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Post by dirhaval » Sat Dec 20, 2014 6:33 pm

The Seventh has returned to her dwelling in Lugarlur. She is tasked to rebuild
Umbar to be a rival of Gondor. Many Black Numeroneans are still living along
the Coast of Harad. Adunaphel will gather an army to invade the belly of Gondor.
Her main opponent is Imrahil.

Pharacas will become a Warlord with Seawarden's Realm. A few magic rings
will bring fury, delusion and savagery to the Free Peoples. Almost all of the minions
are dunadan, which their minds will be reduced by one in terms of control
from Ard Once Vain. Angamaite will become a leader playing mission events and gold ring items.

A dwarven ring of power will be found and used to untap sites - Durin's Ring. A Stormless Bow
will be used to bring thunder down on enemies. Six factions will be played. Four factions
will sail to Belfalas during the Warlord Phase. Two will move south attacking factions stopping
the Mumakanril. Cult of Vatra will make it dangerous for heroes to be in the Sun-lands.

Ûrêzâyan will become a Warlord's Lair. Bozisha-Dar and Minas Morgul will be the other sites for healing.
Many sites will be tapped including those as far north as Linhir and south to Bur Esmer. Port movement
will be used with Black Sails. Forced March will help the Ringwraith move a non-darkhaven site
in consecutive turns. Six spirit-magic events are in the deck.

The hazard strategy uses water creatures and Sea Roadblock. Typical creatures include
Sorijan Raiders, Corsairs of Umbar, Seafaring Bellakarin, Fell-Turtle, and Mumak.
Eärcaraxë a Hunt too will be found along the coasts of Gondor. Even though the creatures
are heavy against Imrahil this player needs to stop Imrahil's faction building.

Hazard events target Atani-Lords including Extravagant Tombs, Fear of Death,
Heritage Forsaken, Kin-Strife and Politics. Cult of the Eye will add an AA to safe-holds
in the same region as a minion man faction. Finally, three sea hazards will recall
the wrath of the One God including Echoes Of Nûmenor's Fall, Storms of Osse, and Drowning Seas.

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Re: 637-Adunaphel_Sea

Post by dirhaval » Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:57 pm

The deck is updated and provided in the scroll.

The player performed well with characters and faction battles.
Yet, I was weary moving the characters with low body. I felt limited with
this play because of that and with low card draw due to the Sunland creatures.
Improvement was needed.

First, Golodhros was made into an agent by another player to free GI.
Surion replaced him, but needs Black-mail Coat. Pon-ora-Pon was replaced
by Sakalthor who will play Politics. All other characters unchanged.

There were a bit more changes to resources. Gondor now will only be
used for CvCC. Magic Ring of Fury was replaced by Dwarven Ring of Dwalin's Tribe
to fetch major items like Sable Shield. Secrets of Their Forgings added due
to a few Information sites lonely and unused along the coast. Seize Prisoners
replaces To Satisfy the Questioner. Gift of Deceit and Warlord's Lair removed for
two more In the Name of Mordor. Deadly Dart removed for another Trifling Ring.
There are just three scouts in the deck. A command event removed for a third Grapnel.
I tried to limit command events to six copies. No News of Our Riding replaces a Calm-song.
Tarma of Ar-Pharazon, Driven as By a Madness, and a Forced March replace two Crept Along Cleverly
and two Bold Thrust. That will open a gap for wounds, but there are extra characters. Also,
Arms of the Sea should be played this time.

Stubbornness has been wiped away as Beleriand. Fell Turtle has been replaced by Mumak.
I will not add anything to the playability to that creature. A copy of Politics replaced by Capricious Spirit.
Hazard event changes were made to include faster cards. A copy of Pride Increased with Despair
replaced by Greed. Both No Escape from my Magic replaced by Lure of Senses and Lure of Expedience.
Shut Yer Mouth replaced a copy of Cult of the Eye. Two copies of Sea-Blockade added.
Before this player had 5 events duplicated thrice and now just two cards with three copies in the deck.
The practice game had 110 hazards drawn - 57 were discarded. That is poor.
updated deck after practice game
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