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The whole of Middle-Earth is watching the Lonely Mountain. Smaug can now
earn the recognition of dragons since Glaurung did as Dragon-King.

Smaug has awaken from a long slumber. He craves to build his hoard. Some evil
men he has put under his enchanted stare or promise of wealth will find hoard items.
Magic rings too will be tested by fire for use by the covert companies. Items of
power such as Ringil, Thong of Fire, and Belegennon are on the short list.
Factions too will be gathered such as Ando-anca and Daelomin will be Roused
using a Consumed Dwarven Ring of Power.

Smaug should not move much due to his Birthspot and Dragon Hunters.

A clan of dwarves from one of the eastern tribes were captured and enslaved.
Some will join Smaug in gathering hoard items. Shrel-Kain will be burned by a great
Tempest of Fire. Smaug though is paranoid and dislikes layovers at the Lonely Mountain,
so he will make Long Marish another Dragon's Den for his men and dwarves to reside.

The Power deck will have more dragons to rouse and missions to fulfill such as
Tempest of Fire two more times and People Diminished twice for 10 MP. Another
two more dragon factions is 8 more MP for 50 MP total.

The hazard deck are Trolls and corruption burdens.

Smaug is in the Northern Waste Division with Lord Dain as his main hazard opponent.
updated deck
(331.1 KiB) Downloaded 76 times

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Re: 641-Smaug_Spawn

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I playtested this deck thrice up to certain turns (11, 16, 19) before posting.

One game Smaug was not drawn and played until the fifth turn.
Smaug's moving helped gain hoard items, but he was vulnerable to
Birth-spot, Dwarven War Party and Dragon Hunters. One combination of Birth Spot
and Dwarven War Party almost killed Smaug even with Scales and Jewels for a Body of 10.
Gandalf played Chill Them with Fear on Turn 10, then the creature was played by Thorin II. I assumed
Doors of Night was in play. Smaug was not wounded, but I rolled his body checks
to see the result since he would have failed with +2 strikes and +2 prowess to the attack.
He would be dead.
So I changed the deck to limit his movement.

I tried to play Enslaved Dwarves on Gondmaeglom to avoid the Lonely Mountain, but
that was dangerous for the minions to visit just to play a weak dwarf. Smaug's DI
is high enough to keep the dwarf in play. So I try to move Smaug to the new Dragon Den
while the covert minions move to the Lonely Mountain to join the dwarves.

I started with Bright and Perfect gold rings, but the Bright Gold Ring was too much to play at Nurunkhizdin,
so I replaced it with Gold Ring That Sauron Fancies, which I did not use Dale as a Ruin at all for those three games.

Hazard Permanent-Events were a problem to remove. The second company of covert minions was not formed
until early in the second deck. The first deck exhausted during Turn 11. Gathering of MPs was steady, about 28 on Turn 18.
Down Down to Goblin Town is a great resource event avoiding many drake and other creatures.

If at the least every other turn you move to a non-Dragon Den site to play a resource with a Dragon ahunt attacking you,
then this deck will be severely slowed. If so, then add another Magic Ring of Savagery or Torque of Hues.

Storing items at Lonely Mountain while Smaug was away was difficult. I had to use Old Treasure and Necklace of SilverPearls
to play characters at Lake-town. Grim Faced Northman has a great ability to tap and fetch such characters including the dwarves.
He can die though from Cave-drakes.

Tapping of Smaug to get resources into the playdeck at the right time was not a problem unless drawn late.
Roaming and not Hunting is used to allow minions to join his company for playing of items or moving to the new Dragon Den
while the minions are playing resources.
It should be noted to keep Smaug home after Turn 16 as much as possible since he will be facing his own Division for 8 turns,
that will allow Thorin II to build the right hazards.
Smaug's worse movement phase: Birth-spot, Dwarven War Party, Dragon Hunters.

Throkmaw's deck is complete; the summary is being written now.

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Re: 641-Smaug_Spawn

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The updated deck is in the first thread. Not much was changed. Unique items
are becoming a game in themselves for avoiding used by multiple players.
Black Ring of Arda was added. The practice game now has a King's Judge
wandering with a Dwarven Ring.

Updates from Version 0
Considerable effort was made between the Dragon-lords to not share unique items. The metagame
of stealing items will be done during the Power Decks.

The change of adding body to the Dragon-Lord resulted in removing Ulukai of Morgoth.
The Mithril Coat was replaced by Belegennon (removed from Prince Imrahil).
Usriev replaced by Bone-hilted Broadsword for MP and for better stat bonuses.

Minor ring replaced by an updated Black Ring of Arda.
Northern Wyrms replaced by first Lomaw Roused then Ando-anca Roused.
Hero Men of Dorwinion replaced by Share of the Treasure added to cancel specific attacks.
Chieftest and Greatest of Calamities replaced by Treason He Sent Forth. CaGoC will be a Game
Point card.

Two Hoard Well-searched added for one copy removal of Veil Removed.

Some major changes occurred with the hazard deck.
Shelob’s Brood added along with the other two MEBA Spawn creatures. The elf, man, and
undead creatures removed.

Spiders Huge and Horrible added instead of Lure of Power and a copy of Wielder’s Curse.
Bitter Heirlooms added.

A copy of Black Vapour and The Reek removed for Wake of War x2.
Das Pack Vor Der Tür added instead of Nature’s Revenge and Devastation

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Re: 641-Smaug_Spawn

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The updated deck file is in the first thread.

Resources were changed little. However, the hazard deck was taken from Ardagor.
All things Trolls are not targeting Lord Thorin. Smaug likes to boast while his trolls roast.

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