795-play Vidugavia

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795-play Vidugavia

Post by dirhaval » Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:08 pm

I added a new table. This new table shows a turn summary of the companies: character played or
killed, hazard limit, strikes rolled, corruption checks made, body checks, AA type, resource
played that site phase.
This player had partial success, but failed to keep dual factions. Important characters were killed
limiting useful site phases. However, lack of characters provided a greater general influence
buffer to protect against agents. Easterlings and Wain-Easterlings were both influenced by this
hero player, but both were later lost.
I was thinking of the following faction war rules: no influencing away a faction located in a
region or at a battle-ground site. This protects against agents, but exposes the faction to war
without the benefits of being at a site. The next game of Fate will have faction wars as soon as a
player’s deck exhausts. Uvatha played four factions in the first eight turns – Vidugavia only one.
May be I will wait until the Warlord Phase.
15 MPs were earned along with one Man faction. There were only 15 companies that had a
useful non-CVCC site phase. That is horribly low. Three CvCC were defended. Daelomin
Roused was killed. There were about 41 moving companies. The hazard limits were low with
only one company after Turn 11 with a HL greater than three. But one good creature can tap the
whole company. There were 19 body checks, killing 7 characters, from 53 strikes including
detainment. The avatar was busy moving 19x while facing 10 strikes with one from CvCC.
Avatar did not tap for six turns. That is a lot of moving and fighting. Avatar was left untapped to
face strikes while moving and to play a resource during site phase if card draw was good.
Smaug the Golden played Endless Whispers on Bain. Seven characters killed (3 in first 3 turns,
than 4 from turns 16-19. Tower Raided was not played. King of Dale not played just because
lacking the unique factions. This player was beaten with 12 creatures from 66 hazards,
but 18 were agent actions. Gap of Isen was reached to use Scatha Hoard Dispersed for playing a
hoard major item.
The avatar was in play for 24 turns: 6 taps to accessed sideboard, x1 play item, 4x play factions,
X1 support, 8 faced strikes, x1 cvcc, x2 for resource, x1.ally. The avatar moved 20x and
wounded once.
Caerlinc taps to face two strikes from the Nan Morsereg AA; he is killed. Khursh is killed by
agent Dasakun in Turn 2. Brand killed the next turn from the AA at Adan Tomb. Galva killed on
Turn 16 from Orc-Lieutanent under Tribal Banner. Eodoric killed the turned after from the
Elgaer AA. Yanos Kosvar killed on turn 19 from a Chill Douser. These are low prowess strikes.
A pile of 13 creatures attacked with 66 total hazards with 18 as agent actions against King
Vidugavia. 17 turns were easy, no creatures, for this player. Uvatha player dumped 13 hazards
alone on this player. 2 of the 13 were creatures. Seven of the first 16 turns had a hazard limit
passed to Uvatha, but only three hazards played. That is lucky.
65 hazards were played by Vidugavia – 14 on Uvatha. Every minion player faced at least one
hazard. Only Hoarmurath faced more than four (7). Uvatha faced Hermit Troll, Were-worm x2,
and Wild Troll.
First deck exhausted on Turn 10, but Turn 9 started with 23 in the playdeck. Second deck
exhaust on Turn 18. 15 non-Lordhaven sites were tapped. Lake-town was tapped x3 (mNR,
mNR, Ravens NR). First deck shuffled 10 cards and drew a high 9.3 cards/turn. Second deck
shuffled 11 cards and drew 12 cards/turn. Third deck ended with 33 in the deck, shuffled 5 cards
and drew 8.9 cards/turn.
Palace of the King, started. Discarded when all moved away. But could not be fetched with a
wounded avatar! New deck has War-forges and someone staying at site.
Scatha Hoard Dispersed, used on Turn 9, not used again.
Trusted Counsellor, LBL on turn 6. Discarded with controller killed. Played again on Turn 18.
Govern Men and Beast, played on Turn 17. Not used.
Herald of the King, played on Galva on turn 8. Then on Marin on Turn 21.
Prince of Rhovanion, played on Turn 10.
War-forges, played on Turn 4. Only used for Mounted Lance. Event not in new deck.
Habergeon of Silver, played Turn 3. Bearer wounded x3, avatar saved x1.
Valiant Sword, played Turn 9.
Hauberk of Bright Mail, played 10.
share of the treasure, Rats discard one copy.
arrows shorn of ebony, played Turn 15. Never used.
Horn of Anor. X4 uses. Not a factor.
black arrow, needed to kill Daelomin Roused with Of the race of Dale.
Used x4, needed to kill Olog-hai
mounted lance. Could of killed minion in CvCC if used.
Mighty Steed, all 3 played between turns 14-17.
Wild Horses, played Turn 10. Used 1 or twice for 5 region move.
Ravens of Northern Rhovanion played Turn 21.
Men of Northern Rhovanion, played Turn 15
Men of Dorwinion, played Turn 17. Agent discarded.
Easterlings(H), played Turn 14, agent discarded.
Wain-Easterlings(H), played Turn 23, influenced away.
Variags of Khand(H), never played.
When You Know More, played turn 2.
King of Dale, never played
Dark Numbers, played 3/6. Needed for x1 faction influence attempt, used again x1
Rebuild the Town, never played.
Rumors of Danger, played 4/5.
Gates of Morning, played 5/5.
Of the Race of Dale, played Turn 7.
Captain of the Guard, played x1
Grim Voice and Grim Faced, played x1
Sun, played 9/9. Smoke rings x1
Ford, played 3/9.
Lordly Presence, played 4/6.
Marvels Told, played 5/7. Lucky with lack of sages.
Fair Travels in Shadow-lands, played 2/8, not until Turn 21.
Rhûn, played x1.
All the Bells Ringing, played 0/3.
Hidden Knife, played 2/4.
Horns, Horns, Horns, played x1.
Crept Along Carefully, played tursn 15, 21
Stout Captain, played Turn 24.
Were-wolf, played 5/8, AUO x2.
Were-worm, played 3/8, killed x1
Bardings, played 0/6. Two copies in hand to end game.
Hermit Troll, played 2/8.
Wild Trolls, played 5/6. X2 killed
Trolls from the Mountains, played 3/8.
Plague, played 6/7.
Heedless Revelry, played 0/3.
A Lie In Your Eyes, played 2/3.
Doubled Vigilance, played 5/7.
Crossing the Borders, played 3/6.
Something Has Slipped, played 7/7.
Withered Lands, played 1/6.
Power Relinquished to Artifice, played 1/3.
Burdensome Commands, played ½.
No Place For a Pony, played 1/3.
Dark is the Hour, played 1/3.
Fearful Sun, played 1/1
An Unexpected Outpost
Facing Northern Waste division (played 8 hazards; Uvatha plays 1)
T01-avatar played. Some move to Nan Morsereg for Light Enchantment. No creatures played.
Caerlinc faces two AA strikes and dies on the second. Galva plays WYKM.
[many low prowess characters is a concern. That Light Enchantment not that useful. ]
T02-faction and hoard item in hand. Avatar moves to Lake-town. Others return to Riavod. There
is fear to travel through many wilderness against these minions. No creatures again. Agent
attacks at Lake-town killing Khursh. Brand influences Men of NR.
[This shows the issue with agents. Should an agent controlled by an outside divisional player or
the main hazard player attack during the site phase? No. I think it is too powerful for main hazard
player since both players are near to one another. The agent can be face-down without a site.
Divisional players are too busy. Now, Orders to Kill overrides this.]
T03-Vidugavia and Brand move to Adan Tomb. Others stay. Bain does not drink Enchanted
Stream. Brand taps to face both AA strikes and killed from the first. Vidugavia plays Habergeon
of Silver. Now three characters in play.
T04-War-forges played. Bain uses Ford. Move to Logath Camp to find Maran. Moving through
five Wildernesses runs into Fever of Unrest Itangast. He smelled the hoard items. Both are
Facing Eriador division (played 10 hazards; Uvatha plays none)
T05-Marin played at Logath Camp. All stay. Elernia moved to Barak-shathur. Logath entered to
play Dark Numbers and Black Arrow.
T06-Herald of the King, Prince Rhovanion, GVGF shuffled. Avatar moves to Buhr Thurasig to
play Bard Bowman. Hermit Troll awakens but shot dead with Black Arrow.
T07-Site is tapped to play Bard Bowman. All move to Riavod; Galva stays there. GVGF played
on Bard Bowman. Olog-hai rush in Grey Mountain Narrows. Black Arrow is used to kill
creature. Another squad attacks, but Bain fails to defeat his strike.
T08-Herald of the King and Trusted Counsellor played on Galva. Valiant Sword in play. Move to
Gap of Isen to play hoard item. Some move to Beorn’s House.
[Low 11 MP gathered. 18 cards in deck. Only one faction played. This is low and why I may not
allow faction wars until Turn 17 or after a deck exhausts. However, there is no restrictions on
Facing Harad division (played 8 hazards; Uvatha plays 1). This should be easy.
T09-Yanos Kosvar played at Riavod. Some move to Glittering Caves. Scatha Hoard Dispersed is
discarded allowing hoard items playable in Gap of Isen. Bard taps to play Valiant Sword tapping
the site. Maran taps to play Horn of Anor.
T10-Eodoric, Wild Horses in hand. Vidugavia moves to Raider-hold. Others move to Osgiliath.
Two agents move to Osgiliath. Raider-hold entered to play Hauberk of Bright-mail and Wild
Horses. Deck exhausts.
Uvatha’s minions (4 and two horse allies CvCC). Vidugavia rolls a 9 bc and lives. Yanos Kosvar
wouns Nevido Smod that used Swift Strokes.
[Have a problem. Palace of the King is in sideboard with a wounded avatar.]
T11-By luck Palace of the King drawn. All move to Riavod after Daurukh played at Raider-hold.
Of The Race of Dale played on Bard.
[Necromancer used Ullis playing Pilfer Anything Unwatched to take Daurukh to hand]
T12-Bain and Bard move to Northern Rhovanion to stay for a long time hoping to kill a dragon.
Some move to Nuriag Camp to draw cards.
Uvatha’s minions CvCC at Nuriag Camp. Maran wounds Shamas. Tros Hesnef wounds Galva.
[Maybe not the smartest move.]
Facing Wilderland division (played 17 hazards; Uvatha plays 1).
T13-Daurukh played at Nuriag Camp. Maran returns to Riavod. Ent in Search of Entwives are
played from Long Dark Reach tapping Daurukh.
[A distraction is needed for Uvatha’s minions. Theoden King is at Barad-wath. Faramir is at
Nurniag Camp. Temple of Lokuthor is where Saruman is hiding.]
T14-Eodoric is played at Lake-town. Bain now moves to Riavod. Vidugavia moves to Easterling
Camp with Easterlings and Mighty Steed in hand. Galva is not Seized by Terror. Faction and ally
are played.
T15-Bard moves to Lake-town. Maran moves to Adan Tomb for hoard minor item. Avatar
returns to Riavod. No creatures. Bard influences Men of NR. Galva plays Arrows Shorn of
T16-Bain moves to Riavod. Galva moves to Elgaer. Vidugavia uses Rhun to reach Variag Camp.
Vidugavia face Orc-Raiders and Host of Bats. Then Orc-Archers. No effect. Dark Numbers
played. Galva faces Hobgoblins and Host of Bats. Galva is wounded. She is later killed by Tribal
Banner Orc-Lieutenant. Vidugavia plays Mighty Steed.
[22 MP, 17 cards in PD]
Facing Gondor division (played 8 hazards; Uvatha plays 3 more).
T17-hand(Men of Dorwinion, Wain-Easterlings, Ravens). Sun played. Maran and Daurukh move
to Riavod. Bain, Bard, Eodoric move to Elgaer. Vidugavia using horse allies reaches Shrel-kain.
Carrion Feeders played. Rats! Discards Share the Treasure; another event wounds Eodoric. [this
is what happens when decks have three copies of a card.] Yanos Kosvar is attacked by his
Mighty Steed through Stay Her Appetite.
T18-All move to Riavod, but Bard/Bain move to Dale wanting to kill a dragon. Sun played. King
of Dale shuffled. Bard/Bain kill Daelomin Roused. Bard rolls 3 for prowess and 5 for body
check. Deck exhausts.
Smaug seeks revenge. He visits Dale with Agburanar at Home Beaten into Submission. The
cold-drake kills Bard. Bain receives Memories Stolen with Under His Spell in play.
T19-hand (WYKM) Trusted Counsellor played on Maran. Bain, Maran, Yanos Kosvar move to
Nan Morsereg. Vidugavia and Daurukh stay. Mewlips wounds Bain. Marain and Yanos Kosvar
parry Chill Douser. Stirring Bones rise to kill Yanos Kosvar. I do not like that Light
Enchantment, may replace with Reforging in case I lose a hoard major item.
T20-Vidugavia moves to Nuriag Camp (Iorag Camp) to play Might Steed. Bain moves to
Riavod. Others move to Nuriag Campu using Rumors of Danger. 1 hazard. Might Steed played.
Hidden Knife with Were-wolf wounds Pon-ora-Pon at Setamaenen.
Facing Gondor division (played 2 hazards; Uvatha plays 7 more).
T21-Bain stays. All others move to Lake-town to draw minions there and play Ravens.
Maran wounded by agent Woffung. Vidugavia plays Ravens. Need more sages.
T22-All move or stay at Riavod. Kine of Araw attack, but avatar taps to cancel.
T23-Many move to Wain-Easterling Camp to play faction. Incite Defenders played on site.
Only Mighty Steed tapped from first site AA; Daurukh plays Dark Numbers. Vidugavia uses
Horn of Anor and Dark Numbers for beating the roll by 3.
T24-Moves to Easterling Camp to influence them away. Seized by Terror sends Daurukh away
with Dark Numbers. Agent Dasakun selects Maran, but Maran taps to use Marvels Told and fails
cc. Vidugavia uses two Lordly Presence on attempt against 11 GI; rolls have a +4 delta so fails
by 3.
full file with game results
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