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Post by dirhaval » Sun Jul 07, 2013 4:57 am

Elrond is the shock troop player. With natural high body values, proximity to Angmar,
and nothing else to do since this Elf enjoys life, what better strategy then to
polish those elvish blades and hack away?

His hazard theme is Roadblock. Goldberry will help him move with those hazards in play.

He will harass overt minions in Eriador and the Northern Misty Mountains.
Orcrist and Aeglin will strike fear in the Realm of Angmar protecting Gandalf's
mission with the One Ring.

You can call it Glorifindel Unleashed.

[You know. Aren't you glad that internet was not in vogue in Third Age 3018?
I can see it now a Ringwraith talking to Sauron]

Ringwraith: What do you want my Lord?
Sauron: How do these rings look on my hand?
R: Always as magnificent.
S: You always say that. And my stone. It tells me knows from afar.
R: Lord. I have great news. I have found the thief with your One Ring in a place called the Shire.
S: Great! How did you come to this news? Do you have a stone too?
R: Well no. Actually, umm. <cough> I found this Palantir of the Internet.
S: Really. I never heard of that. We can talk later. Go fetch Uvatha and the others. We need to know where this Shire is.
R: No need. I have a GPS.

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Re: 671-Elrond_Roadblock

Post by dirhaval » Sat Aug 16, 2014 5:47 pm

The resource deck had minor changes. The hazard deck is complete.
Resource changes:
removed Bow of Galadhrim, Wild Hounds
add Dunmen's Dogs, Spying Out the Land, Possession of the High Elves
Aramacar was replaced with Gildor.

The strategy is more CvCC oriented. Can you see why?
I can imagine the Witch-player chastising Elrond for being scared playing
the hoard items at lairs due to using Possession of the High Elves.
Elrond will grin knowing that such a stage resource saves two turns of
moving to Lairs. These two turns will become CvCC in Angmar.

This player only uses six slots for extra characters. Balin has four grey agents.
It is an option for these two players to switch minor hazard strategies so Elrond
will have these four grey agents and five agent hazards. Its an option.

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Re: 671-Elrond_Roadblock

Post by dirhaval » Sat Jun 06, 2015 3:15 am

I have played a one-player game for this player for 24 turns against the other 20 players just like with Gandalf.

Vilya slowed the second deck with so much recycling. I think I broke the rules by playing Strider with this player.
Carn Dum was laid in ruins and most of the items were played. Near the first exhaustion, the hand was
clogged with resources to invert Glory of Arnor Restored. More than 32 MPs were gathered.

The attached file has a turn-by-turn notes, the MP count, card management, and final companies.
There were three CvCC turns with the overts getting the wrong end of the Red Book twice.
Blood of Huan saved the day taking four strikes from Ghouls late in the game. Still tapped afterwards.

I has not happy with the ability to play hazards though since Elf-Lord Revealed in Wrath needs Double Wilderness.

Strider will be replaced with Brandir; Gildor will be shipped to Saruman since that wizard will lose Brandir.
Cloudless Day was a no-show with no Gates of Morning. May be with others playing Gates of Morning the card
can see the light of day. So I gave Cloudless Day to Balin; he has Crown with Flowers, and took his Quiet Lands.

Dark Quarrels needs to be recycled by Vilya when Carn Dum is sacked...Biter and Beater too.

Now, Quiet Lands reduces the number of strikes of a R&L to half rounded-up...is this in effect even if modifiers such as Plague of Wights in play?

Please keep in mind the "company" composition for each turn some have minor errors, so don't fret about it.
The attached file has the "deck" used for the game.

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Re: 671-Elrond_Roadblock

Post by dirhaval » Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:16 pm

I explain below the changes to the deck.

Staff of Annúminas added for the Power Deck. I feel that there is time to play the item on the last turn.
Asfaloth to give an elf a chance to aid others far away.
Noble Hound removed with Blood of Huan. Spies Feared removed from lack of chances to use
and Scouts to tap. Fair Travels in Wilderness replaced by Lapse of Will – goes to Alatar.
More Alert Than Most removed for Iron Mountains. I rather tap a Ranger to reach Angmar instead of facing a Cave Worm. That is one thing that is
important: reduce the hazard limit so to avoid creatures from your main hazard opponent. Take
the hazard limit to two, then just one hazard from any for the four players precludes your main
hazard player getting a chance against you.

Elven Blade, Blade-master added. This helps now that Ardagor has an Orc deck.

Herald of Gilgalad added to move the sole elf faction.
There are three copies of Vilya; I may change that to two.
updated after full game.
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