791-play Denethor

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791-play Denethor

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This player played The White Tree and five factions. Support was given for those visiting
Mordor. Many characters were killed gaining 27 MPs. Two companies could move once Turn 9
was reached. My grade is acceptable for these results. The avatar was played on Turn 3. The
palantir used 8x, but just twice until Turn 16. Three CvCC were initiated and two defended.
There were about 36 moving companies. The avatar did not move until Turn 13 to Cair Andros.
Turn 15 was moving the avatar to Cirith Ungol. Overall, I felt this player was ineffective once
many characters were killed.
Five factions were played and none entered battle or moved. Mordor was entered on Turn 13 and
Turn 21. Faramir and Theoden King failed in Mordor to support Saruman. That resulted in Lord
Denethor visiting Cirith Ungol. Faramir and Beregond were attacked by Uvatha the Ringwraith.
Beregond was killed. Lord Denethor never faced a strike in CvCC. It was frustrating with many 7
body characters; I was worried that death was near to them when crossing the Anduin.
The avatar was in play for 22 turns: 8x accessed sideboard, 8x tap to use palantir, x1 play item,
2x tap to remove hazard, 2x for combat. 3 turns no tapping. 2 turns not at a Lordhaven.
Nine characters were killed. Dervorin was killed by Tidings of Bold Spies from Nurniag Camp.
Hirluin the Fair later died at that site facing two strikes from the AA. Beregond killed in CvCC.
Forlong killed by Ghosts, already wounded. Bergil killed too by Ghosts. Mablung killed that
same turn from Mewlips. Angbor and Hirgon killed in CvCC. Ingold was taken captive and
found to be No Better Use at Mountains of Mirkwood.
6 creatures faced in first 16 turns, then 6 in the last eight turns. 12 hazards were agent actions.
Thus 53 hazards were events. 3 of the first 11 turns provided one or no effective hazards played
against Denethor. For example, New Moon is effective, but not Doors of Night or Inner Cunning.
This meant that it was common to have untapped characters to start the site phase.
67 hazards were played by Denethor – 21 on Hoarmurath.
First deck exhausted on Turn 10, but Turn 9 started with 20 in the playdeck. Second deck
exhaust on Turn 19. 7 non-Lordhaven sites were tapped.
Beacon of Gondor, played on Turn 10.
Clad for War, never played.
Son of Ecthelion, played Turn 15
Truesight of Numenor, played Turn 16
The House of Mardil, start
Captain of the Tower Guard, played Turn 23
Captain of the Royal Rangers, start
Palantír of Minas Tirith(H), played on Turn 3.Used T04, 10, 16,17, 18, 21,23,24
The Mithril-coat(H), never played.
Gulthalion, never played.
Gold Belt of Lórien, played on Turn 8.
sapling of the white tree, played on Turn 10.
athelas, played on Turn 10.
Cram, played on Turn 2, used on Turn 13.
dagger of westernesse, start
healing herbs, start, used Turn 13.
Horn of Anor, start
Men of Lamedon, played on Turn 2.
Men of Lebennin, played on Turn 9; agent discarded on Turn 14.
Men of Anórien, played on Turn 15.
Tower Guard of Minas Tirith, played on Turn 20.
Garrison at Cair Andros, played on Turn 1.
Men of Lossarnach, played on Turn 1.
Rangers of Ithilien, played on Turn 9 after LBLeaf on Turn 9.
When I Know Anything, never played.
Barrow-Blade, played on Turn 5.
No Strangers At This Time, played on Turn 9 after LBLeaf on Turn 8.
Window of the Sunset, played on Turn 10 after LBLeaf on Turn 9.
Concealed Entrance, played on Turn 10 after LBLeaf on Turn 9.
War Preparations, played 1/5.
Tower of Ecthelion, played on Turn 9
The White Tree, played on Turn 23
Spies Feared, never played
Gates of Morning, played 8/8; smoked 2x.
Echo of All Joy, played 1/4.
Keeping the Good Faith, played 1/5.
Rammas Pelennor, played on Turn 15
Steward of Gondor, never played.
Captains of the West, played on Turn 13.
Moon, played 4/6.
No Enemy Dare Contest, played 2/4.
Muster, played 1/7.
Many Foes He Fought, played 4/7.
Town Guard, played 0/4.
Marvels Told, played 8/8.
Fair Travels in Free-Domains, played 3/7.
The Sun Unveiled, played 0/6.
I Know Much About You, played 3/6.
Original hazards in the playdeck were drawn 103x. 58 were played.
Steward's Guard, played 3/4; all 3 copies killed.
Gondorian Rangers, played 2/6, x1 killed.
Sons of Kings, played 6/8, x1 killed.
Errand-riders of Gondor, played 10/10.
Ash-drake, played 5/8.
Sellswords Between Charters, played 4/6, x1 killed.
Lawless Men, played 3/5, x2 killed.
Twilight, played 5/5.
Despair of the Heart, played 5/5.
Stench of Mordor, played 1/2.
Forgot His Orders, played 4/4.
Lost in Free-Domains, played 1/8.
Lost in Border-lands, played 1/5.
Searching Eye, played 2/6.
Two or Three Tribes Present, played 3/7.
Beacons Alight, played 4/5.
Waiting Shadow, played 4/6.
The Enemy is at Hand, played 2/3.
Facing Northern Waste division. 9 hazards from that division; 1 from Hoarmurath.
T01-Garrison at Cair Andros, Men of Lossarnach, Damrod in hand. Some move to Lossarnach
and the rest to Cair Andros. Lure of Power played. Dervorin uses Horn of Anor to play GaCA
faction, passes CC. Hirluin rolls 8 to play MoL.
T02-Dervorin plays Men of Lamedon.
T03-Palantir, Muster, Damrod in hand. Avatar played. Angbor moves to Pelargir to draw cards.
Palantir played.
T04-Faramir moves to Dunharrow; others stay. Just agents moving for hazards.
Facing Eriador division. 5 hazards from that division; 0 from Hoarmurath.
T05-Faramir moves to Setamenen for Barrow-blade; others stay at haven. No hazards.
T06-Faramir moves to Pelargir to draw cards; others stay. Agent Elwen discards GaCA with Will
Not Come Down. Agent Surion takes Bergil to hand using Pilfer Anything Unwatched. Face Out
of Sight takes those two agents to hand.
T07-No main cards in hand. Faramir moves to Minas Tirith; others stay. No hazards.
T08-Gold Belt in hand. Some move to Pelargir to draw cards, Faramir moves to Lorien, others
stay. Faramir plays MFHF on Durin’s Folk, stays untapped. Ambusher woundes Anborn.
Gold Belt is played.
REVIEW: 13 MP gained. Few hazards faced.
Facing Harad division. 6 hazards from that division; 0 from Hoarmurath.
T09-RoI and MoLebennin factions in hand. NSATT in hand. Faramir moves to Henneth Annun
and Angbor stays at Pelargir. No hazards but Doors of Night.
Both factions and NSATT played.
T10-Angbor moves to MT. Faramir stays. No significant hazards. Window OTS and Concealed
Entrance played.
T11-Hurin the Tall played. All move to MT. Hoarmurath played Burned and Choppoed Up.
What is sad that A Nice place to Hide is in the hand, but no one is wounded to use Foul Paste.
Going Ever Under Dark is discarded to cancel attack, +3.scouts+7roll >7, cancel attack.
T12-Boromir played. War Preparations in hand. Avatar and Boromir move to Cair Andros to
combat Uruk-hai of Hoarmurath. Faramir moves to Henneth Annun. Politics played on Boromir.
Beacon of Gondor played on Cair Andros. Ingold is No Better Use. Bergil is wounded and
receives Endless Whipsers via Gwaedhel-Sword.
Facing Wilderland division. 16 hazards from that division; 1 from Hoarmurath.
T13-Faramir moves to Nurniag Camp. Denethor and Boromir move to MT. Anborn crosses
River. Tidings of Bold Spies kill Dervorin. Hirluin killed by AA. Agent Nimloth attacks, but
IKMAY cancels. War Preparations is played after using Healing Herbs.
Uvatha the Ringwraith CvCC and kills a wounded Beregond.
NOTE: Theoden King and Faramir have failed to established a longer stay in Mordor. Lord
Denethor must be bait.
T14-MoLebennin, MoAnorien in hand. Faramir, alone, moves to Durthrang. Denethor and four
others move to Cirith Ungol. Hobgoblins played; Bergil uses MFHF to become wounded. Orc-
Lieutenant is killed by Hurin and Denethor. Orc-Patrol killed by Boromir and Ioreth. Yes, Ioreth
roll 8 with Sun in play with GOM.
Gothmog, Ufthak, and Radbag CvCC at Cirith Ungol. Bergil, Radbug, and Ufthak are wounded.
Son of Ecthelion assigned strikes.
T15-Denethor returns to MT. Faramir moves to Shelob’s Lair. Horse-lords taps Ioreth. Boromir
plays Men of Anorien. Rammas Pelennor and No Enemy Dare Contest played.
T16-War Preparations in hand. Faramir moves to Henneth Annun. Bergil and Forlong moves
there too. No creatures.
[NOTE: So few hazards is poor for the game. Now, I think using more companies early allows
drawing more cards, playing more on-guard, and allows the main hazard player to play creatures,
thus thinning the deck sooner. I predict this approach will have each player draw 15 more cards
during the first 10 turns and another 10 cards for the next 10 turns.]
22 MPs earned before the Warlord Phase.
Facing Gondor division. 20 hazards from that division; 15 from Hoarmurath.
T17-Damrod played. Gulthalion and War Prep in hand. Some move to Pelargir and Faramir
moves to Thuringwathost. Mewlips attack Faramir with MiD. Bergil and Forlong wounded.
Ghosts scare Forlong to death.
T18-All move to or stay at MT. Only agent movement. Tower of Guard played at MT.
T19-Sapling of the White Tree and War Prep. in hand. Faramir moves to Lond Galen. Angbor
moves to Isildur’s Tomb. Influence Destruction hazards played by Uvatha. Neeker-breekers tap
some with Angbor receiving a Venomous Sting.
T20-Faramir moves to MT. Angbor stays. Bill Ferny takes Damrod prisoner at Bree using To Get
You Away. Boromir plays Sapling of the White Tree.
Facing Gondor division. 19 hazards from that division; 11 from Hoarmurath.
T21-Angbor moves to Edoras. Faramir moves to Cirith Ungol to play War Prep. Ghosts attack
with PoW. Bergil is killed. Mewlips attack from the pools killing Mablung.
T22-Boromir moves to MT. Faramir moves to Edoras to aid Eowyn. Faramir is Seized By Terror
in the Morgul Vale and sent back to Cirith Ungol. Damrod is freed when Marvels Told removes
To Get You Away.
T23-Dwar has wounded minions at Helm’s Deep. The White Tree played. Damrod moves to
Helm’s Deep. Faramir moves to MT. Boromir moves to Linhir. Adunaphel’s minions CvCC at
Linhir. Hirgon is slayed by Angamaite.
T24-Boromir moves to MT. Faramir moves to Edoras. Faramir kills Boars.
deck file with play summary and stats
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