775-play Evermist

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775-play Evermist

Post by dirhaval » Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:18 am

The deck went almost as planned. A pile of 31 MPs were gained. More corruption checks were
made in 24 turns than uninvited guests at a Hobbit birthday party. Company formation and
palantir use worked as planned. Small companies burden with corruption point was tough game
play in the last turns. Three Tears oF Yavanna stored; two on last turn. Durlach’s new deck will
have him mobile more on the surface, so this is a threat to this player.
Canadras Roused attack on Turn 4. Riddling Talk with Wit cancelled the attack by naming the
avatar card. Saw Further and Deeper played on Turn 6. Nestador never left Evermist after Turn
10. Heledwen had to be careful with corruption burden in the same company as Morvran.
These are the turns the following items were used:
Pipe t02 t04 t08 t10 t15 t19
torque t06 t07 t13 t16 t19
Torque cancelled: Orc Battalion, Troll AA modified by Redoubled Force & Quiet Lands, AA at
Orod Certhas, Ruffians, Giant.
Palantir tapped to: discard The Moon is Dead, discard Ungolaint’s Foul Issue, discard Full of
Froth and Rage x2, fetch Memories Recalled, discard Near to Hear of Whisper, discard
Monstrosity of Diverse Shapes, discard Many Shapes of Power and Fear, discard Spider of the
Morlat, view opponent’s hand, discard Doors of Night x2, discard Lure of Expedience, discard
Bonds of Winter, discard Lure of Power, discard From the Pits of Angband.
Two characters were killed. Roin was killed by Jaaainen early in the game. Karhunkäsi was
killed by facing two strikes. Only nine creatures were faced in the first 16 turns. Riddling Talk
was kept in hand often to handle attacks. Yet, more creatures will leave all tapped character when
the site phase starts. This is the weakness of the player. This player faced 17 creatures out of 75
24 hazards were played on Durlach, which is acceptable. A few trophies were given to Durlach in
last few turns. The Way is Shut was played twice and discarded twice via Voices of Malice at
that same time. By this time, Durlach can only be slowed since characters are boosted enough to
make one game into three (hint hint Peter Jackson). Twelve sites were tapped and another four
used. That was good. Amon Anlug was used twice with Not at Home in the deck.
A good amount of 84 hazards were played by this player including 13 agent actions.
This player was one of the few that exhausted thrice. That was amazing with shuffling 22 cards
into the first deck, yet still had 9.8 cards drawn per turn. Pipe was a major reason for the high
count. Deck Two shuffled just six cards while drawing 12 cards per turn. Deck Three was better
drawing 14 cards per turn and shuffling 12. A cause for the high cards draws is having an Underdeeps
opponent for the last four turns. Near the end of the game, this player had to draw cards so
to have Vision Path in hand. Fast card drawing made this blockage possible when Turn 20
occurred, the second deck exhausted two turns earlier. This means to maybe delay playing
factions to begin playing Vision Path earlier. I think only two turns started with no resources in
hand that tap a site. Yet, moving to Evermist was a wise move instead of playing a resource.
All the MP cards in the playdeck were played, but Aerfaroth. Keeper of the Lodge was drawn 3x
yet not played until drawn early in the second deck. The delay was from Nestador not being at
Evermist and knowing more copies were there to be drawn. This to me may allow Los’pindel to
start instead of Nestador. That extra mind in the starting pool then may replace Roin with
Shipwright, but I want a non-Elf at Evermist using Pipe.
Many Turns and Doublings played 6/7, Smoke Ringed x1. It cancelled Ei Missa AA, Shoreless
Isle AA, White Wolves x2, Lesinavi, Achrond AA.
Warm Now Be Heart and Limb never played. I might remove it for another card, which is not
used in any deck. Healing was helped with Hall of Fire.
New Friendship played 7/7. Two helped with the Council corruption checks. It helped pass two
Torque of Hues and One spell bead corruption check. Two uses were for influence attempts, but
were not a factor in success.
Rays of Helecthil played 3/9. Having Doors of Night in play was the issue. This Northern Waste
Division of heroes only had two copies of Gates of Morning in the four decks. Thus, this
resource was removed for the updated deck.
Not at Home played 4/5. It cancelled AA at Amon Anlug x3 and Pendrath na-Udûn. The new
deck includes visiting Eithel Morgoth for riddling.
Quiet Lands played 4/7. Played on Canadras, Bernastath, Kylmatalo, Shoreless Isles.
Riddling Talk played 4/9 and Wit 3/8. Wit needed twice to have success. Secret News is
Skis and Furcoats was useful, but two copies may be too much.
Lossoth was never played due to trouble getting the DI to pass.
Far-sight was just played once. But I like it to be in the sideboard for the third deck just in case.
Helecthil Light of the North played 2/5. I rather it would have been more useful.
Glad to see many hazards used by this player. Lure of Nature played 9/9.
Snow in the Mountains played 2/4 and not until the Warlord decks. Snow Blindness played 2/5
and not until Warlord Phase. Worm’s Stench just 1/5.
White Vision played 0/3. Death Wind played 2/4. Glance of Arien played 1/3. Fled into darkness
played 1/5. Just need two copies not three for updated deck.
7 creatures killed. 2/3 Crebain killed. Both Lossadan Hunters killed on first play during Warlord
Phase. Lossandamundar played 2/6, one killed. Marsh Drake played 5/5 with one killed.
Nameless Thing played 4/5. Rain-drake played 4/5. Snow-elves played 5/6. Canadras at Home
killed by Gandalf.
TURN 01-Facing Harad Division. Lossidil is only in hand, so all move to Helloth. Foolish
Words played on Nesador. Heledwen makes the check using Horn of Anor and New Friendship
for 18 result.
TURN 02-Helechoth in hand. All move to Hyvät Kalat. Agent Punakasi turned face up at site to
play Lesinavia. MTaD cancels. A 3 roll fails attempt.
TURN03-Nothing in hand. All move to Evermist. Jaanainen killed Roin.
TURN04- Canadras Roused in play. Striuk'ir is played at Evermist. Some move to Ei Missa.
Arouse Denizens and Awaken Denizens played but MTaD cancels. Torque of Hues fetched by
First four turns are good with lack of faced creatures. Lucky to have cancellers in hand.
TURN05- Facing Wilderland Division. Karvainen played at Evermist. Marin+Karvainen stay.
Others move to Pendrath na-Udûn. Riddling Talk and Wit cancels Canadras Roused attack. Not
at Home cancels AA to play Torque of Hues.
TURN06-Palantir in hand. Many move to Kylmatalo. Torque of Hues cancels Orc Battalion.
Orc-Guard kills Karhunkasi. Karvainen kills Orc Warriors. No site phase with tapped characters.
TURN07-All stay. No hazards faced. Quiet Lands played. Palantir played.
TURN08-Great Seagull, Aerfaroth, Elves of Evermist, WIKA in hand. All move to Evermist.
TURN09-Facing Eriador Division.
Some move to Linnarthurras. WIKA, Lost Tome, and Great Seagull played. Faced no attacks this
turn. A lucky turn.
TURN10-Align Palantir in hand. Played. All move to Evermist. Lossandamundar played. Just
two stay untapped.
TURN11-Morvran played. Move to Amon Anlug for Greater Spell Bead. Not at Home used.
Lost Tome played the rune item. A creature would of tapped the two characters. Not at Home not
in hand to start turn.
TURN12-Move to Pieni Satama and Orod Certhas. No creatures played. Stealth played. Greater
Spell Bead, New friendship gives result of 17 for faction.
Things going great. Lucky for lack of creatures.
TURN13-Facing Gondor Division. Stay or Move to Orod Certhas. White Wolves cancelled by
MTaD. Torque of Hues handles AA for Minor Spell Bead.
TURN14-Some move to Hyvat Kalat. Thief attacks, but Riddling Talk and Wit cancels. Secret
News was played earlier. Helechoth played on a result of 13 using rune item.
TURN15-Far Sight, Not at Home, Secret News, Kenwe in hand. Some move to Vasaran Ahjo.
Land Reborn played with Radagast at same site.
TURN16-Lospindel played at home site. Some move to Shoreless Isles. Quiet Lands played.
Ruffians played. ToH cancels. Site not entered with Lospindel with 2 CP. Tear of Yavanna has 3
CP. Morvran in company too. Despair of the Heart is on Heledwen with Torque of Hues. So no
enter for risk of wounds.
Warlord phase ends. Tear of Yavanna in hand with Vision Path in play. 28 MP and 25 cards in
playdeck. So looking good.
TURN17-Morvran and Heledwen move to Helloth. Others stay. No creatures played. MTaD
cancels Shoreless Isles AA. Vision Path inverted.
TURN18-All move to Amon Anlug. Ningarach cancelled by Great Seagull with home of Pits of
Angand. Not at Home cancels. Tear of Yavanna played.
TURN19-All move to Evermist. Gaint played. Torque of Hues cancels. King Spider played;
MTaD cancels. Ice-Drake factions cannot find the heroes.
[Every turn I think: “Two of the right creatures will destroy these characters.”]
TURN20-Tear of Yavanna in hand. Some move to Lossadan Camp, others to Helloth to draw
cards, others to Leiri. Smoke Rings shuffles Vision Path. Pipe is great! No wonder it is called
Evermist. Fell Winter played. No creatures.
TURN21-Vision Path played. Many move to Kylmatalo. Lossadan Hunters played. Cardolanian
Whalers played. A lucky use of palantir to peek at hand allows Riddling Talk to reduce HL.
Snowstorm was next to be played. It is played on last company sending back to origin. Vision
Path inverted at Amon Anlug.
TURN22-Stealth used. Move to Bernastath or Maglgolodh’s Cave. Skis and Furcoats handles
Long Winter. White Wolves attack, MTaD. Vision Path inverted.
TURN23-Two Tears of Yavanna in hand with MTaD, Wit, and Riddling Talk x2. Some move to
Canadras, others to Achrond. Bonds of Winter and Death Wind played. Inverted Vision Path
discarded to play Tear of Yavanna. Other Tear of Yavanna played at Archond.
TURN24-All move to Evermist. White Wolves played wounding Lospindel. Snow Elves taps
Heledwen. Jaanainen wounds Morvran.
Many CC rolls made for Council Checks. Two New Friendship helps.
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