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Here are the game notes for Cirdan the Shipwright first eight turns. Coastal Seas are dangerous.
Any change to the deck would be reorganizing 'sea' resources to help move better. Drakes like elves dipped in salt water.

Cirdan has lead his sea-water elves to success with 17 MP, but not with 25 cards still in the playdeck after eight turns. His cards drawn per turn at 9.1 are good but shuffling 12 cards into the playdeck will fatten that pile. Five MP resources now in his hand should get three companies moving for the next three turns. This will allow the player to exhaust happily on Turn 11, which is acceptable.

Most of the MPs are characters. Four sites were tapped with four being in land-locked regions.
Two elves were eaten by separate Sea-Serpents. Shipwright on Turn 3 and Annalena on Turn 5- the turn after she is played; sounds like Amroth and Nimrodel.

Most of the non-MP resources were played even after holding Vanish in Sunlight for many turns. It is difficult to move from Grey Havens to Edhellond in one turn. Two tapping Shipwrights can do the task, but that has not happen in the same company. Belegaer was used once. Two Swanships of Lindon are needed as another option. I have to be careful to leave Himring and a site in Bay Belfalas untapped for moving. Hazards are easy to play except for Wose Ambush.

Not many hazards were thrown at Cirdan: 9 events and five creatures, but four creatures were keyed to the waters including a Full Froth and Rage Ninevet. Success for this player would be next get Galdor’s company with influence enhancers and park Cirdor at Grey Havens with a Shipwrigh and Swanships of Lindon so to move to Tolfalas in one turn to CvCC minions playing the Scroll of Isildur.
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Re: 773-play-Cirdan

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Cirdan the Shipwright gained 23 MPs. He tied second place among the Elf-lords. There were
many points lost in the last few turns either by agents or CvCC. Seven characters and one ally
found their end. I would state this player was victorious. Nine stage points ended the game. He
attacked the Dark Dwarves, killed a Sage of Ardagor and ended with a palantir in play. It was
nice for the avatar to move. Not many strikes were rolled. Creatures were not a problem. Card
draw was healthly. The new deck as this player getting closer to Harad. Six of the nine killed
entities were either agents or minion characters. Gondring at Home was vanquished by
Anglachel. Resources were useful.
Creatures were not that useful by staying out of play.
The avatar appeared on Turn 2. Two moving companies were quickly supplied. Reforging and a
gold ring were played by Turn 6. A bit slow, but three other characters were played in that frame.
Soon, Barrow-blade, Gaerennon, and Reconstructed Towers were played. Before Turn 13, a
minor hoard item, Light Enchantment, magic ring, elf faction, hobbit ally, and a shield were in
play. Just six creatures faced before Turn 17. Pick-pocket was one creature, which prompted a
meeting among the game officials. The result made Pick-Pocket, Thief, and Assassin illegal for
the game. Double or triple Coastal Seas were moved through tempting me
to put Kraken in Dark Dwarves’ deck. Reef caused two detours. Swanships of Lindon was used
four times. Secret Passage and Many Turns and Doublings were helpful.
Agent Juoma attacked before the play of the palantir at Dead’s Mans Dike but was killed.
However, Ardagor saw a chance to kill elves. Six minions visited. Annalena was too much for
The Warg-king singeing his hair. Tharudan rolls 12 wounding Thulin II. Cirdor whacks Fror V
with a 11 roll killing the Stiffbeard. But the dwarf avatar uses poison to kill Galdor. Hain gains a
foothold over Shipwright rolling a 12 himself killing the elf. Gulla had Sharpen Up to wound
Siege was a problem at The White Towers for a few turns. Tom Bombadil and Dweller faced the
three strikes. A Sea Serpent ate Tharudan.
Then Anglachel was found at Tol Morwen. Cirdor then went on a hunt. His first stop was
Gondring’s Lair. The 14 prowess and 7 body single strike was no match. Dark Dwarves took that
opportunity to CvCC Cirdan and two elves at Telpemar. Cirdan and Gulla tie. Dom used a Ring
of Power to kill Andovan. Hain rolled 12 prowess and 11 for body check on top of a Poison
killing Woodelf. Now, Cirdan had four corruption points. Cirdor walked around with three
corruption points.
Cirdor visits Dark Dwarves at Weathertop. Cirdor cannot select targets. He conquers Thulin II by
rolling a 10 prowess. This discarded The Warg-king. Dark Dwarves move to Bag End. Dweller
with Mistress Lobelia and Tom Bombadil join Cirdor there. The maia ally shaves Gulla sending
the dwarf to Aule. But Dom kills the hobbit ally. A wounded Hain killed Dweller discarding the
maia ally. Also at Bag End were Lidless Eye minions. Cirdor dukes it out with Celedhring. They
tie. Only one item was played after Turn 17: Elenya. The elves failed to play Precious Gold Ring
for a few turns. Cirdor visits Troll-chief and Ognor. The leader is killed.
Cirdor moves to Barrow-downs only to discard The Moon is Dead. Cirdan sails to back to Grey
Havens, but Winds of Wrath sends him four regions away to Tol Uialgaer. While at the Barrowdowns,
Vanish of Sunlight makes the AA 2 strikes with 7 prowess. No problem for our elf. But
he fails the corruption check by one.
82 strikes rolled including 37 in last 8 turns. 15 body checks gave 7 deaths and 1 discard (Tom
Bombadil). Four characters rolled 10 or more strikes. There were 39 cc.
This player faced 14 creatures from 90 hazards, but 19 were agent actions.
There were 42 moving companies and 80 total companies. 3 of the movements were 5+ regions.
Average hazard limit was 2.55, which is average. About 115 regions used including 43
Wildernesses, 15 Free-Domains, 28 Shadow-lands, and 54 Coastal Seas. 15 movements had
more than one Coastal Sea.
He had 80 site phases including 25 Ruins, 19 Free-holds, 3 Border-holds.
First deck exhausted on Turn 12. Second deck exhaust on 20. First deck shuffled 16 cards and
drew 9.2 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 11 cards and drew 11 cards/turn. The game ended with
37 cards in the play deck. 14 sites were tapped or used.
Sea’s Prowess fetch: Belegaer x3,
Palantir use: See hand x2 (MT), Sage [Marvels Told x3](Annuminas)
Mistress Lobelia: Tom Bombadil, palantir,
Elenya: The Evenstar
Watcher in the Water, played 1o6 > Given to Lord Thrain. Replaced by Fell Turtle
Wose Ambush, played 1o10. Replaced by Trolls From the Mountains.
Pirates, played 2o4. Two killed. Replaced by Chill Dousers.
Elves Upon Errantry, played 3o8, Replaced by Wandering Eldar.
turn notes and stats
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