game is possible considering uniques.

This Gandalf deck has been modified so to not let the enemy know you are playing the One Ring until later. Some other heros are playing hobbit
characters too. Specifically Saruman in Chey. He starts with Folco and is playing rings, so that will make everyone think Saruman is playing the One Ring.
Strider is not included for this reason. I am not sure where to put him: Imrahil or the Rhun Atan-Lord or as a grey agent for Radagast.

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Re: 40f-Gandalf_FreePeoples

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Ah now I see more clearly, well RW or rewrite stuff is all by Ben or bandobras took in here ;) there are also ARDA Cards by Eric so there are with virtuals and DC 4 Version existing next to each other, well within GCCG program these are easily distinguished but not so if only going through Images folders.
Within These one must see if it is a RW-Folder or (which will be deleted over time and incorporated within the standart Images) they then have an RW ending as do DC Cards, virtual Cards have their own folders as do Arda Cards!.
In general there are only DC erratas for standart cards which normally does not replace the standart text but onyl make small tweaks to it!

So Scroll of Isildur & Shadowfax seem the most obvious non standart non DC Versions you been using in this deck !

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Re: 611-Gandalf_FreePeoples

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I updated this deck by adding the MECCG character Beretar from Alatar's deck.
Once Anduril is played on Narsil, Aragorn II will have the DI to have this 5 prowess follower
instead of Brandir...if Brandir is eliminated for there will be no time to discard
Brandir and play Beretar.

Second. This is a lot of views on this topic ~800. Is there a bot doing all this. I seen the Kookgle bot

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Re: 611-Gandalf_FreePeoples

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I played this deck today. It took three hours. There is no hazard deck to use.
I estimated when characters would tap and become wounded. I know not exactly like
a game, but I wanted to see the card flow. I use a spreadsheet that can
sort the playdeck 4x with a click of a button.
The document with this additional text is available too.

Date: 10/20/2013
Turn1: Windlord Found Me and Escape are drawn in hand of 8. All move to Lorien.
Arathorn II is wounded during MOVE phase.

Turn2: Gandalf is revealed at Lorien. Longbottom is discarded to fetch Shadowfax and Hobbit-Lore. Pippen and Halbarad are followers to Gandalf. Everyone moves to Isengard.
Pippen taps to play No Waiting to Wonder on a strike faced by Halbarad. No one is wounded.
Star-glass is tapped to reduce the Wolf AA prowess by 2. Gandalf does not tap. He rolls a 2; he ties the prowess of 5. Pippen is chosen for the third strike. He is tapped; he rolls a 5. The Windlord Found Me is played. Attack is cancelled by playing Escape on Pippen. Gandalf taps to control event.

Turn3: Gandalf in hand. Hobbit-lore is played. All move to Lorien.
Many Turns and Doublings in Rohan avoid wandering undead of the Entwash.
Hidden Knife and Sons of Kings attack a face-up agent. Gilraen taps to play Marvels Told.

Turn4: Aragorn II and two avatars in hand. Gandalf stores Windlord Found Me. He us untapped with one avatar card. Gandalf taps to put dp11-dp15 into DP from PD. All move to Rivendell.
Smoke Rings places Precious Gold Ring into PD from SB. Halfling Stealth protects Pippen.

Turn5: Fatty in hand. Brandir is played. Smoke Rings places Precious Gold Ring into PD from SB. Gandalf(Halbarad,Gilraen) move to Bag End. ArathornII(Brandir) and Pippen move to Lorien.
Pippen taps to play No Waiting to Wondor on strike to Brandir.

Turn6: Fatty is played at Bag End as Gandalf’s follower. PGR, Gollum, and Shadowfax in hand.
Gandalf(Halbarad,Gilraen) move to Isles of the Dead That live. ArathornII(Brandir) and Pippen move to Goblin-Gate.
ArathornII taps. Brandir is wounded playing Escape. Smoke Rings is played to put Scroll of Isildur into PD from SB. Fatty is wounded playing Escape.
At the site Gandalf and Halbarad tap to face strike. Gilraen taps to play PGR. Pippen taps to face an Orc strike. Arathorn II and Brandir defeat Orc strikes from AA. Pippen untaps with Halfling Strength. Pippen taps to play Gollum.

Turn7: Beretar in hand. Longbottom Leaf is played to put Bilbo’s MR and Tom Bombadil into PD. Fatty is healed and untap playing Halfling Strength.
Gandalf(Halbarad,Gilraen,Fatty) move to Edoras. ArathornII(Brandir) and Pippen move to Rivendell.
At Edoras, Gilraen plays Shadowfax. Halbarad plays Sting. Beretar is discarded.

Turn8: Bilbo MR, Narsil, Scroll, PGR, and Reforging in hand. Arwen is played at Rivendell.
Gandalf(Halbarad,Gilraen,Fatty) move to the Stones. ArathornII(Brandir), Arwen and Pippen move to Rivendell.
Halbarad taps to face Pukel strike. Fatty taps to play Narsil. Arathorn II taps to allow Information at Tol Lamfirith. Arwen taps to play Reforging. Gilraen taps to play Marvels Told.

Turn9: Gandalf taps to put dp21-dp25 into the DP from the SB. Regroup before moving to non-haven sites. Gandalf(Halbarad,Gilraen,Fatty) move to Grey Havens. ArathornII(Brandir), Arwen and Pippen move to Grey Havens. Longbottom Leaf is played to put two Hobbit-Lore events into the PD from the SB. Gandalf plays Sacrifice of Form. His avatar has been in hand for many turns. Arwen stores Reforging.

Turn10: Gandalf is played at Grey Havens. Gandalf(Halbarad,Pippen,Fatty) move to Edhellond. ArathornII(Brandir) and Gilraen(Arwen) move to Tom’s House.
Deck exhausts during move phase. Arwen taps to play Tom Bombadil

Turn11: Gandalf taps and plays two Hobbit-Lores. He discards his avatar card to put Palantir of Elostirion into the PD from the SB. Smoke Rings puts Narya into the PD from the SB. Gandalf(Halbarad,Pippen,Fatty) move to Tolfalas. ArathornII(Brandir) move to Andoloki. Gilraen(Arwen) move to Rivendell.
Arathorn II taps to face the Drake AA strike; he is wounded. Brandir taps to play Precious Gold Ring. Arwen taps to play Marvels Told. Halbarad taps to face two Undead AA strikes. He carries Narsil; his prowess is 6. First strike he rolls a 5 (6-3+5=8). Second strike he rolls an 8 (6-1-3+8=10). It would be beneficial for Halbarad to die, so to save a turn playing another character.

Turn12: Sam in hand. Smoke Rings puts White Council into PD from SB. Gilraen(Arwen) stay at Rivendell. ArathornII(Brandir) move to Grey Havens. Gandalf(Halbarad,Pippen,Fatty) move to Edhellond. PGR is tested with Scroll. Test of 8! Bilbo’s MR is played with Pippen.

Turn13: Halbarad is discarded. Gandalf(Pippen,Fatty) move to Grey Havens. Gilraen(Arwen) move to Sackville. ArathornII(Brandir) stay at Grey Havens.
Arwen taps to play Mistress Lobelia. [Assume Mallorn is not in play]

Turn14: Frodo, Anduril, Gift of the Evenstar, Houses of Healing, and Engines of Defense in Hand. New Best Friend had to be discarded. Everyone moves to Bag End.

Turn15: Frodo is played. Many items are transferred. Many characters tap to support CC. Everyone stays at Bag End. It’s a party. Gandalf taps put One Ring into the PD. Discard avatar card to put Narya into the PD from the SB.
Gift of the Evenstar is played on Frodo.

Turn16: Sam is played. Hiding is played on those at Bag End. Gilraen(Arwen) move to White Towers. Everyone else stay at Bag End. One Ring in hand.
Mistress Lobelia taps to fetch the palantir. Arwen taps to play palantir. Houses of Healing and Engines of Defense played on White Towers. Gandalf taps to play Marvels Told.

Turn17: Back to Eriador Division hazard opponents. Hobbits drawn. Too late. Smoke Rings is played to put Golden Chain into PD from SB. Only three hazards left in SB. Gilraen(Arwen) stay at White Towers; Hiding is played on that company. Arathorn(Brandir) move to Rivendell hoping to draw Aragorn II. Gandalf and the hobbits move to Aden Secret Medical Library.
Gandalf taps to play Anduril.

Turn18: Only left to do is to play Aragorn II, but he is in the PD. Arathorn II is discarded. Brandir stays at Rivendell. Gilraen(Arwen) stay at White Towers. Gandalf and the hobbits move to Rivendell.
Golden Chain and Aragorn II in hand. Anduril is stored by the play of Safe From the Shadow.

Turn19: Play Aragorn II at Rivendell. Put Narsil(Anduril) on him. Gilraen(Arwen) stay at White Towers. Everyone else moves to Cerin Amroth.
Bilbo’s MR is tested with Scroll. Roll of 7! +2 = 9. One Ring is played on Frodo. Halfling Strength in hand.

Turn20: Gilraen(Arwen) stay at White Towers. Everyone else moves to Lorien. One card in PD.
Deck Exhausts.
Golden Chain is played. First Among Equals is played.

Wow. Just in time to be at Lorien on Turn 20. Lot was learned.
1) If you want Arwen to be in Elessar’s deck then find another 3-mind Elf Sage to be the follower of Gilraen.

2) Put Anduril in Imrahil’s deck too. He has Strider to start the game and a Reforging. Imrahil will play Anduril in his second deck if Gandalf has yet to play that event.

3) Narya is too dangerous to play. There are no mechanisms to support Gandalf’s CC. It will be replaced with Hiding x1, Wizard Uncloaked x1, and Marvels Told x1.
A Chance Meeting is possible.

4) The starting company needs to have Gandalf in play before taking big risks at dangerous sites. It was too small to play Windlord Found Me at Isengard on the first turn.

5) Facing more than one multi-strike creature per company will stall a company with tapped characters.

6) Do not let Gandalf play an ally without Sacrifice of Form or with Hobbit-Lores. Those will be discarded and slow you down if you need to play hobbits. Only if Sam and Frodo could be played at Sackville would things look good or if Hobbits faction was played in the first deck.

7) Mallorn needs to be in play no later than Turn 11 by Elrond.

8.) CvCC on the heroes at White Towers is detrimental.

9) 42 MPs. 6 tapped sites in first deck; 5 tapped sites in second PD.

10) 45 “companies” in 20 turns; 12 “squatting” companies. 6 moving companies from haven to another haven.

11) 10 characters played/discarded.

12) Your hand will be clogged with hazards facing non-Eriador opponents due to having many specific hazard creatures. Hidden Knife alleviates this. You need other avatars to use Here is a Snake to unreveal agents so you can target the agent.

13) When you are ready to test a ring, then you might have to move another company to a site with Information so to play Far-sight to fetch Bilbo’s MR (if discarded) or another PGR.

14) Turn 08 had too many resource MP in hand at one time. May be to delay putting them into the PD from the SB until later.

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Re: 611-Gandalf_FreePeoples

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I just played a game for this player.
I used an Excel spreadsheet with code to shuffle and hide the playdeck from view.

The results are at the end of the file. I copied and pasted as picture the companies and the cards in the hand
to start a turn. Sometimes I forget to make a copy or update the numbers such as prowess or corruption points...
but I got it all right with the rolls though.

Remember that I use another spreadsheet for the hazards of the minion players that are actually used, then
dummy cards for resources and characters when using a random number generator to know what is in the hand of the hazard player.

The file attached has the phases of only Gandalf as the resource player for 24 turns. What a dozy. I made some bad decisions in terms
of moving like keeping Arwen all alone. Those hobbit resources are annoying for the minion players..cancel this, cancel that.
Farmer Maggot is gold... "No no. I said Frodo went away south to Hardbottle. 30 miles it is. Best be off." Khamul returns.
"Oh Frodo was not there. Did I say Hardbottle. I meant Scary. He went off to Scary. Good day."

The file has the deck used in the practice game. I will make a few updates. Now, I could of visited Mount Rerir to play a greater item, but
I kept it realistic by playing Scroll of Isildur at Tolfalas after playing Narsil at The Stones. Ring of Barahir might be a ring to remove though.
The second deck was slow to exhaust, but helped to get the right cards in hand. Enjoy.

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Re: 611-Gandalf_FreePeoples

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I updated many decks months ago, so I am now just posting them after a final reading review.
The updates were due to playing 16 turns for the Eriador Division.

Gandalf switched his Palantir of Elostirion strategy with Cirdan's Elve Influence strategy.
Also, added resources for the One Ring use.

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Re: 611-Gandalf_FreePeoples

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This is the last of the 40 Avatar decks to either be updated or shown as game notes.

Many changes were made from Version 6; uploaded is Version 8.
Version 7 was used in the practice game.

Not much was change from Version 7. Here we go.
Ring of Barahir added to give the deck another ring protection from certain hazards.
Also, it is nice to cancel a drake or dragon attack. The ring wearer will be discarded
anyway. Wizard Uncloaked was never used; I will research who will need it more.
Narya was removed. It will likely be a Game Point card to untap Fatty Bolger.

Hazards had a major change to limit events to 3 for each alignment.
Border-watch was removed due to its weak prowess for Ambusher.
Wandering Eldar and Wisp of Pale Sheen replaced by Glutan, which can greatly bother low prowess minions.
Lord of Eagles replaced by Dwarven Travelers - now x3 copies in deck.

The Burden of Time replaced by faster River.
Chill Them With Fear third copy replaced by The Watchful Peace that helps recycle The Oldest and extend Falathrim's range.
Decisions of the White Council replaced This new hazard will keep Long-events in play.
Should Will of Sauron be added? Call of the Sea is gone for fast play Covetous Thoughts. The Ring! The Ring!
Naugrim copy replaced by Something Else at Work.
Lobelia agent hazard replaced by another copy of Made For His Rescue.

Overall, these hazards are quicker to play. This should allow Gandalf to exhaust his deck for the third time by Turn 22.
updated file after practice game
(368.88 KiB) Downloaded 107 times

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