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Radagast will have men hold at bay the minions from Dol Guldur. Thranduil will
keep his Halls a safe place for the Free Peoples. Over 10 factions will go to war
protection the elf-holds. Several missions including Clean the Greenwood will
be played to help reduce attacks in Wilderland.

The hazard deck is untouched from the avatar deck. I will make this player's
hazard deck later.

I was thinking about giving each Power Deck player +5 unrestricted general influence to allow
more characters to start the game.

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Re: 813-Radagast-Wilderland

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Radagast the Brown was been warding-off the darkness in Mirkwood. Now comes the true
test. Men and Elves will rally to starve the minions of the Lidless Eye from two Elf-holds and
hope to provide a path for the Ringbearer through Mirkwood.

Thranduil, Fanar, Brand, and Beorn join to form strong and terrible threats. Magic rings,
gems, jewels, and enchanted battle-gear clothed the Free Peoples east of the Misty Mountains.
The Greenwood will continued to be cleansed. Such an act will attract attention. That is when the
heroes will strike. Dol Guldur is still the goal to turn into a Ruins and later a hold for the

Elf, Eagle, Men and Dwarf factions will battle along the Anduin River or in Mirkwood
against troll and orc armies. Neighbors will forge alliances and are willing to commit pitiless
deeds. Thranduil’s Halls will build houses of healing, engines of defense, and bar any strangers at
this time in hopes the enemy will suffer great wounds besieging that place of safety.
Aid from afar through praises to Elberath, lore of the ages, or telling Marvels can ease the
burderns for a while longer. Light from the Evenstar or a sun unveiled brings delight in this dark
hour when the heroes draw swords together. It may mean the last march of the ents. Light, flame,
and a kindling of the spirit drives them forward to victory and to the end of an age. It may well
come down to a lucky strike or a bow wielded twice. Not even a mirror can show what may come
to be

Here is an updated deck. Characters were the same, but added more so to have 10 in the playdeck.

This avatar needs to wound or otherwise limit the effectiveness of the Mirkwood minions from
either stopping the Ringbearer near Lorien or attack King Elessar.
Clean the Greenwood is still a mission to play and store. I added Bow-master, Lore of the Ages,
Praise of Elbereth, Engines of Defense, and Light and Flame. I will try to play Woodmen
at Dol Guldur late in the game. It would be nice to have a permanent-event on
Rhosgobel that makes animal factions played in an adjacent region to be guardians/ auto-attacks
on the site against minions.

There are five companies using 19 GI of the 25 for the avatar; Call of Home is prohibited in the Power Decks.
The hazard creatures are mostly Wilderland Free Peoples. Hazard events make Free-holds a pit of destruction for minions.
That is Radagast wants to do - bait visits to Free-holds.
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