732-play Khamual

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732-play Khamual

Post by dirhaval » Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:43 am

This player has a tough task to play many resources with limitations on playing high-mind
characters. It was not until Turn 8 that three companies were made. A variety of resources are to
be played that require far movements to Lotan to The Shire. Acquiring prisoners is another flavor
that can slow the deck. But this player had success.

16 turns allowed having 29 MPs and nine tapped sites. However, a few sites need to be tapped
for the remainder of the game. The deck exhausted on Turn 11 with five cards in the discard pile
to start that turn. That first deck drew 8.2 cards per turn (average) and shuffled 12 cards. Now, 29
cards are in the discard pile.

Mid-mind characters Woedwyn and Kabadir were not played before Turn 10, which was
expected. Horseman of the Night was killed by Elrond’s Elves Upon Errantry on Turn 3.
Avatar was played on Turn 1 and began tapping frequently to access the sideboard. He had to be
careful moving with so many heroes nearby. He did CvCC. His Unleashed was played twice and
drawn 3x. Women nearby kept him at home most of the turns.

Crept Along Cleverly and Swift Strokes phenomenal to keep the characters untapped. Threats
were not used each time drawn during the first deck. Sorcery events too were pinnacle in dealing
with attacks. This allowed resources to be relatively quickly.

30 hazards were played on this player and 17 of them on the last four turns from the Gondor
Division. This allowed the small company sizes to get much done and stay unwounded.
40 or so hazards were played by this player and another 20 agent actions taken. Beorning Toll
and Men of the Woods say little use for the first deck.

Five agents were available. Anarin played on Turn 8. He attacked on Turn 13 at Nurniag Camp,
but canceled by I Know MAYou. He attacked Saruman at Mount Doom.
Nimlothed moved around and discarded on Turn 13 by Withdrawn to Mordor.
Raisha played on Turn 3. She moved to Gondor, but had no affect.
SS Fellow turned face-up to increase the hazard limit.

I was disappointed on the agent’s but two Sudden Fury cards and Pilfer are in the playdeck now.
Turn 1 had nothing to play. Turn 2 found roadblock from Chance of Being Lost. Turn 14 had
Khamual on a Black Horse Cvcc Celeborn, Taurnil and Gwaihir at Barad-dur. Taurnil and the
ally were killed. Minions went to Morkai to take a prisoner captive so to use for playing
Grimburgoth. That prisoner was King’s Advisor from a Necromancer’s Ransom.

Overall, this player was successful with MPs, but was lucky with few hazards against him. The
changes I made will help this player stay untapped for the site phase and have better mobility
over the Misty Mountains. Threats is a resource that will be removed if Beasts of the Wood will
be removed. I like the use of many sorcery cards and hiding under the canopy.

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Re: 732-play Khamual

Post by dirhaval » Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:47 pm

This was a fun deck using many sorcery events and far-ranging companies. Yet, only once did
Khamual venture to a non-Darkhaven site besides CvCC at Barad-dur. I made a goof combining
Aransiros with the BRW Grimburgoth without realizing the penalty. He gained the most MPs of
all minion players at 44. Alatar gained 45. This was due to gaining 10 Kills from hero characters.
Resources were easy to play. Hazards too were common but Beorning Toll. Agents were useful
including Anarin killing Haldir. There were six CvCC costing only one minion’s life.
News of the Shire was played at Variag Camp using Not Careful About That. Crebain from
Dunland was played on Turn 19 three turns after playing Grishmoigh. His two At Home hazards
were slain by Alatar using Old Thrush during the last three turns. No minion was corrupted using
magic. I had to wait until Turn 10 to have two moving, non-RW companies.
82 strikes were rolled for this player with 39 strikes rolled for last 6 turns. 13 body checks
resulted in four deaths. 31 corruption checks made and 16 from magic.
This player face 21 creatures from 59 hazards, but 2 were agent actions. Galadriel played 15
hazards. Creatures included Landroval, Galadhrim, Great Northern Bear x3, Beorning Tolls x2,
Beorning Skin-changers x3. Magic and Crept Along Cleverly helped deal with many of these.
There were 43 moving companies and 62 total companies. Average hazard limit was 2.20; that is
low. About 148 regions were moved through. 34 regions were Wilderness. 40 Shadow-lands
and 52 Dark-domains. There were 18 Border-lands so almost of all movements had that type. 4
movements had six regions and 6 others five regions.
110 hazards were played by Khamual, 37 were agents – 14 on Galadriel. The Burden of Time x2,
Men of the Wood x2 and one Sudden Fury. Slyardach and Caran-Carach never played along with
Twisted Tales and Inner Cunning. That wolf demon is now with Bolg.
First deck exhausted on Turn 11. Turn 9 ended with 32 cards in deck. Second deck exhaust on
Turn 19. Deck three ended with 23 cards. 13 non-Lordhaven sites were tapped and the last on
Turn 19. First deck shuffled 12 cards and drew a low 8.2 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 7
cards and drew 11 cards/turn. Third deck shuffled 5 cards and drew 11 cards/draw.
Khamûl the Ringwraith, played on Turn 1. Played ally on Turn 10. He CvCC Celeborn at Baraddur.
Then played a gold ring at Bandit Lair on Turn 16.
The Grimburgoth, started. Rolled 10 strikes, never wounded and played 2 sorcery events. Ringchained
was bothersome. He placed 2 creatures on Cham-en-Faroth.
Kabadir, played on Turn 12. He was a good companion to Aransiros.
Aransiros the Sublime, started and rolled for 10 strikes. Never wounded and played 8 magic
Dôgrib, played on Turn 20, then killed next turn in CvCC.
Odoacer, Lasted 19 turns and rolled 9 strikes.
Horseman in the Night, starter killed on Turn 3. Other played on Turn 10, then killed on Turn 17.
He rolled for 8 strikes
Woedwyn, good character. Played on Turn 11, rolled for 17 strikes, wounded x3. Played 6
magic events.
Konihrabn, never used as agent.
Anarin attacked at Mount Doom. Attacked Denethor at Nurniag Camp but cancelled by IKMAY.
He killed Haldir using Sudden Fury at Wellinghall.
turn notes and stats from 24 player game
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