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Post by dirhaval » Sat Jan 17, 2015 5:20 am

Saruman, Head of the Order of Wizards leads many Free Peoples into defending Eriador from the hordes from Angmar. The Witch-king and three Ringwraiths will lead wolves, orcs, and trolls to destroy a safe haven for the Ringbearer at Rivendell. The Ringbearer will leave the site on Turn 25, but he will move to Gondor or Lórien. Thus, Rivendell is a site to draw the Enemy away from those lands. Men of Rohan and Elves of Rivendell will combat the evil.
Horse allies will be played in Eriador to give more power to the Rohirrim. Glorifindel will start play seeking to stop Angmar once more. Elrond will come into play later using Vilya recycling key resources.

The hazard deck has not been touched; it is the same for the Avatar Deck. I will make the hazard decks last.
Saruman will move his characters in Eriador to drawn cards and to play horse allies in between combat
with minions. Battle will start on the second or third turn into the Power Decks. I need to find a goal
for these players instead of just a non-stop battle. Enjoy!

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Re: 812-Saruman-Imladris

Post by dirhaval » Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:07 am

Four years later, there is an update.
I am reviewing the Power Decks to add themes to the resource events.
Changes include only one Dagger of Westernesse and Barrow-blade for a Sword of Gondolin and Scabbard of Chalcedony.
This player will combat massive trolls. There is a tactic to move two companies so to divide Angmar's trolls moving
them through double wilderness. Eowyn and Pearth will scare Ringwraiths.
Bill the Pony added to move away from Rivendell for CvCC then back to Rivendell.

Sun was added with so many Men characters. now 15 in the deck, if all live through the Avatar decks. These Power Decks
will have almost 10 characters in the playdeck. Enduring Tales added to allow useful cards a second chance to play.

Kindling Spirit removed, since other wizards have it, for Wizard's Fire. Saruman will not have corruption sources
and his The White Wizard gives +1 to corruption checks. So let him use this spell. Give him Sword of Gondolin
and Scabbard with this spell for 14 prowess using First of the Order for a cost of a -3 corruption check.
Forth Eorlingas added with the three Rohirrim factions in the deck.

This is a combo to play for +5 prowess for Men against Trolls: Dawn Take You All, Sun Shone Fiercely, Sun.
Factions are: Bears of the Carrock, Beornings, Elves of the House, RoR, mHarrowdale, mWestfold,
Petty Dwarves, Blue MD, Elves of Lindon, Elves of Edhellond.

Hazard creatures are keyed to double wilderness hoping to tap a minion on the way to CvCC heroes at border-holds in Eriador.

Anglachel, or Torogcrist are not fixed in this deck, but will be in the deck if such cards then this deck will likely get them. I may have Radagast give his Wizard's Staff to Saruman for Anglachel; Radagast with 11 prowess and 1 corruption. Nasty.
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