629-Lidless Eye-Ringwraiths-Nazgul

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629-Lidless Eye-Ringwraiths-Nazgul

Post by dirhaval » Sat Feb 28, 2015 3:10 am

Secrecy will no more cover the designs of the Lidless Eye. News has been confirmed that the Master Ring has been found. Haste and power will replace stealth and subtlety. The Ringwraiths have be called to Minas Morgul for a mission to either regain the Master Ring. Other minions will stay in Mordor with the Palantír of Minas Ithil, seek for other news of the Master Ring or commit errands to the East. One is a Morgul Apprentice, whom will craft weapons of great sorcery to create wights under the command of a Ulair.

The Witch-king will find his lost helm of Seahelm of Ciryatan and wields his flaming sword Vasamacil. He will move to Carn Dum along the wagon trails joining other Ringwraiths. The Second will have Black Horses and a few followers and move over Anduin at Osgiliath towards the Gap of Isen. This route will corner any ringbearer in Eriador to move over the Misty Mountains. A Helm of Fear and weapons of sorcery will draw the Ringbearer to the undead servants of Sauron.

Soon the One Ring will be return to his Master. Middle-Earth will be the domain of the true Lord of Middle-Earth. No one is alive in this age to withstand the Nine.

13 years in the waiting. This deck is the pinnacle of the Warlord Phase if not fate itself. Where else will you find all the Ringwraiths capable of use with a full Nazgul creature deck?
The undead servants have one goal. To find the best beer in the East Farthing. Nothing else matters to Sauron. Having one eye ruins your depth perception.
Other players will use hazards that can enhance playing the Nazgul or use ringbearers to draw the Ringwraiths to specific sites after using region movement.
There will be two Ringwraith companies. Much recycling will be done such as a Magic Ring of Weals fetching a sorcery event so to use Weapons of Morgul
that can fetch Morgul-Blade and The Fiery Blade. Items of the two main Ringwraiths can fetch other Ringwraiths. Sauron's Coterie will fetch Black Horse allies.
The Nazgul are Abroad is the machine to get a creature to hand. In Great Wrath presents the centuries old grunge of Sauron. Most of the Nazgul events are present.
Agents used by other Black Players may tap to allow the creatures to be played if the hazard limit is passed to this player.
Only eight turns are allowed for this terror to be witnessed by the Free Peoples. This may prove to little time or an eternity. We will see.

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Re: 629-Lidless Eye-Ringwraiths-Nazgul

Post by dirhaval » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:56 pm

There are two options for allowing the resource and hazard deck to be constructed as given here. The first option presents no restrictions. The second option requires the accumulation of points. The number of resources that may be added to the Necromancer deck to become the Lidless Eye deck is equal to or fewer than the Game Points earned by the Black Players (13 players) in the first 16 turns. The practice game yielded 37 such points. Cards starting the 17th turn including those received and starting from other Black Players do not count for game point card slots.
The resource deck given here requires 43 Game Points. Thus, some cards will be replaced most likely Steeds, a Nursed with Fell Meats, and a Black Horse.
The number of hazards that can be included is equal to or fewer than double the MPs earned by the Necromancer player. The practice game yielded 30 MPs for the player or 60 cards. The hazard deck given here requires 24 MPs for the 47 new hazards. There will be no restriction on characters, except of course general influence. Characters taken from other Black Players will show no change (i.e. site, status, hazards) when starting Turn 17 except for resource permanent-events not carrying-over (e.g. Axe Master, Piercing All Shadows), which Lidless Eye cares not.

I have updated the deck. It was a mixed-update.
First, no Ringwraith will start play. This gives time to play more Nazgul if not using The Witch-king to make Dark-holds. I do not think this can cause much trouble. There are three Force Marches in the deck. Calendal will not be used. That leaves open for an overt company led by Zurtak to draw cards in Mordor.
Resource changes include no more Helm of Fear. Only Black mode is allowed as usual. I will try to have Nain come from Dark dwarf with The Great Willow and The Queer Forest. Likely, that faction is not in play, so it will costa Game Point to include. The Black Gate Closes will be in the deck, but I might force that card to not be allowed table play until the Warlord Phase for thematic purposes. I might give it to Hoarmurath.
Rumor of the One is included, but likely played just before the deck exhausts to cause Heros trouble. Four Unleash events added along with the new Horror Spreads Before. Now, any Ringwraith can be the "main RW" during the organization phase with no problem, but who will led for the rest of the turn? Now, Fate rules has the Witch-king costs 5 GI, Khamual 7 GI, and others 9 GI to limit two Ringwraith companies. Else, I can have the GI cost equal to the Ringwraith's rank (Wking-1, Ren-8, so on). But I am weary to have weak RW companies with woman with arms so near.

Hazard changes were mild. Mouth of Sauron added. The only hazard permanent-event allowed more than once are Black Breath and Morgul-Knife. This forces use of almost all other Nazgul hazards. Only Lord of the Nazgul and The Black Captain not added. Hunt for the Ring is used by the Gollum avatar. Slipped Out Quietly added. Morgul Night replaces two Choking Shadows. Lost in Wilderness added.

Should I add Will of Sauron? Here are the Long-events in these decks:
Eye=Morgul Night
Wking=Dark Designs of Mordor, Plague of Wights
Ardagor=Great Need or Purpose, Minions Stir

maybe not

I think now that this Nazgul deck is more lethal by increasing the hazard limit and expanding Nazgul playability by a bit.
deck update with practice game resource & hazard play
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