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Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2015 4:04 am
by dirhaval
Game Update: I am now in Turn 13. TIme has included remaking Gandalf's and Cirdan's decks for the next iteration.
What I did was switched mini-strategies: Cirdan exchanges his minion elf influence theme with Gandalf's Palantir of Elositirion theme.
Necromancer will also see his deck changed by devoting more to ring testing, so those fun resources like Curse/Kin will be removed, but
only if the Warlord Phase is used after 16 turns. Oh, Witch-king will ditch playing Ghost-bane at Riddle Caves since he cannot
defeat that Trap attack under any luck. But he did wound Elrond Half-elven with Vasmacil/Blades of Sorcery, but Pale Sword was not in the discard pile to play.

Overall I think Elrond Half-elven is performing well. His 15 MP are healthy, but 23 cards in the playdeck after 8 turns is a sore sight. He has drawn 9.5 cards per turn, but Vilya will make things worse.

Long-time Visitor is in play so Strider can be played at Rivendell as a follower to Elrond. Cards now in hand show that only the faction needs to be drawn to get the main mission underway.

Emissary of the House is vulnerable with a low 7 body; one was killed. All the sideboard resources to be in the discard pile are already there. 18 of 77 cards drawn or so were discarded from hand; that is high. Each Dark Quarrels was discarded, but might be recycled before exhaustion. Dunlending Raiders keep losing their raiding instructions.
Only three sites have been tapped, but these are three of the top five dangerous sites this player will visit. Nine movements included eight with Double Wilderness! Ford is now a consideration for this player.
Witch-king has five opportunities to play hazards against a moving company and only twice played a creature, which one was able to via an agent. Elrond did kill a pumped Chill Douser with 8 strikes and 11 prowess.
Erestor needs to wear that Hauberk of Bright-mail else he will be killed. Earth from Galadriel’s Orchard needs to be played and stored soon for Gandalf.

Re: 771-play-Elrond

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:44 pm
by dirhaval
Elrond Half-elven earned 24 MPs. He won second place among the Elf-lords. Cirdan was third. I
forgot to count 1 MP for Tower Raided to break the tie. This avatar met his deck’s goals. He
played Tower Raided leaving Glorifindel at the site while everyone else returned to Rivendell.
The proximity to and hatred of trolls eliminated 10 cards including four allies. Strider was played
early and inverting Glory of Arnor Restored was successful with little trouble. Items were
stopped being collected soon into the Warlord Phase. Then CvCC was the focus with five of
them in the final six turns. Not many creatures were faced nor strikes rolled.
Cards were fast with some creatures being useless. Dark Quarrels was highly useful. There was a
crisis with this player late in the game. No scout was available for Tower Raided. Ascarnil was
killed on Turn One. In response, Wood-elf was replaced by Mallorn-Dweller for the updated
deck. A trip to Lorien was needed to play that character. 20 cards were shuffled into the first
deck. I was greedy for CvCC by chasing Rogrog into the Northern Waste. Ringwraiths visited the
following turn. Elrond was wounded four times during the game. The resulting healing wasted a
The avatar appeared on Turn 4. That was when two moving companies were formed. Elrond
moved to a non-haven site 9x.
CvCC commenced by attacking the Dark Dwarves at Dead Man’s Dike. Those dwarves just
attacked Cirdan when he played a palantir. Four elves, one wounded, encountered six minions
with two wounded. Gulla used Sharpen Up to wound Elrond. Elladan wounds Threlin with both
rolling poorly. The dwarf avatar using his Ring of Power kills Gildor. Then Glorifindel strikes at
the right height to kill Hain. Then the Witch-king had minions at Bernastath. Four Noldo with
Aeglin, Orcrist, and Power Against the Shadow in hand attack, in case of revenge, Taladhan,
Feagwath, Bone Dragon, Sniffler and Tracker. Elladan and Glorifindel are untapped. All others
tapped. Gold Chains in the Wind is played. Bone Dragon rolls high and Glorifindel rolls low.
The elf is wounded. Elladan rages and smotes Sniffler without any doubt. Tracker uses a Bold
Thrust and a 12 roll to beat Elrond by five. Witch-king with Morgul Blade, Akhorahil, and Dwar
as Black Riders CvCC these elves. Vilya is played at a risk, but Elladan supports the corruption
check. Power Against the Shadow is called. The Riders avoid the avatar. Witch-king strove with
a wounded Glorifindel wounding him again. Dwar beats Elladan by one wounding the elf.
Elrohir rolls low and is wounded by Akhorahil. Disaster on the slopes of the Iron Mountains. The
return to the Last Homely House encounters Indur Dawndeath on a Morgul-hourse. Lapse of Will
reduces the Nazgul to 12 prowess. Elrond beats the strike by one and rolls a 10 bc. That would of
killed Elrond! While resting at the haven, News of Doom is echoed. 17 factions discarded
including Returned Exiles.
The trek to Angmar started on Turn 22. Litash was entered. In the dungeon, Kheleglin was found
weak and frail. No, he does not return to a safe place. He is thrown into the fire right out of the
frying pan. The next turn is raiding the tower. A Noble Hound is killed by Olog-hai on the Nan
Angmar. Tower Raided event is played without trouble. Rogrog comes with two orcs, another
troll, Taladhan, Bone Dragon, and Feagwath. Eight elves and Noble Hound wait for the
onslaught. Only Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir, and Glorifindel survive the next three CvCC.
Taladhan makes quick work on Elven Handmaid. Feagwath has no fear for Noble Hound killing
the ally. Bone Dragon pounces Kheleglin wiping the spirit from the frail body. Forest Troll has
Sharpen Up wounding Erestor. A wounded Rogrog needs his magic ring and two trophies to
wound Glorifindel. The Sons of Elrond wound or discard an orc. Next are Dark Dwarves.
Eight dwarves and a wolf ally rush in the remnants of seven elves (3 wounded).
Dom has his Ring of Power wounding Elrond. A wounded Elrond would have died. Dom used
his Usriev to kill Kheleglin. Pathfinder rolls a 12 to wound Elladan. Threlin rewounds Erestor.
Even War-wolf wounds Dweller. Elrohir though ties Dwarf-miner wielding a Dwarven Axe.
Mountaineer somehow wounds Glorifindel. Five wounded and one tapped Elf now face their
greatest threat.
Four Ringwraiths met the depleted Firstborn in the court yard of Carn Dum. A defiant Elrond
faces the Witch-king who rolls a 12. Elrond rolls a 11, but 3 for the body check. Dweller cannot
stand the gaze of the Storm-king dying on a 12 body check. Erestor is cornered by the Dog-lord.
The elf wastes away. Indur has no fear with the Morgul-lord near. He rolls an 11 against Elrohir
wounding the elf. Glorifindel stays behind keeping the event in play.
A small pile of 88 strikes rolled including 52 in last 8 turns. 31 body checks gave 10 deaths
and 0 discard. Half of the body checks rolled on the last turn. Four characters rolled 10 or more
strikes. Every entity with a body stat rolled at least 2 bc or died on the first bc. There were 31
corruption checks with many of them item transfers.
This player faced 15 creatures from 75 hazards, but 13 were agent actions.
There were 34 moving companies and 53 total companies. 20 movements had multiple
Wildernesses. Average hazard limit was 2.9, which is average. About 88 regions used including
60 Wildernesses, 14 Shadow-lands, and 6 Border-lands.
He had 53 site phases including 6 Ruins & Lairs, 4 at Dark-holds, 6 at Shadow-holds, and 4
First deck exhausted on Turn 10. Second deck exhaust on 18. First deck shuffled 20 cards and
drew 10.0 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 6 cards and drew 12 cards/turn. The game ended with
27 cards in the play deck. 19 sites were tapped or used.
Vilya was used 6x. One use was for CvCC from Ringwraiths.
Spies Feared never played; it was removed for the new deck.
Dunlending Raiders played once. Leeches played twice. Cruel Caradhas never played.