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Post by dirhaval » Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:08 am

Hi. I have posted Cirdan the Shipwright's deck.

He will be a seafaring elf on archeological projects at Ruins.
He will send elves to specifically influence minion (agent) elves in play.
He will guard the Southwestern Coast of Middle-Earth.
The avatar will mostly stay at Grey Havens for the first deck.

Cirdan will Reconstruct the Towers for Gandalf's benefit.

Since he will be moving to many Ruins, it will be best for him
to use an Automatic-Attack theme hazard deck.

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Re: 673-Cirdan_AutoAttacks

Post by dirhaval » Sat Aug 16, 2014 12:56 am

Changes from last time include:
including Elenya and The Evenstar

This will let the player fetch Evenstar everyturn. Anglechel will
also be played, but for its Reforged MP. But at the start
of the Warlord Phase this will be given to Cirdor, whom will
be a follower to Cirdan. These two elves and two others
will enter in two CvCC to killing dark dwarves.
With Gates and Star of High Hope in play with Evenstar...Cirdar with 14 prowess and -3 to target's body.

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Re: 673-Cirdan_AutoAttacks

Post by dirhaval » Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:11 pm

This player did well, but had moments to play more table cards. No changes were made to the
characters. Essay of Ringcraft replaced a gold ring for easier play of the magic ring. Fatty
Lumpkin added to keep a Hobbit ally in play when you surprise overts with a man with yellow
boots and a blue hat. Many Turns and Doublings was removed. This will bring trouble. A third
Vanish in Sunlight and The Evenstart added. Ringlore removed. Sun Unveiled added to help
Mallorn-Dweller untap at The White Towers.

Watcher in the Water given to Lord Thrain. Replaced by Fell Turtle
Wose Ambush replaced by Trolls From the Mountains.
Pirates replaced by Chill Dousers.
Elves Upon Errantry replaced by Wandering Eldar.
A third Awaken Defenders replaced by Tidings of Doubt and Danger.
Incite Defenders removed from the loaded automatic-attack hazard deck. Unabated Malice also
removed. Wielder’s Curse added to bother the strongest troll in Eriador. A Lie In Your Eyes
added to bother any minion-palantir bearer. Greed removed for Panic with two easily played
Undead creatures in the deck.
Fire Unwatched, Cruel Claw Perceived, and To Breed the War replaced by Dark is the Hour.
That event will lower the prowess of minion factions – any bit helps.
updated after practice game
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