626-Court of Ardor---Tap

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626-Court of Ardor---Tap

Post by dirhaval » Sat Dec 27, 2014 4:54 am

The dark elves have returned to Ardor. The citadels are rebuilt. A group of 17 elves
will begin searching for guild of element items, influencing of elf factions, and finding
the three Jewels of Unlight.

This seems a fun deck with a pool of 31 GI and recycling magic events. Three
main companies will move playing resources and CvCC the Guild members.
Four ring items will be tested and four guild items will be found.

There are though over 25 resource items, allies, factions, or events to play on a character.
This is much. But with another pool of 17 elves ready for the Power Deck the player can
be reckless with the characters.

The hazard deck is Jungle creatures, two elves, two sea monsters, a dragon, and a drake.
Also, My Precious makes an appearance with We Wants It and Never Seen Him to insure
the One Ring is lost again in a river. The hazard events are those that lowers the prowess or taps a hero.

The main opponent of this player is Guild of Elements.
I will revise their deck soon after the new sites in the Uttersouth.
I assume that a Court of Ardor can access the sideboard like an avatar when he is at his home site.

Posts: 609
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Re: 626-Court of Ardor---Tap

Post by dirhaval » Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:34 pm

The update was mild.

First, I split the characters, 34, into two groups of 17.
Each group has elves either in four distinct citadels and Citadel of Ardor.
I think this will help heal wounded, low prowess elves.

I gave Earrings of Lyerin to the Guild of Elements and will now just go after two Jewels of Unlight.
Warding Ring was replaced by Oracle's Ring. Dark dwarf lost his Oracle's ring for Warding RIng.
Thus, I made a change to the deck. Gulla is out of a core company. Black Mace removed.
Axe-master added to be placed on Dwarven Axe.

Liquid Fire, Vilwarokko, Byrillium-lode, and Falcon of Ardor removed. Instead I have two Arrokko, and two hoard, major items.
Both animal factions and the demon faction removed for Old Treasure, Perfect Gold Ring, another Trifling Ring, and MR of Delusions.
There will be a squatter spirit-mage.
A copy of Not Slay Needlessly removed for Local Hospitality x2 and Awaiting the Call. I will have core companies
given space for their own control.

Hazards were not changed but for a little. No creature change. No more Rats! but New Moon. No more Full of Froth and Rage
but Trouble on All Borders and No Escape From My Magic. I think it fair for this player to have these hazards.
Now, if Gollum avatar is seen, then those two nasties will be given to him along with other nasties. Yes, my precious.
update to deck after practice game
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