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Post by dirhaval » Sun Jul 21, 2013 12:13 am

Balin Dwarf-lord has been given charge of the Ered Luin.
He will wipe away the filth in Cardolan and its Troll Warlord.
Many folk will come under Balin's banner: Men of Forochel, Rangers of the North, Elves of Lindon, and the Petty-dwarves.
Balin himself will travel in the Under-deeps seeking for the lost Dragon-helm of Dor-lomin hoping to keep
the Warlord there. Deep Mines will become a new Lord-haven.
Some hobbits will accompany the dwarves.
Be vigilant; Thrain may call you to aid him at Moria.

Balin is in the Eriador Division with Cirdan, Gandalf, and Elrond.

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Re: 684-Balin

Post by dirhaval » Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:42 am

Balin had a change of plans slightly while talking to some wizard at Bree.
He learned that visiting Pits of Angband allows him to store that site
to reduce all dragon and drake worm attack strikes, prowess and body by one.
That is significant. Enough to attempt to accomplish.

The first deck has a troop of dwarves playing factions and items.
When the hobbit ally with knowledge ability is played all will move to Ruin of Belegost.
Then move to Drowning Deeps afterwards playing Ancient Stair and Into Dark Tunnels.
Dragon-helm is played. Deep Mountain Fortress will be built at Drowning Deeps.
Then New Tunnels will be played for a Deep Mines under Bree. Play Deep Mountain
Fortress on Deep Mines. Now, Gnawed Ways can be played to reach sites under
Angmar or Cardolan.

BTW, who will ever install a spellchecker on this site that corrects to "dwarfs?" :)

Spoiler alert! Thorin will give Bilbo the jewels Thranduil wanted; then these same jewels
Bilbo will give to the Elf king.

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Re: 684-Balin

Post by dirhaval » Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:03 am

Not many changes made to the resources or characters.
Bahadur did come over from Lord Thrain's Deck.
Hazards changes made this deck as the spot to put left-over cards.
Creatures are not expected to slow Ardagor's trolls.

Dragon-helm was given to Alatar. Durin’s Crown added with opportunities to play the item near Numeriador. Magical Toys removed. Thieves of Tharbad removed for Miner’s Pick.
Into Dark Tunnels and Dwarven Galleries removed for Fungi.
Children of Aule removed for Withdrawn to Mordor to deal with all the agents.
Orc-mail removed due to overpowerness, but I may add it as a Game Point card.
updated deck after game
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