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Post by dirhaval » Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:18 am

Alatar has gathered two dwarf-lords to be rid of an ancient foe to Aule's Folk.
Thorin II and Balin will move to the Under-Deeps chasing Felagrog for a final dual.
Alatar will join them.

It is a flux of who this player will face for the Power Decks. The resources are made
to face Felagrog.

Note that in these Power Decks I included all the unique characters that may be available to
this player, which is why you see 20+ characters in the tables, but only 15 will be in the deck.
Also, the resource events are selected with prejudice. I want to include cards not used in the Avatar Decks and those
only used by no other player in terms of using Risky Blow, Concealment, etc...
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Re: 814-Alatar-UnderDeeps

Post by dirhaval » Sat Nov 03, 2018 1:54 am

Alatar has exchanged his deck with the Power Deck Dwarf; that dwarf will have
two Deep Mountain Fortress, factions, and resources ready for war in ever crevice.
Also, I want the dwarf-hold already set in Moria in case Alatar is corrupted, which
will then have a base in Great Central Plains north of a fallen-Pallando.
Alatar in this deck has a dwarf company starting at Lorien to move into the Grey
Mountains use the KUTM site for safety. I might include RIngil, or any such
valuable weapon in a dragon's hoard - use We Will Take This. This player has
no interest in faction battles. But Fallen, he will since he will influnce Dragon factions.

Alatar, a wizard under the guidance of Orome, has taken upon himself to rid the North of the
most intelligent and vile of Morgoth’s creations – Dragons. One Dragon-lord will be targeted by
Alatar’s characters. Faction wars are noise to this wizard. Dwarves, an elf, and Man will sludge
through desolate lands to put an end to any new threat from the Grey Mountains. Items of power
and strategies of prowess are the songs for this player.

Four companies will point an arrow at any weakness of an old wyrm.
Alatar will attempt to combat a Dragon-lord starting from Rhubar. Wormsbane and Scabbard of
Chalcedony controlled by Fram Framson will be the man to thrust at the avatar. The Ranger will
play Hollow of Thy Left Breast, but he must use if quickly else succumb to the corruption. Spells
of purity will help him and others. Wizard’s Flame is a great boost for the turn. True Fana will
prevent a deadly creature of drawing closer. The Hunt can remove creatures detrimental to the

Thorin II will take Oin and Fanar with two rings and a Bow of Yew to prevent a small, weak
company away from a Dragon’s Den. Bow of Dragon-horn will handle attacks not keyed to a
site. Dragon Feuds can cancel a dragon or drake attack.
Balin and Relin II will start at Lorien. Four other dwarves will wonder around the Grey
Mountains to hunt minions. They will shelter at the dwarf-hold made by King Under the
Mountain. Dragonhelm will cancel one attack. Durin’s Axe and Thane’s Attire are there for the
prowess since many dwarves are available to play. That triplet item is nice using Block. Gloin
will become a leader. Relin II grew to 8 direct influence using Lesser Ring, Great Cup of Thror,
and Horn of Challenge. These beards may even steal items using This We Will Take. Ringil can
be one item. Corruption is a problem. Free to Choose will be vital with the worse of items.

A one-mind Dwarf will use Cup of Farewell at Rhubar to grab useful minor items such as
Arrows Shorn of Ebony to kill the rest of the dragon hazards. Other minors are food items that
will be sent to the sideboard on the first exhaustion then played using New Supplies on either
Logath Herdsman or Fur Traders of Dyr.

A More or Less Descent Giant is the only ally. Play him at the tapped new, dwarf-hold. No
Strangers At This Time and Houses of Healing will be played on Vasaran Ahjo. That free-hold is
two regions from Forovirkain and four regions to Rhubar. We Must Away can move a company
betwee these two sites.

Many, many drakes are in the deck. Do not expect to play them much, but Dragon’s Terror
can get these cards out of the hand. Wound of Long Burden will be useable on most of your
creatures. Slipped Treacherously is important. This event can tap Magic Ring of Savagery
protecting a Dragon Den. Birth-Spot, Riches Gathered, Dragon’s Sleep, Wings Under Trees, and
Greater Storms are winds against Dragon-lords.
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