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Post by dirhaval » Sat Aug 15, 2015 9:42 pm

Note: I updated the other "play" files to PDFs. I guess it was easy to remove that background of color.
I got those backgrounds from an ancient Word library, but on a new update to Word I thought the
backgrounds were "locked" in place.

This deck is slow and clumsy; I remade it somewhat for a later game. 20 MP and six tapped sites are productive. Card drawing is acceptable with 23 still in the discard pile. Three companies were frequently in play. All the sideboard resources to be sent to the discard pile have happened. One Longbottom Leaf was not used. The second avatar card was drawn on Turn 4. It is nice to have the Scroll of Isildur played. Gandalf, Pippin, and Beretar are at Goblin-Gate with Gollum in hand. Sacrifice of Form is in hand too, so that is a nice set-up. But thre might be problems with general influence. Arathorn II and Halbarad should get to the same site as the two women soon.

Visiting Forochel to play Ring of Barahir is dangerous; that ring will be removed. The Windlord Found Me will too be removed since enough MPs will be gathered. Grey Havens is the dominate haven for this player. No other haven has been visited thus far. Do Not Use It will be shuffled into the playdeck via Longbottom Leaf instead of a Hobbit-lore since that event was discarded when playing Sacrifice of Form. Do Not Use It Again can be played on Scroll of Isildur.

Two Escapes and two No Waiting to Wonder cards were discarded from hand. No Waiting to Wonder will be removed in the revision. Arthadan Rangers and Rangers of Sarn Ford were discarded. I might give them to Elrond or another player. They won’t survive against the Ringwraiths. Shirriffs too.

Two Call of the Sea hazards were not played due to too many cards in hand.
There were three movements of multiple wilderness. Necromancer had 15 movements to play hazards. Arathorn II was lucky on Turn 1 moving with double Ws and Azog had no hazards. Fell Winter caused trouble. Gandalf was vulnerable at Amen Hen. I suspect he would get visitors from those in Mordor. More Alert Than Most and I Know Much About You is a nice combo on Assassin.

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Re: 711-play-Gandalf

Post by dirhaval » Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:50 am

I have attached the game notes of all 24 turns for the player Gandalf.

I might go ahead and post the end game notes of the remaining players.

Please review the hazards in play against this player's division for the last eight turns. Below is the list to start Gandalf's last turn.

Chill Them with Fear, Storms of Osse, Sleepless Malice, Plague of Wights
HAZ; The nazgul are Abroad, Black Riders, Hunt of the Ring, Withstand the Nine, Doors of
Night, Echoes of Numenor’s Fall, Terror From the Deeps, Short Legs are Slow, All That
Dwarvish Racket, No Way Forward

I mentioned in a topic that I would try two different hazard player schemes: 1) only have the main hazard player as a hazard player in last four turns or 2) to have a resource player have the usual four hazard players during those last four turns. I used #2. It was cruel sometimes, but not overbearing. Thus, I will not play again the last four turns to just have one hazard player.

Eowyn with Helm of Her Secrecy was a threat for a while. If Radagast can play Pearth in the last few turns, that too can scare Ringwraiths. Gilraen I think should of combated Ringwraiths in the game. She is not essential for the Power Decks.

Gandalf did have Samwise Gamgee be taken captive with Sack Over the Head. But the bearer of the prisoner had Iron Shield of Old to avoid wounds during combat. Then another troll wielded Anguriel that could kill anyone. Samwise is thought to have been turned to jelly after the Council.

Cirdor was hunting with Anglechel, but again he taps after the move phase if at certain sites. Now, if Aranuth could untap bearer facing an attack instead of facing a strike that would help. Elrond and his elves were all wounded after playing Tower Raided at Carn Dum. The Dark Dwarves took heavy losses during that combat. Mr. Underhill is thought to be useful so to fetch Halfling Stealth everyturn in the last four turns. I will consider it especially when playing Secret Precious in The Shire.

Lidless Eye had a good time playing Nazgul.

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Re: 711-play-Gandalf

Post by dirhaval » Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:19 pm

Gandalf earned the magic 32 MPs. That placed him 3rd among the wizards. He was successful
getting the One Ring to Rivendell. The deck played as expected. One Hobbit will never smoke a
pipe again and another taken prisoner for the new jelly flavor. This player moved from the Misty
Mountains down to the White Mountains and east Tolfalas. Going to that island was a mistake.
Narsil needs to be played at Creb Durga and the Scrolls at The Stones. The playing of characters
during the Warlord Phase was successful. Hazards were not that useful. Many cancelling tricks
saved the Ringbearer from the hoard of Nazgul loose in Eriador. I could have moved the
Ringbearer to Rivendell much earlier, but I wanted to eek his stay in danger for testing purposes.
My Precious was not a threat. I think Anduril was never tapped. Spring of 1420 was played on
Turn 11.
The avatar appeared on Turn 4. Resources to tap sites were regularly in hand. Two moving
companies were immediately made. The Wilderland Division played orcs, Watcher in the Water,
and a Nameless Thing. Only One hero was wounded until Turn 16. Narsil was played on Turn 2.
Gandalf appeared on Turn 4. He went to Canadras alone to use Sacrifice of Form. The two maia
allies were played soon afterwards. The next Division, Northern Waste only played one creature
resulting in 11 strikes rolled in the first eight turns.
Goblin-gate was visited on Turn 8. Then the magic ring and Gollum during the next two turns.
Beretar was discarded, and then Sam was played along with Anduril. Halbarad and Gilraen began
to move to Gondor. They moved to Southern Oasis to go after Carambor, but failed by four with
the character sending mind to zero. Hoarmurath sends overts to attack, but Escape is made. They
moved to Elanthia for healing and to retry the influence attempt on Carambor. They fail by six
now to end the first 16 turns. The other company moves along the coast to Tolfalas. Scroll was
Aragorn is found at Edhellond, and then Eagle-mounts played to move to Bag End. Fatty Bolger
is found, then Frodo at Michel Delving after his suit fitting. Gandalf tests the magic ring to spell
D-O-O-M. Tom’s House is visited for safety. I could have moved the Rinbearer to Rivendell now
if I wanted too. Aragorn II moves with his dad to Bag End. Uvatha the Horseman attacked, but
Praise to Elbereth played. Ren the Unclean was sniffing nearby. Fatty Bolger taps to cancel. Then
Adunaphel attacks Sam. Sam uses Sting and a 11 roll to fail the strike! Aragorn II and Arathorn
II CvCC Tarcil and Celedhring. The renegade is killed by the heat of Narsil reforged. Gandalf
then moves to Ost-en-Edhil to play precious gold ring. Aragorn II moves to The White Towers
for more CvCC. Uvatha the Horseman attacks, but Fatty is there to answer the door. Adunaphel
attacks on a Fell Beast. More Alert Than Most keeps it one strike. Narya is played. Fatty taps
again! Do you want fries with that nothing burger? Elwen attacks the Dunedain, but I Know
Much About You is played. Arathron II is wounded by Troll-chief. Aragorn II discards Wuluag.
Ardagor and three trolls attack Gandalf. The avatar takes Sam prisoner with a Sack Over the
Head. Frodo taps the One Ring. Gandalf faced two strikes. He is wounded by Burat and then by
Ognor. That prevented help to Pippin, eaten by a War-warg. Dwar’s minions then hear the
violence. Three wounded, moving overts from Rohan attack the survivors. Frodo is deft and
wounds Bulrakaur. Fatty rolls a 10 to kill the Were-wolf Gaurhir. The scream pierces the night.
Gandalf is wounded a third time by Virsh.
56 strikes rolled including 27 in last 6 turns. 9 body checks gave 1 death and 0 discard. Only
Arathorn II rolled more than 8 strikes at 15. Hobbits rolled 12 strikes and four body checks.
There were 38 cc.
This player faced 19 creatures from 66 hazards, but 12 were agent actions. 21 hazards came from
Necromancer/Lidless Eye including: 7 Nazgul, six agent actions, In Great Wrath and Fell Beast.
There were 49 moving companies and 56 total companies. 24 movements had multiple
wildernesses regions. Average hazard limit was 2.44, which is average. About 152 regions used
including 76 Wildernesses, 28 Free-Domains, 0 Shadow-lands, and 28 Coastal Seas.
He had 56 site phases including 10 Ruins, 13 Free-holds, 6 Border-holds and 3 Shadow-holds.
First deck exhausted on Turn 12. Second deck exhaust on 20. First deck shuffled 11 cards and
drew 9.4 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 9 cards and drew 9.3 cards/turn. The game ended with
18 cards in the play deck. 16 sites were tapped or used.
Ranger of Arnor never played.
Halfling Strength used once or twice.
Escape played 1o4.
Secret Precious not used. Wizard Uncloaked never use. I am looking into other Wizard decks to
see who will benefit the most from this resource.
Arthadan Rangers, Sons of Kings, Border-watch played just 5x total.
Creatures played just 13x.
Starting hazard events played 25o62 sans Twilight
turn notes with stats
(585.88 KiB) Downloaded 60 times

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