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Pallando has been sent to Southern Gondor. He is to guide the Free Peoples
with Cirdor and Imrahil to battle with the men of Harad and the corsairs of Umbar.
They must limit the number of enemy factions reaching Anorien.
Be aware. Minions may attack from the west by moving there before moving from Andrast.

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Re: 815-Pallando_Belagear

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The full file is attached. I hav Pallando on this part of the map
in case he becomes a fallen-wizard or starts the Power Decks
as a fallen-wizard. A fallen-Pallando will likely relocate
near the Ered Haml for access to the Bay of Ormal factions,
bother Sauron from the east, and conflict with Alatar that is to the north.
It would be nice to see fallen-Alatar and fallen-Pallando battle
in Nuriag.

The wizard of doom will stall the advance of the southern armies of Mordor. Based in Gondor,
dunedain, elves, men, and two hobbits will sail the seas strengthening the host of the west.
Movement is an issue now limited to three regions per turn. Edhellond is too far to reach the
coasts. Minas Tirith has the White Tree, yet Ithilien is to be avoided. Pelargir will be made into a
site of safety using No Strangers At This Time, Engines of Defense, and Houses of Healing. All
the Bells Ringing will further protect Pelargir.

To Fealty Sworn Merry, Fool of a Took Pippin, and Annalena will wait at Edhellond using a
greater palantir. Annalena will control an ally that fetches environment events. The elf will play
Marvels Told, which is fetched by the palantir. Pippin can help with corruption checks since Hall
of Fire will untap him for the site phase. The Hour Has Come will in a manner increase hand
size. With so many fast hazard events the revealed card will quickly be played. Use Palantir is
present if the palantir will be transferred to the elf sage. Thus, the palantir is not restricted to a

Merry can give Pippin an Elf-stone for Merry to join Pallando healing factions. Merry has
Horn of Anor, and Horn of Eorl. Pallando has Emerald of Doriath to increase his general
influence and control Tharudan. The elf has light enchantment to aid influence attempts.
Wizard’s Voice can give the wizard +6 direct influence for the turn Wizard’s Laughter can stop
and chance one of his characters or factions will be stolen. Eyes of Mandos is there for the
chance to grab a valuable card ahead of moving.

Movement over the water will be dangerous. Fair Sailing and Ulmo’s Watch will help.
Niluphel will control Urekhad using Foliant of War on their quest to slay Last Child of
Ungoliant. The warrior carries Ungolcrist. A Ranger must join these two on their way over the
Mountains of Shadow into Nurn or Gorgoroth. Cirdor, wearing Gaerennon, and Urezir will likely
stay in Bellakar healing factions using their 5 prowess, 9 body stats. Imrahil will lead Hirluin and
Golasgil into combat near Umbar. Each has a 9 body from either Adamant Helmet or Hauberk of
Bright-mail. Body is more important than prowess at this junction of the game here in southeast
Gondor. Elven Rope will help them reach Umbar moving between Edhellond and Bellakar.
Pallando will heal factions that return to Gondor.

Seven hero environment events will dispel the evil. Cloudless Day, Clear Skies, Moon, Hair
of Uinen, and The Wind is Turning are breezes of fragrance. Balance Between Powers is the
keystone. Five hazard environments can help keep hero events in play. This player can let this
card be discarded allowing his hero friend to play environments; then lock with another BBP.
This player will take control of all the hero factions played south of Gondor including Royal
Navy. This may not leave much, but any bit helps. Three dwarf factions with and Endurance of
Stone will be the wall to the minion factions. Pitiless Deeds in movements of desperation may be

Hazards will be quick both creatures and events. Only the copies of Two or Three Tribes
Present may be discarded in shame. Fourteen Men and four Giant creatures using Rank Upon
Rank and Thrice Outnumbered to counter the shadow. The weight of war will hinder minions
either by Gloom, Tidings of Doubt and Danger, Dragon-sickness, Foolish Words, Rebel-Talk, or
Burdensome Commands.
Fearful Sun and Muster Disperses will slow the minion factions. Stay Her Appetite may
remove a minion from the war.
full file
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