714-play Alatar

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714-play Alatar

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Here is the summary of the 24 turn Fate game. The PDF has the stats as usual. A fun player with no fear of attacks.

Alatar slew a pitful of dragons. Too many Kill marshaling points resulted in losing some to fit
has half of all MPs. He roamed freely in western Northern Waste to gain a final result of 45 MPs.
Rarely were two companies moving each turn. I needed a robust company to enter sites or to face
hazards. There was a company at Rhubar using Cup of Farewell and Armory, but that strategy
was moot. Fankil was too strong for CvCC.
This player killed five dragon manifestations. Pits of Angband and The Old Thrush are lethal.
Only one CvCC was started; Smaug’s minions in the last few turns. Desire was there to CvCC
Fankil’s minion, but Hammer of the Underworld looks menacing. Ungoliant's foul wounded
Alatar when playing Kirrauko. I want to give that weapon to another player; I would if one of the
Legendary items is used instead (Ringil, Sulhelka, Aranuth).
Six characters were killed by 11+ prowess strikes, facing two strikes, or via Tidings of Bold
Spies. He faced 78 hazards but only 12 creatures. That will not phased this player. He played a
low 46 hazards. Deck changes along with Lomaw the Old entering the game will make this
player hesitate moving in the Northern Waste. I felt no danger with this player except for
Only 11 hazards were played on his main hazard opponent. That needs to be higher. Eight sites
were tapped. That is horrible, but many creatures were killed. Five Lairs were visited just to
CvCC or to kill a wyrm.
The benefit of killing so many creatures is the flexibility of the Power Deck. He can make a
Power Deck to hunt a balrog in the under-deeps or replace another hero avatar if death or
corruption occurs. I think the first deck in the next game can exhaust on Turn 10. Not many
companies were formed. That slowed card draw. 8.5 cards per turn were drawn in that first deck.
A rate of 10 cards per turn was in the second deck.
arrows shorn of ebony was not played. It was not in hand when visiting a hoard site. True Fana
and Wizard’s Flame were never played. Supporting characters were not available to handle those
corruption checks.
Trained Falcon never played. The new deck has more time in Great Central Plains. Block was
shuffled a few times to help stay untapped after facing a Dragon AA.
Ford was great; played 4/7 drawn. FTiW was nice too played 4/7. That helped characters avoid
havens for healing.
MFHF played 6/8 helping to gain MPs.
Risky Blow too was played 8/8 and Smoke Rings twice in the last deck. The card gave
confidence to stay untap for the site phase.
Old Thrush played 8/9 and Smoke Rings twice. I might give one to King Vidugavia.
Spring of Arda played 7/8, but Doors of Night was trouble for it. Ancient Stair saved two turns
and I think one CvCC from Fankil.
Song of Appeasement and Spirit-namer not that useful with Vanha at a haven.
Dwarven Cunning was great when in hand; used ¼. The Hunt was not that useful with wanting
Alatar untapped; used 1/4.
49 creatures were drawn. 26 were discarded. I think that ratio was good with the considered
creatures. Two Barrow-wights were killed. Boars were too weak to play; 0/6 played. Snowlion
too was not available at 0/6. Two True Cold-drake cancelled. Winged Cold-drake played 3/9.
Wound of Long Burden was played 3/5, which is good. Rats played 4/9. Half an Eye Open
played 0/7. Lost in Wilderness played 3/7.
Alatar does not play a hazard on Fankil in Turns 17-20. Turn 23 sees True Cold-drake canceled.
Lost in Wilderness adds 5 to HL and just two more hazard played. Thorin is given HL4 but just
plays True Fire-drake to kill Shaman. Turn 24 has Ice-drake with Like the Crash of Battering
Rams keyed to Wind-deeps. Sulfur-Spawn ties strike. Muranog has Hammer of the Underworld
for a final 19 prowess.
T01-Alatar was found. All move to Lorien. Crist-i-Sulhoth was in hand. I might put that in the
sideboard to start.
T02- Galgrinic played at Lorien. Emerald of the Mariner now in hand. Some move to Rhubar,
others move to Vasaran Ahjo.
T03-All move to Tol Ringurthur. Ford is used. Fell Turtle ate using Old Thrush.
Incite and Arouse Denizens played on the site. Many Foes He Fought used twice to handle the
two attacks. Both characters wounded; no Oscar won. Cram helps ago and the rune item played.
T04-Smoke Rings shuffles The Old Thrush [may need to limit to have just two copies for one
player]. Some for to Rhubar, others to Urcheldor. Ford and FT in Wilderness again.
Mallorn-Dweller taps to face Marsh-Drake; he is killed. Slayer kills Ulvun. That hurt. Emerald of
the Mariner later played.
T05-14 MP now with 43 cards in deck = all good. Alatar and others move to Hollow Spire. An
earlier Wizard’s Flame and Risky Blow helps Galgrinic tie the AA. Wizard’s Staff found.
T06-All move or stay at Rhubar. Ford used by Alatar through six Wilderness regions. Few
creatures played on this player by the Wilderland Division.
T07-Dwalin and Cup of Farewell now at Rhubar. Others move to Gaurblog Lug with Noldolantern
in hand. This item was removed for the new deck since Under-deeps movement is a pain.
Redoubled Force and Tidings of Bold Spies kill a Many Foes He Fought Seyran on the third
T08-Mines of Falek-Dim is reached. Another Tidings of Bold Spies played killing Emissary of
the House. A Soldiers of the Dark Lord Orc Patrol is faced. Four rolls of 9,10,10,10 beats down
that creature. Noldo-lantern played.
T09-Against the Eriador Division no hazard played returning to the surface.
T10-A good 18 MP now with 9 cards in DP. Alatar moves to Thundercleft alone. Others move to
Rhubar. No hazards played. Alatar kills Khuzdrepa at Home with Old Thrush and Sacrifice of
Form. Wizard card in hand with another Old Thrush. Radagast is getting jealous of all these
T11-Alatar played at Edhellond. He moves to Lorien facing no hazards.
T12-Pitaa Kalasta, Thanes Attire, Kirruako in hand. The Man played at Rhubar. All move to
Barak Shathur but Dwalin. Trolls from the Mountains attack.
T13-Now facing Gondor Division. Move to Rusted-Deeps using Ancient Stair. Ungoliant’s Foul
Issue wounds the wizard. Kirruako played.
T14-All move or stay at Rhubar. Just one hazard event played.
T15-Mountaineer played. Two wizard cards in hand, two Risky Blow too. Many move to Mirror
T16-25 MP and 51 cards in PD. Alatar and others move to Ruins of Kheledkhizdin using Ancient
Stair. Dwarven Cunning cancels Trap attack. Thane Attire played.
Game Point: Staff Asunder. Fankil has 25 MP.
T17-Idea is to move west to play faction and maybe kill a Drake minion faction. Galgrinic has 4
CPs. Alatar and others move to Vasahan Ahjo. Miner is killed by Hurling Rocks. All are tapped
so no site phase.
T18-Six dragon hazards now in play. Lomaw Roused attacks. Alatar moves alone to Evermist to
face attacks. Pits of Angband and Old Thrush makes it 2s.10p.4b. Risky Blow kills that faction.
Ice-drakes of the Ered Úmarth roll shows no attack. That was dumb to do with low probability.
Should have attacked minions. Others moved to Canadras. Galgrinic Hammer played.
T19-Fram, Raudabem, Berninga in hand with MFHF, Risky Blow and Old Thrush in hand too.
Galgrinic now has 5 CP. Raudabern played at Evermist. All move to Ligr Wodaize Berne. Few
hazards played. Alatar fails influence attempt with Angmarim and Orc faction in play.
T20-At this point I want Fram to be played to use a weapon to kill dragons and to have Alatar
CvCC minions. Galgrinic now has 7 CP thanks to Cursed Spell-bead. Cards played to reduce that
amount. Some move to Framsburg. Alatar and others move to Norr-um. Corlagon Ahunt attacks
Alatar. Galgrinic fails on defeated strike body check. Itangast then played. MFHF Alatar uses Old
Thrush to tie one strike; attack had 4 body. Corlagon ahunt now attacks Pitta Kalasta and
Mountaineer. Pitaa Kalasta wounded. Shifting Paths sends them to Mount Gundabad. Deck 2
T21-34MP, PD83. Alatar and others move to Gondmaeglom. Vanha moves to Celebannon to
help the others, who move to Framsburg. Corlagon ahunt is still in play. MFHF Alatar kills it.
Wild Fell Beast taps Alatar. Ta-Fa-Lisch kills Mountaineer and discards Noldo-lantern.
T22-Snowstorm prevents Alatar to CvCC Fankil. Alatar stays. Fram played; he goes with Pitaa
Kalasta to Ovir Hollow where Bairanax is at Home. Doors of Night and Fell Winter played.
Chocking Shadow played on Scatha at Home attack. Fram attacks Bairanax at Home, rolls the
value equal to the body check. 1s14p6b. Alatar defeats his Scatha at Home strike. Raudabern ties.
Agent Lomelinde attacks Alatar, tie rolls.
T23-Alatar and Raudebern moves to Gold Hill. Fram and Pitaa Kalasta move to Gold Hill.
Vanha uses Marvels Told to discard Itangast ahunt. The Hunt kills Snow-Troll. Doors of Night
and From the Pits of Angband played. Vanha moves to Gold Hill. Withered Hearth makes it 4 W.
Lassaraukar played to wound her. Smaug’s minions are at Gold Hill. Vanha and Gisulf are killed.
T24-Fram and Raudabern move to Ovir Hollow. Alatar stays. Lomelinde is moved to Gold Hill.
Baduila is at Ovir Hollow; he sends others back to site of origin. Alatar uses Old Thrush, Potion
of Prowess, MFHF, and Staff Asunder to kill Itangast at Home with 22 & 19 rolls. Lomelinde
attacks with a 2 roll. Killed by Pitaa’s 5 modified prowess
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