715-play Pallando

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715-play Pallando

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This player had partial success with keeping the Mumakaril south of Mordor. All but one, played faction was killed. The Seeing-stones of Ankatarë was played, but rarely used to note the game without its play. Almost all non-agent characters were eliminated. CvCC or other minion encounters were tough to handle. Relin II with Southern Hammer was killed by A Malady Without Healing. Tabaya Kas was killed by Channels of Chey losing Visor of Siryan and Staff of Medra. Pallando was corrupted using Vanishment, but I kept him in play. Later stages of the game saw tough decisions to either CvCC or influence away factions.
Factions moved first on Turn 14. Five factions were eliminated by Turn 20. No factions were healed. Eight characters killed. This benefited the wizard by freeing direct influence. Pallando barely failed in the last two turns influencing two strong minion factions. Permanent-events were all played on sites protecting heroes from minions.
There were 9 body checks, killing 5 characters, from 85 strikes including detainment. The avatar was busy moving 22x while facing 1 strike from CvCC. Avatar did not tap for one turn. That is a lot of moving. The avatar was in play for 24 turns: 7 taps to accessed sideboard, x4 play item, x3 play factions, x2 support, 8x faced strikes, x1 cvcc, x1 for resource, x0.ally, x1 to remove hazard, and x4 to use Eyes of Mandos. Wizard Cart was not played.
Khandash killed by Indur the Ringwraith on a 6v10 combat; rolls bc.9. Boron killed by 9 prowess Pirates on a bc.9 on Turn 18. The next turn has Seafaring Bellakarin and His Fury Has Betrayed Him kill Peshtin. A bc roll of 6 adds 3 to kill Peshtin. Pallando moves with others to Bozisha-Dar to influence away a faction. (WV and PW in hand). Seek without Success sends the wizard’s company back, but Tabaya Kas arriving by another path is left alone. The man survives A Malady Without Healing. The man leaves, but again Seek without Success. Channels of Chey with 21 mind of magic-users kill Tabaya Kas. The heroes move to Bur Esmer again to influence away a faction. Indur’s minions CvCC with Oliphaunt stooping Dar with bc.9. Angulion visits again with A Malady Without Healing killing Relin by 10 body check roll.
This player was beaten with 20 creatures from 81 hazards, but 13 were agent actions. Akhorahil played 16 hazards. Three Sieges and two Seek Without Success cards caused delays. 21 MPs were earned including 9 Kill MPs. Three CvCC were defended and two initiated. Another two encounters by magicians eliminated characters. There were 39 moving companies and 65 total companies, but 19 squatting companies were at Mablad-Dum. Almost half the companies moved in a Desert. The hazard limit averaged 3.0 for companies not squatting at Mablad-Dum.
63 hazards were played by Pallando, 21 were agents – 16 on Akhorahil. Four creatures were played on Akhorahil. Only three players did not face one hazard from Pallando.
First deck exhausted on Turn 10. Second deck exhaust on Turn 19. 13 non-Lordhaven sites were tapped. Three were used twice without tapping. First deck shuffled 13 cards and drew a high 9.8 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 11 cards and drew 12 cards/turn. Third deck ended with 22 in the deck, shuffled 3 cards and drew 9.8 cards/turn.
1 Krisfuin, played Turn 16; took awhile to play. Used once to limit magic-user allowing the killing of that magic-user.
1 Visor of Siryan, played Turn 10. Used twice to nullify Mirage.
1 Southern Hammer, played Turn 19. Used against 4 strikes; bearer wounded once.
1 Staff of Medra, played Turn 6.
1 desert amber. Used x3. And played x2. 3 corruption cards played.
1 Seeing-stones of Ankatarë, played Turn 9.
1 forgotten scrolls, played Turn 5. Used on Turn 9.
1 Horn of Anor, used x4 for influence checks. Needed x1, failed x1.
1 jewel of Beleriand, never played. Considered adding another Desert Amber.
1 Dwarven Fire, played Turn 15
2 Zûrafa, one played on Turn 8; discarded in CvCC from Flails of Horse-slayers.
1 Nár's Folk, played Turn 14. Killed Turn 19.
1 Sîrani, played Turn 12. Killed turn 17.
1 Clan Másra, failed Turn 16. Bearer of Staff of Medra was tapped.
1 Dwarves of Mablad-dûm, played Turn 15. Killed Turn 19.
1 Junast's Guard, played Turn 6. Killed Turn 16.
1 Dwarves of Blackflame, played Turn 15.
1 Covshek-Pust, played Turn 2.
1 When You Know More, never played.
1 When I Know Anything, played Turn 13. Used x2.
2 No Strangers at This Time, played Turn 10 & 16.
1 Bavor's Tribe United, never played; faction killed.
3 Block, used 7/7
1 Walls Behind Walls
1 Tûr Betark, played 1/2.
3 Persuasive Words, used 5/8.
3 Muster, played 2/4. Failed x1.
1 Far-sight, never used.
3 Marvels Told used 6/7. And x1 with Seeing-stones.
2 Fireworks, never played.
2 We Must Away, played 0/2. Removed.
1 Flight Unmarked, played 1/1
1 Withdrawn to Mordor, played 0/1.
1 Here is a Snake!, used 2/3.
2 Dwarf-friend, played x1. One copy removed for new deck.
1 Await the Advent of Allies, played x3. Marvels Told would discard.
2 Houses of Healing, played turn 5.
1 Engines of Defensem played Turn 7
1 Concealed Entrance, played Turn 9 and 22.
1 His Beard Long and Forked, played Turned 20.
1 Clad in Mail-shirts, played 0/2.
1 Make League and Common Council, started
3 Smoke Rings, played 7/7.
3 Longbottom Leaf, all played during first deck.
1 Long They Journey, played 1/1.
1 Wizard's Cart, played 0/1
3 Eyes of Mandos, played 4/8. One copy removed
1 Sacrifice of Form, played turn 15.
1 Kindling of the Spirit, played 0/1. removed
1 Vanishment played 2/2.
1 Wizard's Voice, played 1/1.
1 Wizard Uncloaked, played 1/1.
1 The Doom of Choice, played Turn 5.
1 Endurance of Stone, played Turn 13. Helped x1.
HAZARDS, Creatures played 11/49.
Ninevet, p0/3
Rain-drake, p1/3
Demons of Vatra, p0/3
Lesinavi, p1/6. Killed x1
Nehvaari, p1/8.
Sand-devil, p1/8
Sand-drake, 2/8
Slayer, p5/8
Twilight, p6/6.
Call of the Desert, p3/6
Lure of Magic, p6/6.
Something Else at Work, p2/3
Foolish Words, p7/7. AUO x2.
Quicksand, p3/6.
Sand-storm, p2/7.
Nobody's Friend, p1/3.
An Unexpected Outpost, p6/7.
You've Put Your Finger In It, p1/4. AUO x2
Politics, p2/4
Never Seen Him, played 1/2
Will Not Come Down, played 0/2
Good Sense Revolts, p0/1.
[The new deck has Pallando start at his home site, but the wizard does not start play)
Facing Eriador Division, they play 7 hazards (Akhorahil another 2).
T01-Company starts at Hau Nysrin and move to Sudu Cull to play a faction. Sellswords Between Charters taps Dolin and Khandash. Lawless Men wounds Manari after Pallando Blocks.
T02-Desert Amber heals Manari. No move. Siege wounds Manari. Dolin uses Persuasive Words to barely play Covshek-Pust.
T03-hand (Krisfuin, Dar, Peshtin). All move to the haven.
T04-Peshtin. All move to Narad-dum.
Facing Gondor Division, they play 16 hazards (Akhorahil another 1).
T05-hand(Krisfuin, Staff of Medra), Dar played. All move to Mablad-Dum. Ruffians are found on the mountain slopes. Creature is killed. A plague of Mewlips attack wounding Manari.
Houses of Healing played on the site.
T06-Two move to Tresti, two more to Tul Isra. Manari stays. Ghouls are cancelled by Vanishment. Ghosts played and Pallando Blocks. Dwarf-friend played. Arouse Defenders played on Tul Isra. Khandash is able to play Staff of Medra. Pallando plays Junast’s Guard.
T07-hand(Seeing stones,Abur, tabaya kas, Forgotten Scrolls, Zurafa). Engines of Defense played on Mablad-Dum. Abur is played at Tresti. Some move to Tul Harar and others to Chamesra. Morgai-flies taps Dar. Abur is tapped by Neeker-Breekers. The Undead AA wounds Abur. Pallando plays Forgotten Scrolls and handles the Traps attack.
T08-Tabaya Kas played at Tul Harar. All move to Tul Poac but Manari, which stays at the dwarf-hold for the game. Incite Defenders played. Sloth Bear awakens, but killed by Tabaya Kas. Only Peshtin is tapped by the site AA. Zurafa and Desert Amber played.
Facing Wilderland Division, they play 12 hazards (Akhorahil another 0).
T09-All move to The Great Oasis with +4 to the roll. No creatures on HL6.
Dolin plays Dwarves of Mablad-Dum, Concealed Entranced played.
Forgotten Scrolls discarded to play Seeing-stones.
T10-hand(Visor, WIKA). Dolin moves to Narad-Dum. Two stay at Great Oasis. Others move to Amber-Deeps. Dolin encounters searching Ents and is tapped. No Strangers At This Time played. Pallando plays Visor. Abur plays Desert Amber.
T11-Boron played at Mablad-Dum. Returns to Great Oasis. No creatures.
T12-Some move to Tul Hurar. Dolin moves there. Others move to Tresit. Searching ents tap Dolin again. Orc-Raiders are killed. Fear!Fire!Foes! on Tul Hurar tap all but Tabaya Kas. He plays Sirani.
Facing Northern Waste Division, they play 11 hazards (Akhorahil another 0).
T13-Some move to Barad Carannun on the say to play WIKA. Others to Mablad-Dum. Dar plays WIKA.
T14-hand(2 dwarf factions). Factions move. Pallando moves to Baruzimabul, but Chance of
Being Lost sends them to Elornan Swamp. Others play Nar’s Folk.
T15-Pallando moves to Baruzimabul. He plays Sacrifice of Form to kill Lesser Spiders. Dolin plays Dwarven Fire. Dar uses Muster to play Dwarves of Blackflame. There Indur visits for CvCC killing at dawn Khandash.
T16-hand(Krisfuin, Clan Masra). Pallando is found at Sudu Cull. He moves to Khibil Ephalak. Dar moves to Valgalen. Tabaya Kas move to Tul Isra. Abur is eliminated by cc using Marvels Told taking Desert Amber with him. No Strangers at This Time played at Mablad-Dum. Pallando Blocks the drake AA to find Krisfuin. Clan of Masra are failed to play.
Junast's Guard are killed in battle.
Ends with 31 MP and 23 cards in deck.
Facing Harad Division, they play 8 hazards (Akhorahil another 9).
T17-hand(Zurafa, Wizard’s Cart, Dom). Houses of healing played on Narad-dum. All move to Hau Nysrin. Slayer ties Dar.
T18-Relin II played (exchange for Dom with Dwarf avatar removed for Dom). Pallando moves to Mablad-Dum; others stay. Pirates kills Boron. Sand-drake attacks and pallando is corrupted using Vanishment.
T19-Jamir played at Hau Nysrin. Flight Unmarked sends Pallando and dwarves to Evefalin Cavern-Systems. Others movet o Mablad-Dum. Sorijan Raiders and Seafaring Bellakarin attack killing Peshtin. Pallando plays the demon strike so to play Southern Hammer. All the moving factions of Pallando are buried in the land of Far Harad.
T20- Tur Betark played to reach hidden site Bar Falin. Tabaya Kas alone moves to Hau Nysrin. They CvCC Akhorahil’s magicians wounding Sangahyando.
Facing Harad Division, they play 5 hazards (Akhorahil another 9).
T21-All move to Bozisha-Dar to influence away a faction (PW and WV in hand). Sloth Bear is killed by a hammer stroke. Agent Jaeru uses Seek Without Success to send them back. Tabaya Kas is left alone at the site. Angulion plays A Malady Without Healing on him.
T22-Pallando moves to Hau Nyrsin. Tabaya Kas moves to Oasis of Fult. Again Seek Without Success sends Tabaya Kas back. He again survives A Malady Without Healing, but has no chance against Channels of Chey.
T23-Pallando, Dar, and Relin II move to Bur Esmer. Abductor is killed. Pallando ties influence attempt on Umbarean Corsairs. Indur’s minions CvCC. Pallando taps Krisfuin preventing Burgligoth from using Driven As By a Madness causing Pallando to kill him. Oliphaunt steps on Dar making jelly. Akhorahil’s minions visit. A Malady Without Healing kills Relin II.
T24-Pallando now alone with Inner Rot and 3 CP. He stays using Muster and Persuasive Words on Black Numenoreans and fails by 3.
deck with game summary of 24 tunsr
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