783-play Dain

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783-play Dain

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This player gained 36 MP, killed three wyrms, but did not play many hazards. Several characters
were killed. Three CvCC were initiated yielded killing one and wounded two of Thromkaw’s
minions. No attempt was made on the Dragon-lord with his threat of canceling using a resource.
Corruption was a problem with many transfers. Without a Glance of Longing added to the
revised deck. A descent amount of sites were tapped. Stage points were not a burden. Card draw
was average. There were 35 moving companies or 1.5 per turn. Every two turns, one company
stayed. The game ended with 46 cards in the playdeck. I think I can exhaust a third given faster
hazards and more risky moves just to draw cards. It was nice facing the Harad division first.
It was nice killing the dragons. Ando-anca was killed during Turn 24. Leucaruth killed during
Turn 20. Scorba was killed unexpectedly during Turn 7.
Six characters were killed. Low body and high prowess attacks will do that. Mountaineer killed
by Orc-Lieutanent with Fury of the Iron Crown. Miner killed by two strikes. King’s Judge eaten
by Steel Fall AA. Pathfinder eaten by Daelomin Roused. Advisor is killed by agent. Eight
dwarves were wounded and not killed. No body enhancements starved off death.
14 creatures faced in first 16 turns, then 3 in the last eight turns. 7 dragon AAs were faced and 10
other dragon attacks were faced. The only METD dragon-enhancer event used was Fever of
Unrest. 27 hazards were agent related. 42 hazards were events out of 86.
Each mega-turn (4 turns) faced no fewer than 11 hazards.
37 hazards were played by Lord Dain – 10 on Throkmaw. Only one creature killed.
First deck exhausted on Turn 11, but Turn 9 started with 18 in the playdeck. Second deck
exhaust on Turn 20. Turn 18 started with 31. 12 non-Lordhaven sites were tapped. No problem
existed with disappeared hoard sites.
All the starting main resources were played in the first deck except: Cram not until third deck,
Ironfits in second deck.
Dragon-feuds played 3/8.
Get You Gone played 2/7, Smoked x1.
Lucky Strike played 6/7.
Marvels Told played 6/6.
Sated Beast played 1/5.
Washed and Refreshed played 2/7.
Songs of Old played 2/4.
A Friend or Three played 4/5.
The Dwarves Are Upon You played 2/2.
Roac never played. Sideboard Ebony Arrows never played.
Original hazards in the playdeck were drawn 90x. Only 36 were played. That is a very bad ratio.
Dragon-hunters played 1oo4 and killed.
Expert Treasure-hunter played 0/7.
Orc-Watch drawn 7x, played 2x, Frenzy of Madness x3.
Orc-Guard. Played 4/7.
Wild Fell Beast played 0/5.
Agburanar played 2/2. with FoM played on Court of Ardor tapping one character.
Agburanar with DD and cancelled.
Daelomin played 2/2. Played with Dragon’s Desolation on Court of Ardor wounding one.
Daelomin played on Uvatha using Dragon’s Desolation; Ruse cancels.
Gostir played 1oo2. with FoM played on Throkmaw, but cancelled.
Choking Shadows played 1/6.
Dragon’s Desolation played 5/8.
Rumor of Wealth played 3/7.
Prowess of Age played 1/5.
Frenzy of Madness played 3/7.
Wings Under Trees played 0/1.
Dragon’s Curse played 0/4.
At Their Throats played 0/2.
Riches Gathered played 1oo2,
T01-Facing Harad division. Face 14 hazards in these four turns. Avatar is played at home site.
Enruned Shield in hand; some move to Caves of Ulund. Gnaw with Words taps Dain. Another
taps NsoG. Lucky Strike keeps a dwarf unwounded. Okay, noticed an error. Character ate cram
to play free minor item. Item must be played immediately. I know; a bit hasty.
T02-HoSilver in hand. Son of Dain played. Shield transferred tapping supporting characters.
Washed and Refreshed is played untapping three characters. Move to Thundercleft. Tidings of
Bold Spies wounds Mountaineer. Habergeon of Silver played.
T03-All move or stay at Iron Hills. Nothing special for hazards. IH faction played.
T04-Move to Nurunkhizdin but nothing to play. Move to draw cards.
T05-Facing Wilderland Division. Face 17 hazards in these four turns. Dragon-fueds is played.
Dain and others move to Tower of the Wolf-friend. Others stay. Dain faces Huron and taps
Miner. Dain faces Hobgoblins and killed. Doors of Night in play. Felagrog had waiting Scatha
with Prowess of Might.
T06-Dain stays. Others move to Lar-huz from the dwarf-hold to play Dwarven Axe. Dain goes
first. Felagrog plays Prowess of Might, then Scatha from Summons from Long Sleep.
Scatha.3s15p9b (SFLS+PM=3s19p11b). Dain (D) taps to play Get You Gone to cancel unique
non-agent hazard-dragon creature. Nain is the other moving company. Hobgoblins get by with a
tie. Orc-Lieutenant is parried with Enruned Shield. Another copy has Fury of the Iron Crown.
Mountaineer is killed. Miner is killed facing two strikes of ToWF AA. Advisor taps to play
T07-Nain stays. Dain moves to Irerock. Felagrog plays Rumor of Wealth on Lar-huz. Mouth
plays Orc-patrol on Dain. One tie. After playing Dwarven Axe Scorba whiffs treasure.
Nain taps to play Dwarven Axe tapping the site. Felagrog plays Scorba using Rumor of Wealth.
Scorba, dragon.3s12p8b, attacker. Strength from the Ered Engrin now 2s.11p7b.
Arrows Shorn of Ebony discarded against Stonehelm’s strike; he plays Lucky Strike.
[this was discovered later to be invalid use of the minor item since the event keys the creature to
the site]
Stonehelm tapped, 4p-1t+1arrow+7/8roll=12, bc. 8+2arrow-7=3>0, defeated.
Nain tapped, 4p+3wp+1card-1t+6roll=13. No bc using arrows = dead dragon! Discard SftEE.
Dain enters Irerock and plays Bow of Dragon-horn.
T08-All move to Iron Hills DH. Only Stormcrow played.
T09-Eriadorian Division faced. 13 hazards faced. King’s Judge played. Dain and Nain move to
The Wind Throne; others stay. Dain faces Angurth ahunt. Bow of Dragon-horn and Ebony
Arrows almost kill with first strike tied.
T10-Dragon-lroe, Reforging and Adamant Helmet in hand. Dain stays. Stonehelm moves to
Nurunkhizdin. Advisor kills Land-drake. Nain plays Dragon-lore and Dain Thror’s Map at The
Wind Throne.
T11-Deck with 4 cards in PD. Two Songs of Old in hand. Son of Nain played. All move to Iron
Hill DH. Rain-drake is killed by Galar/Tupor.
T12-Scabbard of Chalcedony in hand. Many tap to transfer items. No move.
T13-Gondor Division faced. 14 hazards faced. Dain, Judge, Nain, Galar move to Steel Fall. Chill
Douser gives no damage. Ullis agent reaches Barak Shathur. Stonehelm, Advisor, Nali move to
Barak Shathûr. King’s Judge killed by Steel Fall AA. Songs of Old fetches Horn of Defiance.
Scabbard of Chalcedony played as minor item.
T14-no good site resources in hand. Move back to Iron Hills. No hazards faced. Reforging placed
on Horn of Defiance.
T15-Items transferred. Dain moves to Caves of Ulund. Others move to Rhubar. Ice-Giant is
killed by a Lucky Strike Nali. Galar is wounded by AA of the Lair.
agburanar at home
Unique. Unless Agburanar Ahunt is in play, Caves of Ûlund has an additional automatic-attack:
Dragon-2 strikes at 16/9. In addition, one unique Dragon manifestation played against each
company does not count against the hazard limit.
(x1 = 3s17p9b) (Pits+SEE = 1s15p7b)
The Dwarves Are Upon You and Lucky Strike are played
Dain, u, 6p+1.card+2.res+5/4rolls = 14, wounded. Bc.5+1=6, alive
Vaal Gark attacks as agent moved all the way from Vamag. Enruned Shield cancels strike. Dain
plays Valiant Sword. Rhubar entered. Gimli plays Elf-friend.
T16-Turns starts with Throkmaw’s minions also at Caves of Ûlund. They came to play Dragonscales.
All move to Lordhaven of Iron Hills. Dain faces Ruffians. Mountaineer is killed.
Stonehelm faces no creatures. Many items stored to avoid transfer corruption checks.
Warlord phase starts with 24 MP and 46 cards in PD.
T17-Pathfinder is played. Dain and others stay. Others move to Long Peak. Stonehelm moving
faces Hurling Rocks. Daelomin Roused attacks with its two strikes (Pits of Angband)
Galar/Tupor is wounded. Baduila turns company back.
T18-Floi is played.Dain moves to Nurunkhizdin. Daelomin Roused attacks. More Alert Than
Most and Pits of Angband changes it to 1s12p7b. Pathfinder is killed. Mining Settlement is
played on the free-hold.
T19-King Vidugavia kills Daelomin Roused on his turn 18. Advisor is played at the free-hold.
Stonehelm moves to Ovir Hollow. Others stay. Dain faces no creatures. Stonehelm the same.
Ironfists is played. Dain needed everybit of six characters with A Friend or Three. Bairanax at
Home is faced just to kill. Pits+SSE turns it to 1s13p5b. Gimli with Lucky Strike and Dwarven
Axe tie.
T20-Other faction in hand. Dain moves to Iron Hills. Stonehelm moves to Kala Dulakurth to
CvCC. Stonehelm moves through 3 SLs to hide from creatures! Dain faces Fever of Unrest
Leucaruth. Pits+SSE=1s14p6b. Dain rolls 15 for prowess and 11 for body to kill. Iron Hills
Dwarves played. CvCC vs. Thorkmaw’s minions. Stonehelm is wounded. Orc of the Claw killed.
T21-HoTLB in hand. Stonehelm moves to Mathlaburg for Cram. Dain moves to Dancing Spire.
Stonehelm faces Corlagon. Pits+SEE makes it 1s7p4b. Dragon-feuds were played earlier. A
drake is discarded to cancel this attack so to keep SEE in play for another dragon. Hibernating
Troll is near Dancing Spire. Enruned Shield handled it. Om-buri-Om agent attack is becomes
wounded. Dragon-lore is used to fetch Magical Harp. Dain plays HoTLB.
T22-no main resources in hand. This is nice so to focus on CvCC. Dain moves to Kala
Dulakurth. Stonehelm moves to Iron Hills DH. Dain faces Were-wolf. Stonehelm nothing.
CvCC again with Thorkmaw’s minions. Durba wounded. Urdak wounded. Two other fights tie.
T23-Dain moves to Gondmaeglom. Others stay. Sudden Fury played on that Lair. Lomelinde
attacks with 3 strikes. Advisor is killed. Agent is wounded. Nali ties.
T24-All move to The Lonely Mountain. Ando-anca attack. Pits+SEE makes it 1s11p4b. Dain
kills it. Ruse is used to cancel CvCC.
game notes and stats after full game.
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