782-play Thorin

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782-play Thorin

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This avatar gained 30 MPs en route towards King Under the Mountain and playing Returned Exiles. That faction was discarded upon hearing News of Doom. Two dragons (9 MP) were killed, but only 2 MPs counted. One Game Point was earned selecting Mining Settlement. It was nice having a Lordhaven in the Grey Mountains in case Throkmaw (now Lomaw) may be a Power Deck player. A Merrier World will be a Game Point card. Only one CvCC was given to Smaug the Golden, but a magic ring cancelled that attempt. Thus, a better method is needed to move long distance to surprise CvCC. Therefore, We Must Away and Cram in the new deck can reach Northern Rhovanion from Forochel or Arthedain. That is why Lord Thorin now uses four sites in those two regions.
Wormsbane was played at Mornost after a Burglary. Next turn, Arkenstone was found at Thilgon’s Tomb. Movement east of the Misty Mountains commenced on Turn 17. The deck exhausted on Turn 19 to allow KUTM+RExiles+NSaTT to be in hand. Those three played on Turn 18 after killing Angurth at Home.
Six characters were killed. Dori was killed by Thilgon’s Tomb AA. Advisor was taken captive.
Sancho Proudfoot was slow and roasted by Daelomin Roused. Mountaineer killed by Thunder’s Companion after being wounded by Fell-Bear. Milo Burrows was wounded by a Dragon ally of Smaug, then killed by Lesser Spiders. No wounds would of tie strike’s prowess. Besides a small, weak company at a Lordhaven for many turns, only 9 turns had the avatar at a Lordhaven. Characters were wounded 12x.
19 creatures were faced in the first 16 turns. Riddling Talk was kept in hand often to handle attacks. Yet, more creatures will leave all tapped character when the site phase starts. This is the weakness of the player. This player faced 24 creatures out of 77 hazards. The Eriadorian Division played 22 hazards in Turns 9-12. One creature played in first six turns.
22 hazards were played on Smaug, which is acceptable. Only three creatures killed. Dwarven War Party killed by a company with a 11 prowess troll with Hammer of the Underworld.
Here is a nice play against Smaug on Turn 17 getting Foes Shall Fall in play against Smaug; later kills Mountaineer.
HL4, Thorin keys Cave Worm to Withered Hearth. Layos taps to play Ruse to cancel.
Thorin in CHAIN plays Dragon’s Terror, using Bring Our Curses Home, on Layos, 7roll= taps.
Mountaineer faces strike/attack; Foes Shall Fall played. Bc.8=alive.
Dragon’s Sleep stalled Smaug for a turn. Itangast ahunt played on Turn 23. Crept Along Cleverly cancels – would of wounded at least 3 of 4 minions. Itangast himself was played; Ruse cancels.
A low amount of 48 hazards were played by this player. Lord Dain was 49. Hazards were changed to have faster cards to play.
This player had 46 cards in his third deck upon exhaustion. It took 11 turns to exhaust the first
deck. Heavy use of On-guard should change that to Turn 9. Second deck exhausted on Turn 20. On-guard should change that to Turn 18. First deck shuffled 10 cards and drew 8.6 per turn. Second deck shuffled 9 and drew 12 per turn. Third deck shuffled two and drew 8.6 per turn.
12 sites were tapped. Legendary Hoard was not used. Irerock and Caves of Ulund were used twice due to expired wyrms.
Original hazards in the playdeck were drawn 90x. Only half were played. That is a bad ratio. However, use of On-guard against every company should get the right cards in hand on the last two turns to kill a Dragon-lord.
All the ten main resource cards (item, faction, MP events, allies) were played in the first ten turns. Healing Herbs and Cram in the playdeck played and used once. Cram in sideboard never played since Mathom Lore was never played.
Dragon’s Hunger played 2/8. Should keep the dead dragons in deck to use this resource.
Marvels Told played 9/10 and Smoke Ringed x1. Attack-enhanced hazards were the most targets.
Riddling Talk played 5/7, failed 2x both against Spiders. With used 3/6.
There's Queer Folk About played 5/8.
Fast Asleep played 4/7. Twice for Burglary and twice on AA that kept hobbits unwounded.
Roäc the Raven was never played.
Great Cup of Thror never used for Burglary, but its DI bonus not useful until Warlord Phase.
Mathom Lore never played.
Risky Blow played 4/4 and Smoke Ringed x1. It helped killed once creature, but another user was wounded.
The Dwarves Are upon You! Played 5/6. It helped kill one Dragon hazard.
Far-Sight not used.
Master of Esgaroth used twice.
Forodwaith played 0/5.
Last 8 turns against Smaug resulted in only two companies having Thorin use all of the hazard limit for his hazards; that is poor.
Cave-drake played 5/6 and one killed.
Cave Worm played 2/4.
True FD played 4/8.
Winged FD played 4/7.
Dwarven War Party played 3oo4 (out of), killed, AUOutpost x1.
Dwarven Travelers played 1/1.
Dragon Hunters played 1/9. Very Disappointed.
Corlagon played 1oo2, cancelled.
Itangast played 1/3.
Angurth played 0/2.
Itangast played 1oo2.
Foes Shall Fall played 2/8.
Dragon’s Terror played 2/8.
Wyrmsiege played 1oo3.
Dragon’s Breath played 2/8.
Dragon’s Blood played 1/8.
Bring Our Curses Home played 1/6.
Dragon's Desolation played 0/7.
My Breath Death played 1oo3.
T01-Facing Harad Division. Khazad Shathur in hand. Avatar is played. Marvels Told removes Ando-anca at Home. Thorin, Milo, Nori, AttackLord move to Goblin-Gate. Advisor and Bilbo stay. Handles Tidings of Bold Spies. Helmet is played. Smoke Rings shuffles Marvels Told.
T02-Slow cards in hand (Dragon’s Breath, Foes Shall Fall). Return to Blue MDH. Call of the Desert played on avatar.
T03-red Book in hand. Dori played. Move to Bag End. My Precious now at Bag End. Book played, but My Precious does not attack.
T04-Dwarven Axe, WIKA in hand. Things going well. Thorin moves to The Worthy Hills. Attack Lord moves to Lossadan Camp on the way to Celeb-Ost. Awaken Denizens in play.
T05-Facing Wilderland Division. Thorin stays. Others move to Celeb-Ost. Next time, stay in Eriador. Advisor plays WIKA and Bilbo Ruddy Varmint at Weatherop. Milo burglarizes using Fast Asleep the site for Dwarven Axe.
T06-Move to Blue MDH or Iron Hill DH. Only has Grasping and Ungracious played.
T07-Forgotten Scroll in hand. Thorin stays. Others move to Vasaran Ahjo. King-Spider is killed; Milo rolls 8. Giant Spiders faced with Riddling Talk and Wit = fail. Creature killed.
T08-Great Cup of Thror in hand. Next game, play it at Gondring’s Lair. Thorin moves to Zarak Dum. Faces Orc-Watch. Success with Riddling Talk, but card guess is wrong. Thorin is wounded by taking two strikes. Scorba was killed last turn. No AA. Bilbo plays cup and Advisor plays scrolls. AttackLord influences Umli Traders.
Great start. 14 MP and 21 cards in PD; should be 5 if using on-guard.
T09-Facing Eriador Division. Cram in hand. All move to Blue MDH. Dragon’s Hunger cancels Rain-drake.
T10-Arkenstone in hand. Some move to Eldanar. Wild Trolls played; Mountaineer faces both strikes and is wounded. Hermit Troll attacks during site phase. Milo is wounded. Cram is played.
Block is being used each of the last few turns.
T11-Frerin is played with Trusted Counsellor. Thorin moves to Blue MDH. Frerin moves to Mornost to play Wormsbane. Glutan attacks and is killed. Sellswords Between Charter handled.
Deck exhausts. HL5 moving to Lordhaven. Angmarim Tribesman takes Milo ransom at Mount Gram. Lawless Men takes Advisor ransom at Morkai. Bilbo burglarizes using Fast Asleep.
Elrond Half-elven rescues Milo.
T12-All move to Thilgon’s Tomb. Half-trolls attack, TDAUY kills it. Drowning Seas discards Scabbard. Reef sends to site of origin.
T13-Facing Gondor Division. Frerin stays. Thorin moves again to Thilgon’s Tomb. Seized by Terror sends Nori home. Dori is killed by AA. Bilbo plays Arkenstone.
T14-Thorin moves to Thaurung for HoTLB. Chill Douser boosted by DON+PoW. Marvels Told discards PoW. No one wounded. Ghouls wounds Ruddy Varmint; no roll fewer than 7, but Thorin’s roll. Ghouls again attack. Milo is wounded. Ruddy Varmint killed. Pale Dream-maker played on Milo.
T15-Sancho in hand. Thorin moves to Sackville. Pick-Pocket boosted by RUR. Riddling Talk, Wit, and There’s Queer Folk About cancels attack.
T16-Sancho played. Some move to Blue MDH and others move to Thaurung.
Stirring Bones almost killed, but Bilbo ties. Mewlips is killed with Bilbo rolling 10. Thorin plays HoTLB.
One Game Point selects Mining Settlement.
19 MP and 22 cards in playdeck is healthy.
T17-Frerin moves to Hyvat Kalat then to Numerorean Tomb using Master of Esgaroth. Thorin moves to Numerorean Tomb. The Reek taps Milo and Sancho. White Wolves is killed. Lassaraukar almost killed.
T18- 7 cards in PD. KUTM and Returned Exiles shuffled. All move to Long Peak. Daelomin Roused and Angurth at Home in play. No cards in hand after use of Riddling Talk and Wit. Dragon’s Hunger cancels Roused. At Home killed. KUTM, RExiles, NSATT played.
Deck exhausts, but Mining Settlement is too late to play. Vulnerable to cvcc now.
Disciple, Rain-drake ally, Northman, Judge, and Grimson CvCC.
Rain-drake, Northman are killed. Bilbo, Milo, Judge wounded.
T19-Some stay. Thorin moves to Lake-town to meet Smaug. He is tapped. Faces no hazard.
Smaug has Agburanar at Home Beaten into Submission. Both tapped, but Wide Awake untaps Smaug. Smaug wounds Milo. Thorin kills the cold-drake. HTLB kills the at Home hazard.
T20-Thorin stays. Bilbo moves to Iron Hills. Fear of Kin is played on Thorin. Fell-Bear attacks Bilbo’s company. Mountaineer is wounded. Thunder’s Companion kills Mountaineer. HOTLB is played on Thorin. He has 3 CP now.
T21-Wormsbane stored. Thorin stays. Others stay. Ordered to Kill forces Woffung attacks and is wounded. Fori is forced to attack and is wounded.
T22-WIKA in hand. All move to Nan Morsereg. Giant Spiders is not cancelled by Riddling Talk. Nori is wounded. Lesser Spiders kills Milo. Bilbo plays WIKA.
[go to Lonely Mountain to combat Smaug; ring will cancel attack. But Lord Dain will attack him too hoping to wound that ringbearer. Then Turn 24 will bring dragon burgers. This will happen due to having Smaug creature hazards is worse than Throkmaw hazards for the power deck.]
All move to Lonely Mountain. No hazards or CvCC.
T24-Bilbo moves to Iron Hill DH to avoid combat. No hazards played. Thorin, Nori, Frerin, AttackLord combat Smaug, Advisor, Disciple, Grimson, Layos, Northman, Gergeli.
The Dwarves Are upon You! Played. AttackLord taps to give +1 prowess to dwarves.
Grimson taps ring to cancel attack.
full game notes with stats and result notes.
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