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The war to end the Age will start in Eriador. Sauron has sent the Witch-king and a troll army to attack Rivendell. No distant haven can exist to give the Ringbearer time to learn of the device’s true powers. A sudden attack is needed to trap the Ring at an elf-hold or to drive the Ringbearer closer to Mordor. Evil men, orcs, and trolls will march on the Grey Havens and Rivendell. Weapons of ancient and powerful lineages will be wielded by trolls against the elves. Four Ringwraiths will fly over the battlefield terrorizing the enemy.

Ancient Black-Axe fell the Captain of the Trumpets in Gondolin,
Bone-Basher, weapon of a Utumno Troll Lord that destroyed the bodyguard of an elf-lord during the Battle of Sudden Flame,
Anguirel was involved in the destruction of Gondolin. It will now be used to destroy Rivendell.
Black Mace of a Warg King will again smash the heads of its enemy as it did during the destruction of Fornost long ago.

This player will move troll companies to attack any hero in Eriador. The Ringbearer if in Eriador must leave before the elf-havens
are besieged. Powerful weapons and a dozen factions will cause lamenting of the elf maidens once again. The Dark Captain manifestation
and three Ringwraith followers will attack those that are weak. The Ringwraiths will have two methods to use region movement.
The Heroes will need all the prowess possible to survive. Defeat of Eriador will allow Angmar to support forces in the East.
This player needs to scare any Ringbearer to run from Eriador for the remainder of the game.

Undead again is the strategy. Just pick 18 creatures not killed for this player. Out of the Swamps, Turning Hope to Despair, and Exhalation
of Decay have been unearthed for this deck.

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Re: 831-Witchking-Angmar-Undead

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The Battle of Long Writing will start soon. Wagon-trains from Rhovanion
have stopped and the plains north of Weathertop are quiet. Soon
trolls and Ringwraiths will tremple south for the final blow to the Free Peoples.

The deck is updated with some changes. The major change is the 50/50/50.
More cards equal more options including Smoke on the Wind and No Abiding Place.
Mace-Master and Forged Below are borned by a Black Mace troll. Above the Abyss
makes an appearance. Ring of Mortal Men is in the deck as well for 8 new cards.
Then two Awaiting the Calls allows two dunedain minions to squat tapping magic rings.
It seems so unfair.

Hazards were change somewhat to give the Mordor player some Undead. Night is first
seen in any deck hurting the many Man, Rohan characters in play by Saruman.
Which Might Be Lies also is first seen in any deck with Until All Else is Conquerered.

Faction battles in Rhuduar will seem one-sided favored by heroes with Elves of the House and
the minion man factions with low faction numbers. That is why No Abiding Place is needed
at Rivendell even if that elf faction is taken to hand for a turn. Try to play that resource when
the big characters are away from Rivendell; wound them so they are too wounded to play the faction on the next turn.
Ensure you put Symbol of Malice on the site. And maybe hold onto Haunted Place and All Dead All Rotten until
the next turn against that hero player so another corruption check is made. So far with the turn sequence,
Angmar Player faces Saruman in Eriador Turns 1-8, 13-16.

Adunaphel the Ringwraith stays in the deck even with the UEP. The only other Ringwraith I want in Angmar is Indur, but
he has a 6 prowess on a Winged Terror, but his Unleash though may be enough to compensate that with the Eriador Ringwraiths in
vulnerable sites for a few turns. So Adunaphel may be switched for Indur including that there will be multiple hero players with characters
at the same site allowing Adunaphel Unleashed to be used. But she can fetch Heraled Lord! Ahhh! The choices.

Troll companies have not changed much. Ognor will have a magic ring of shadows so to play Bone Dragon. Ardagor will no longer have a Trifling RIng, but his follower Araudagul is a Mace-master with a Forged Below Black Mace all for six corruption points at 9 prowess. Give him four trophies for 11 prowess. That means during the Avatar deck let him accumulate trophies.

The biggest change I think is the squatting company. First I had three dunadan at Litash. Now, Horseman of the Night has a Trifling Ring and Thrall's Ring to control Awaiting the Calls Belegorn and Elernia. Each dunadan has a magic ring to fetch magic cards every turn!

I enjoyed making this deck agnoizing about Forged Below, mode cards, and using 25 general influence. Remember that this player has the attitude for his minions similar to the montain trolls pushing Grond towards the gate of Minas Tirith. Loosing everying MP is worth making Rivendell no place to find a home.
full update
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