128-House Rules

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128-House Rules

Post by dirhaval » Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:46 am


These rules I think will help with emotions and oddities in the game.
Such insights were found while playing the game. So this is the fruit
borne from playing. If you could of known such concepts, then you
are smarter than thee.

1. Agent Actions cannot wait
I found that if the first hazard player does not use the hazard limit to make
an agent action, but passes the limit to the next hazard player, then likely the following
hazard players can play a permanent or long event to be used against the other companies
for devastating effect when those companies move.

Example: 2 companies; c1 HL2 squats, c2 HL5 moves
mhp1: hazard player 1 wants to move an agent to home site regardless of game status, but does not.
HL2 passes with Doors of Night and Plague of Wights played.
mhp2: hazard player 1 moves agent home and plays Foolish Words.
HL now HL2. Second hazard player plays Chill Douser then Ghosts.

What should happen:
mhp1: HL2 hazard player 1 moves agent home.
mhp2: HL5 hazard player 1 plays Foolish Words.
now, HL = HL3. It makes a difference. However, trust must be there to see
that an agent action against the second company is because a change in the game causing the move.
This rarely happened. However, if Never Seen Him is used on almost all agents, then agents
will be vicious and the trust factor will be tested by the players.


2. Sqatting Company moves first
To help card flow, maybe any squatting company has its MOVE phase first.
Many times the first hazard player has 4 or fewer cards in hand to start the turn.
This will keep the first company safer than if moved second or third.
Talk amongst yourselves if a squatting company goes first to fill the hand
of the first hazard player.

3. Hand Peeking
Some cards allow peeking at hand such as Secret News or a palantir.
I would recommend this to affect all the hazard players that could be faced.

4. Multiple players have an agent at the same site
Sometimes more than one agent is at the site. Do both attack during
the site phase? I would recommend to allow all agents to take actions
during the site phase so to help in our martial arts skill.

5. Eliminated Manifestations
What do you do with a card in your hand that is a manifestation of an eliminated
card like a dragon? It sits in your hand. what to do about it.
The dead card is useful with Dragon's Terror or if random cards are peeked.
You can decide to show dead card in hand, then put it in eliminated pile to make
room in your hand.

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