792-play Theoden

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792-play Theoden

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This player had partial success. The shining moment was Eowyn discarding during CvCC The
Witch-king with Mount Slain. The body check was six. Invading Mordor was a failure. The death
of Theodred on Turn 2 hurt. Many deaths weaken counterattack of minions in or near Rohan.
Eowyn was killed by an agent. 29 MPs were earned along with two Man factions. There were
several failed site phases to play major items due to tapped or wounded heroes. Four CvCC were
initiated and two defended. There were about 47 moving companies. The avatar was busy
moving 17x while facing 9 strikes.
Eowyn went on a hunt in the last four turns. She helped by discarding an untapped The
Witchking, but she was killed by an agent on Turn 23. Two man factions were played. Three
horse allies were killed. Ten characters were killed. Tower Raided was not played. All six major
items were played by Turn 18. Usually, the item was kept in hand for three turns. Two game
points were earned (Fireworks x2). This player was beaten with 26 creatures from 95 hazards,
but 21 were agent actions. Two Men CvCC a lone Uvatha the Ringwraith in Nuriag with Eowyn
and Helm of Her Secrecy in hand. Those two are played, but the Ringwraith taps to use Ruse.
The avatar was in play for 24 turns: 8 taps to accessed sideboard, x3 play item, 2x play factions,
X1 support, 10 faced strikes, x1 for resource, x1 for Fireworks. The avatar moved 9x and
wounded once.
Ten characters were killed. Theodred killed by FFR Giant Spiders. Dunhere stoned by Pukelmen.
Gamling the Old targeted by Slayer. Virsh killed Eomer. Uvatha’s minion killed Eothain.
Eowyn, Garulf and Elfhelm loss by Cunning Foes agents. A wounded Ceorl banished by a
PoW+MiD Corpse-candle. Hama succumbed by the Plague. Eowyn killed by agent at home site.
A pile of 27 creatures attacked with 96 total hazards with 21 as agent actions against Theoden
King. Only five turns were easy, no creatures, for this player. Dwar player dumped 34 hazards
alone on this player, which was the most against any main hazard player. 11 of the 34 were
creatures. Breakdown: Elf/Man/Dunadan/Dwarf=5, Undead=3, Dragon/Drake=2, Wose=3,
Pukel-men=3, Animals=5, orc/troll=1, slayer=1, wolf/spider=4. Almost Feel You Like a Forest
was considered to cancel Animal/Spider/Plant or 8 of these creatures in place for Anduin River.
57 hazards were played by Theoden – 22 on Dwar. Horse-lords killed Orc-Tracker.
First deck exhausted on Turn 11, but Turn 9 started with 16 in the playdeck. Second deck
exhaust on Turn 20. 12 non-Lordhaven sites were tapped. Wellinghall tapped twice to play
Treebeard twice. Helm’s Deep tapped twice for weapon and faction.
Clad for War played on Turn 23 giving 5 item MPs.
Skilled Was Their Knighthood played just one turn with no use. Card removed for new deck.
Spear Shall Be Shaken, never played.
The Rohirrim, fetched once, never played.
Marshall of the Mark, one started the other played on Turn 11. Only one in play to end game.
Elfhelm killed on Turn 17. Eomer killed on Turn 13. Theodred killed on Turn 2.
Meduseld, stated play.
Royal Stables, played Turn 8. Some horses stored.
Great-shield of Rohan, played Turn 8. Helps face AA strikes 4x to later play items.
Helps characters x1 to stay untapped.
Herugrim, played Turn 10.
Hauberk of Bright Mail, played Turn 10.
Red Arrow, played Turn 12.
Horse Mane's Helm, Played Turn 17.
Gúthwinë, played Turn 18.
horn of eorl, played Turn 6 after LBL on Turn 3.
Miruvor, started. Used Turn 1 against Wose Ambush, no effect.
healing herbs, started, used Turn 2 to avoid Giant Spiders on Eomer, he would of tied the strike if
the Dagger from Theodred would have been transferred to Eomer; played turn 22.
Dagger of westernesse, started, discarded Turn 10 by Rats!, played Turn 17. Does not help
Theodred against a 12 prowess strike; he is killed. Morwen used Dagger and Ash Shield to kill
Land-drake. [Thought about removing Dagger and Barrow-blade, but War-forges added.
mounted Lance, played Turn 4 and other copy on Turn 12.
shield of iron-bound ash, played Turn 18 from Armory. Does not help Dunhere from body check
or 11 prowess strike.
Wild Horses played Turn 12. Used a few times to move 5 regions.
Mearas played Turn 18.
Riders of Rohan played Turns 4 and 21. Discarded by agent.
Men of Harrowdale, never played. Visited Dunharrow a few turns, but failed to play.
Men of Westfold, played Turn 22.
Treebeard, played Turn 6. Played two Marvels Told.
Snowmane, played on turn 11 after shuffled on Turn 10. Used MSTY. Faced 4 strikes, wound x2
and one killed from Tuma with Anguriel.
Noble Steed, two played on Turn 12. Both killed.
Mighty Steed, none played.
Barrow-blade, never played. May be just have another dagger.
Mount Slain, played 1/3.
Dark Numbers, played Turn 13, but had to store from SSF agent.
Tower Raided, in hand on Turn 10, but not played. No one left untapped.
When I Know Anything, played Turn 8.
Safe From the Shadow, played Turns 1,16,23.
Lord of the Mark, never played
Helm of Her Secrecy, smoke rings Turn 11, then played Turn 11.
Golden Hall of Edoras played Turn 13.
Reunion, fetched by Horn of Eorl on Turn 6.
Hope Renewed, never played.
Armory, played Turn 2.
Caught and Found Guilty, played 1/2.
Block, played 7/8.
Anduin River, played 0/9.
Power of Peruasion, played 0/2.
More Sense Than You, played 3/4
Horses, played 3/5.
Charge played 0/2.
Marvels Told, played 7/7.
Withdrawn to Mordor played 8/8.
Starting hazards in the playdeck were drawn 89x. 42 were played.
Starting Creatures were 20/49.
Horse-lords, played 6/8
Ambusher, played 4/5; x1 killed
Silent Watcher, played 0/7.
Pûkel-men, played 2/6.
Wose Ambush, played 0/7.
Mewlips, played 3/8.
Ash-drake, played 5/8.
Wrath of the West, played 1/5.
Lure of Expedience, played 7/9.
Pride Increased with Despair, played 3/5.
Watchers at the Gate, played 3/4.
Bloodeye Ravish played 1/1.
Trouble on All Borders, removed.
Neither so Ancient Nor so Potent, removed.
Arda Angered, played 4/5.
Too Much to Ask, played 4/6.
Stay Her Appetite, played 2/2.
Capricious Spirit, played 0/2.
An Unexpected Outpost
Muster Disperses , played 4/5.
Facing Northern Waste Division; they play 10 hazards. Dwar plays 3 hazards.
T01-Avatar is played. Eothain in hand. Companies move to Ruined Signal Tower or Druadan
Forest to draw cards. Theoden and Morwen stay. Wake of War, Lesser Spiders, and More Sense
Than You taps all in one company. Wolves attack wounding Dunhere. All in the other company
are tapped from Stout Men of Gondor. Miruvor is used when faced by Wose Ambush.
[Disappointed turn.]
Dwar moved minions to Dunharrow.
T02-Ceorl, Merry, Treebeard, Eothain in hand. Theodred moves to Brandy Hall. Some move to
Dunharrow. Theodred killed by Giant Spiders. CvCC at Dunharrow. Erkenbrand wounds
Haeldwyn. Gamling and Horseman in the Night tie.
T03- Merry, Treebeard, Eothain in hand. Two copies of LBLeaf played. Eothain played at
Dunharrow. Some move to Edoras. No creatures. Ash Shield played at Brandy Hall.
T04-Dwar has minions still at Dunharrow. Too risky to CvCC now. Merry is played. Men and
the Hobbit move to Ruined Signal Tower. Others return to Edoras. Merry helps kill Giant
Spiders. Dagger prevents Beorning Skin-changers send the company to site of origin. Riders of
Rohan played.
9 MP now. Doing okay.
Facing Eriador Division; they play 10 hazards. Dwar plays 5 hazards.
T05-Hama played; now 9 characters in play. Eomer moves to Wellinghall to play ent ally. Others
move to Amon Hen for a Light Enchantment. Light-drake taps Hama and wounds Gamling. Chill
Douse wounds Hama with Icy Touch. Theoden and Morwen ar tapped. Eomer, Dunhere, and
Merry face Wandering Elves, but spin tales of wonder and no one is tapped. Siege is played at
Wellinghall. Merry manages to play Treebeard.
T06-Elfhelm played at Edoras. All move to Edoras since only Theoden and Morwen are
unwounded. No hazards played. Horn of Eorl played.
T07-Erkenbrand and three others move to RST. Theoden and four others move to Amon Hen.
Two major items in hand.Ambusher strikes Theoden and Morwen. Creature killed with support
to Morwen. Ransom was played. Erkenbrand face Pukel-men. Eothain wounded.
T08-Land-drake attacks Morwen. She does not tap with help four characters; kills creature.
Avatar card untaps Theoden King. Morwen plays WIKA. Elfhelm wounded by RST spider AA.
Merry plays Great Shield of Rohan.
16 MP now. Doing okay, but just one major item in play; 19 cards in PD.
Facing Harad Division; they play 12 hazards. Dwar plays 4 hazards.
T09-Three major items and Barrow Blade in hand. All move to Edoras. Steward’s Guard taps
two characters.
T10-Ten characters in play. Some move to Tharagrondost, others to Haudh-in-Gwanur. Three
stay. Dagger stolen by Rats! Pukel-men kilsl Dunhere even with Ash-Shield. Treebeard is
discarded since Merry came along hoping to use Thorough Search. The other company faced
Slayer killing Gamling the Old. Herugrim only played at Tharagrondost with avatar card
untapping Theoden. Erkenbrand uses Great Shield of Rohan to play Hauberk of Bright-mail.
[Wormtongue discards Elfhelm].
T11-Theoden returns to Edoras. Erkenbrand, and Hama move to Nuriag Camp(Iorag Camp).
Deck exhausts. No hazards when moving in three Shadow-lands. Wose Ambush attacks again ,
but is killed. Snowmane is played. Erkenbrand and Hama CvCC Uvatha the Ringwraith.
Helm of Her Secrecy is played. Éowyn is then played, but Ruse is used.
[Wormtongue Twists Tales to discard Riders of Rohan.]
[Tough decisions about needing Red Arrow, playing Tower Raided, and getting Theoden to
Mordor. Galadriel will later move to Dead Marshes. Wild Horses too can be played now.]
T12-Guthlaf played at Edoras. Theoden moves with three others to Southern Oasis. Erkenbrand
and Hama moves to Urlurtsu Nurn. Wormtongue is Withdrawn to Mordor. No creatures but
Neeker-breekers on Erkenbrand. Hama and Eowyn is tapped by a FoFR creature. Theoden plays
Wild Horses, Eothain plays Mounted Lance, Eomer & Guthlaf play Noble Steed. Erkenbrand
plays Red Arrow at the Dark-hold.
16 MP still. Four major items now in play. Mordor invasion underway.
Facing Wilderland Division; they play 10 hazards. Dwar plays 1 hazards.
T13-in hand(Tower Raided, Dark Numbers). Theoden moves to Barad-wath. Erkenbrand moves
there too. Redoubled Force played. Morwen discards it with Marvels Told. No creatures played.
Entering Barad-wath kills a Noble Steed, wounds Snowman, Guthlaf, Noble Steed. Eowyn plays
Tower Raided. No play of Tower Raided with only Theoden, Eothain, Erkenbrand untapped.
6 characters and two allies.
Uvatha’s minions CvCC at Barad-wath. Eothain killed, Noble Steed, Erkenbrand, Eowyn
T14-5 characters and two allies; only Theoden is not wounded. All move to Gyogorasag
Sanctuary. No creatures faced.
T15-Ceorl played. Some move to Dunharrow. Others move to Edoras.
T16-Garulf played. Erkenbrand takes two others to Isengard to play Dagger. Theoden moves
there too. Bairanax creates a Dragon’s Desolation at Isengard. Guthlaf and Garulf wounded.
[Only a low 16 MPs. Clad of War will add 4.]
Facing Gondor Division; they play 17 hazards. Dwar plays 7 hazards of the 17.
[Dwar has minions at Helm’s Deep, but did not tap the site. Let them sit for another turn]
T17-Six characters at Isengard. Elfhelm played. Theoden moves to Edoras. Rest stay at site.
Elfhelm and Eowyn move to Druadan Forest for ally. Major item in hand. Dwar moves agent
Freca to Druadan Forest, untaps with Never Seen Him to use Cunning Foes. He kills Elfhelm.
Eowyn enters site; Freca attacks with Block played, but Eowyn wounded. Isengard entered.
Agent Baugur attacks and wounds Ceorl. Horse Mane’s Helm and Dagger played.
T18-Grimbold, MoHarrowdale, Noble Steed in hand. Erkenbrand and two others move to
Helm’s Deep. Theoden, Garluf and Guthlaf move to Dunharrow. Stout Men of Gondor slows no
one. Theoden enters Dunharrow and plays Mearas. Minions at Helm’s Deep, but instead plays
Guthwine and Ash Shield via Armory.
T19-Grimbold played. Erkenbrand moves to Wellinghall for Treebeard. All move to Edoras.
Agent Eun moves to Wellinghall. Grimbold has Plague. Eun wounds Hama; Grimbold plays the
ent ally.
[Dwar really should have Demons of Aglarond in deck.]
T20-Eowyn now makes motion to travel into Eriador. Eowyn and Garulf move to Wose Passage
Hold. Erkenbrand returns to Edoras. Corpse-Candle attack with MiD+PoW in play so 3s9p.
Ceorl is killed. Terror of Halifirien wounds Hama. Agent Wolf reaches Wose Passage Hold,
untaps with Great Need or Purpose. Wolf using Cunning Foes to kill Garulf. Plague reaches
Edoras from Grimbold killing Hama.
T22-Eowyn moves through Triple Wilderness to reach Bag End. Stout Men of Gondor taps her,
she need passes Wose Ambush. Merry auto influences Riders of Rohan with Red Arrow.
Theoden moved to Dunharrow. Freca attacks Theoden and wounds the avatar. Erkenbrand and
Wolf move to Wose Passage Hold to CvCC minions. Wolf attacks and wounds Erkenbrand.
Ufthak finds A Nice Place to Hide. Eowyn enters Bag End. SS Fellow attacks forcing discarding
of Dark Numbers. Tapped Eowyn rolls 11 for 20 strike. Witch-king rolls 10 for 19 strike, then
rolls a 6. However, Mount Slain played discarding the Ringwraith.
T22-26 MP now. 8 characters in play. All three factions in hand. Play them and avoid CvCC.
Eowyn moves to Helm’s Deep and Erkenbrand too. Theoden moves to Edoras. Merry moves to
Dunharrow-risky. Bloodeye Ravish played on Snowmane. Eowyn affected by Death Carrying
Vermin via Neeker-breekers. Helm’s Deep entered and Rank Upon Rank in played. No one fails!
Grimbold plays faction!
T23-Erkenbrand and Eowyn move to Edoras to heal. Grimbold moves to Dunharrow with
minions there. Two Morgai-flies attack; taps no one. Freca attacks at Edoras with Cunning Foes
killing Eowyn.
T24-Erkenbrand moves to Dunharrow. Theoden moves to Ost-en-edhil to help Gandalf. Mewlips
with DoN+PoW attack wounding Snowmane. Widfara discarded by Doomed to Die check.
Dunharrow entered for CvCC. Eun attacks tying Treebeard. Grimbold fails to influence Men of
Harrowdale. But CvCC Hoarmurath’s minions. Grimbold wounds Gorbag. Treebeard wounds
Snaga. Erkenbrand wounds Ufthak. Ost-in-Edhil entered. Burat has Samwise as prisoner and
uses Iron-Shield of Old to handle Theoden’s strike, which would have been a 12 roll, 8 bc.
Snowmane killed by Anguriel wielding Tuma. Guthlaf wounds Ognor.
Did not like just having two Man factions in play. Tower Raided was a bust. Yet, 29 MPs was
positive. Ten agents attacked.
full file with notes of practice game
(692.46 KiB) Downloaded 14 times

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