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Post by dirhaval » Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:47 pm

The Sixth has come down from his Ice Realm to rebuild the armies of Mordor.
This Ringwraith has a main mission of influencing many orc factions. However,
Mordor is in Ruins after an age of abandonment. Two trolls will prepare for their
master’s return . That will be a rush in the first deck to complete.

Lieutenant of Morgul will lead this company of faction influencing.
The secondary mission is to gather fire wood for the furnaces of Mordor.
Burned and Chopped Up is the resource to play bringing 10 minions
to Minas Tirith. Such a mission is easy. The key is the item Ongrum.
I made detailed strike-by-strike assessments of this mission.

The tertiary mission is for Gorbag and three other orc scouts to use
many stealth/Scout events to conduct guerrilla warfare deep in Gondor.
This will keep Denethor out of Mordor. Hoarmûrath Unleash is ideal
for this deck.

Hoarmûrath will only be in Fell Rider mode with Creature of an Older World
and Helm of Fear.
He will influence factions and attack hero companies too weak to counter.

I like this deck for its orc scout emphases. I also like to target heroes
with surprise attacks. The sites are packed and few for you to tapped.
No Better Use will fill the void. The Undead deck aids playing creatures
among unusually locations.
What I do not like about the deck is a company being safe within Mordor.

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Re: 636-Hoarmurath

Post by dirhaval » Sun Jan 14, 2018 8:25 pm

The updated deck is posted.

The major change to resources include rebuilding Mordor instead of the Necromancer.
Undead hazard changed too.

First the characters change. Orc-Captain replaced by the half-troll Gurthlug.
There is one less Brawler too.

Sites to tap added Tol Uiagaer, Linhir, and Lossarnach. The food items
can be played at that Lebennin site. The practice game had six "enemy"
sites visited with five either in Rohan or Anorien. I rather avoid Rohan.

My stubbornness is slowly fading like a dream of Men of Angmar coming upon us at night.
The hazard deck has changed since no creature is allowed more than three copies for either alignment.
Gone is Stirring Bones and Chill Douser. But Greater Spectres, King of the dead, and Nevazar added.
The remaining Undead will have help playing including Exhalation of Decay, Sleepless Malice, and Out of the Swamps.
Turning Hope to Despair also sees its use along with Like the Shreds of Cloud. Now only one copy of Plague of
Wights added. A Doomed to Die replaces a copy of Foolish Words leaving two still, which is plenty for one player.
This hazard deck now has some meat on the bones.

Resources were little changed. Valley Has Ears removed along with Tokens to Show. The White Mountain Cavern Ways
gives way to The Undeeps of Anduin. Large Warrior Loose makes way for Leg It Double Quick. The Names Among Them removed
for a third copy of No Better Use and Slaves of Nurn.

Overall, I think the deck is stronger by helping time in Gondor. Not going to be the most glamorous minion deck
with Scouts hiding or trolls in Mordor. However, it will be a sleeper of an opponent that has might and range.

Where's there is a whip, there is a will as my old captain used to say.
updated deck after practice game
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