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Post by dirhaval » Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:50 pm

Uvatha has returned to his homeland of Khand. He is tasked
to unite the tribes again for a Gondor invasion. Seven tribes
east of Mordor must be placed under one banner.

Ulrac will be a warlord using his homesite as a Lair. His company
will play items and CvCC the nearby Atani-Lord...and any Rider of Rohan
that enters the Horse Plains. Layos and Shamas will influence the factions.

Uvatha in the first deck will manipulate the sideboard. Then he will be
in Heralded Lord mode using Baradhrim League for region movement.
Even with a seven prowess he can do damage. I made rough actions
for this Ringwraith for the first 20 turns. His Unleash event will
be used to CvCC a weak company that is desperate to play a resource; maybe
to add help to a fellow Ringwraith. Oh, Bat-Winged Helmet will allow Shadow-magic,
which means instead of his one strike how about four wolf strikes at 8 prowess.

I like this deck for its dominance of several regions away from a darkhaven.
I like the use of Mounted Lance, Usiev, and others for a dominate minion company.
This Ringwraith will be using region movement. Black Steed will be played
if he will be no longer influencing factions. The West has a problem if the Atani-Lord
cannot slow down this menace.

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Re: 639-Uvatha

Post by Thorsten the Traveller » Wed Oct 09, 2013 6:11 pm

great theme for these 2 eastern Ringwraith decks Bill! We will be developing some more cards for those guys later on, they can use it, but also I believe the area needs a lot more fleshing out (and I'd love to be the one to do that, once I can find the time).

couple minor things:
- Perchan should be Perchen (in the Ren deck), in case somebody would spend hours looking for a DC char by that name, he is the standard Dunnish Clan-hold dude, right?

- We decided to skip Gap of Khand from the map, as it did not really serve any function. The Temple of Kondri Ochi is in Nuriag now.

- Baradhrim League might be pending some change, as I'm still not too happy with how it works. The general ability will remain the same, but testing is required to see how much freedom of movement for the Ringwraith can be allowed without it becoming overpowered.

- Ulrac is no agent, so why does he require Open to the Summons to be played?

- Even though you dislike the Compass, it is very useful finding several hidden sites using only a single Lost Knowledge :-)

- Hmm, Half-orcs are indeed specifically excluded from taking trophies. So we must fix something for Nazog then. Danm ICE and their short-term vision, always banning stuff as easy way out. They could have said: remove any trophy from Half-orc if his company is covert. But no...
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Re: 639-Uvatha

Post by dirhaval » Thu Oct 10, 2013 10:20 pm

Yes, it is the MECCG Perchen.

At first I wanted Gap of Khand as a region so no one could move five regions or less from Anorien to Nurn.
Now with Chelkar there it takes six regions. If you do not want a hero company to move six regions from
Minas Tirith to Nurn, then put back in Gap of Khand.

Baradhrim League may seem powerful. Yet, Uvatha has six prowess in that mode. Again, he
cannot move to a site and stay with his minions there who stay at that site. One trick
is to play Black Steed while that card is in play. Then Uvatha can use region movement, now in Black Rider mode,
to move to a site in Harrhun or Khand if Variag-King of Khand is in play. This can allow Uvatha
to save many turns avoiding darkhavens. I like the card.

Yes, Ulrac is no agent. That sentence will be removed in the summary. Yet, I still want Open to the Summons to begin play
in case you need to play an agent as a character.

Trophies and half-orcs do not mix. But you can an ability to Nazrog or half-orcs to carry trophies if you play another card?

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Re: 639-Uvatha

Post by dirhaval » Fri Jan 19, 2018 2:29 am

The deck is updated after the practice game. Very little has changed.

Agent Swarthy Sneering fellow exchanged for Raisha for a stronger fighter.
Nurniags added and Old Treasure removed along with one copy of Usriev of Treachery.
Some rings added: MR Enigma, Minor Ring, Gleaming Ring.
A Nice Place to Hide, Gift of Deceit, Warlord's Lair, and a copy of HorseTamer removed for Tokens to Show, Dark Embassy, a third copy of In the Name of Mordor.

I removed Terror of Halfirien for Bairanax at Home with all the Animal creatures in the deck.
Hazards removed: Shut Yer Mouth x1, Rebel-Talk x1, SYCB x1, Mordor in Arms, x1 Full of Froth and Rage

Added: Heart Grown Cold, Burdensome Commands, Call of Home, Pride Increased with Despair, River

I finally decided to spread the use of events such as Rebel-Talk. Three copies of that card in one Division is too much let alone one player.
updated file after practice game
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