792-play Imrahil

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792-play Imrahil

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This player had partial success protecting Southern Gondor from factions and troubling
Adunaphel the Ringwraith. Yet, poor play of characters had this player slow for many turns.
Karma of Aldarion was played and Lothíriel was discarded twice by an agent. Thus, recycle with
Nenselde was restricted to an unpleasant pace. But there were 37 moving companies. It was
troublesome playing characters with Coastal Seas in between, but that what makes the game
enjoyable. Agents were thorns either through influence or by attacks. Faction battles were mixed.
Two factions fought to a stalemate in Andrast during the Council Turns. Strider was discarded on
Turn 3 and will not be in the next game for this player. Characters were usually played in two
turns because a company immediately moved to the home site. It was worrisome moving with
small, weak companies. However, only eight creatures were faced! And two in the first 20 turns.
That is absurd. Yet, six characters were slain (Forgotten Scrolls, Slayer, agents x2, Sand-drake,
Vaurak). Barliman Butter was “added” to the deck on Turn 21 so to keep Dol Amroth in play. It
was scary keeping Lothiriel alone with Elwen whispering tales of shoe sales in Linhir. The
success of agents has had me reconsider playing agent hazards on any player. But I want agent
trouble early in the game and not on Turn 22 discarding a character with several table cards.
Also, I removed Balance Between Powers early in the game. That resource is too powerful with
so many players. If Imrahil has the first mini-turn and last in the next turn, then all other players
in his group will experience that resource event twice. That is too much. I like the event for the
Power Decks with four in a group instead now with 8. Raid of Umbar was played on Turn 19.
The delay was due to lack of characters, and I think using Stolen Knowledge.
There were 8 body checks, killing 6 characters, from 42 strikes including detainment. Nenselde
must be in play recycling Sun and Star of High Hope else it will be a roll of six-pair.
The avatar was played on Turn 2. He was busy moving 16x. The avatar was in play for 23 turns:
7 taps to accessed sideboard, x1 play item, x3play factions, x1 support, 8x faced strikes, x1 in
cvcc, x1 for Grace of Uinen, x0.ally, x0 to remove hazard, x3 to fetch Tower of Amroth.
Vygavril killed by Slayer. Mariner then killed that same turn by the attack from Forgotten
Scrolls. Then Duinhir was slain with his 6 body from an agent. Sand-drake killed the other
Mariner. Vaurak ate Urezir. Another agent killed 9 body Niluphel.
This player sailed facing 8 creatures from 59 hazards, but 18 were agent actions. Adûnaphel
played 17 hazards. One CvCC was defended and one initiated. There were 37 moving companies
and 59 total companies. Average hazard limit was 2.25; that is low by 10%. About 95 regions
were moved through. 30 regions were Free-Domains and another 23 Coastal Sea. This was a
reason of facing few creatures. Pallando moved through 130 regions. Vidugavia moved through
104 regions. Gandalf moved through 152; Elrond 86. [going back to those decks for stats]
33 hazards were played by Imrahil, 2 were agents – 15 on Adûnaphel. Five creatures were
played on Akhôrahil. Nine players did not face one hazard from Imrahil.
First deck exhausted on Turn 13. Turn 10 ended with 21 cards in the playdeck. Second deck
exhaust on Turn 19. 11 non-Lordhaven sites were tapped. First deck shuffled 10 cards and drew a
high 7.9 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 7 cards and drew 14 cards/turn (played against
Felagrog drawing so many]. Third deck ended with 53 in the deck, shuffled 6 cards and drew 9.3
Ûrezîr played Turn 8; killed Turn 21. He faced weak orc strikes, killed agent On-Eno. His body
gave confidence to play twice Forgotten Scrolls. But Vaurak’s 13 prowess did him in.
Strider, started. Never moved. Discarded on Turn 3.
Golasgil, Played on Turn 6. Used Concealment 4x. Ended game wounded. Wore Hauberk of
Bright-mail after Turn 16. Wounded for last 5 turns. Wounded again from CvCC.
He was a good character, but was scary for 10 turns with 7 body.
Nîlûphel, Played on Turn 12. Killed on Turn 23. Used Marvels Told x2. Able to move alone with
9 body stat. Faced a few strikes. Killed by agent Pon-ora-Pon while in lone company.
Harngorin, never played. Home site too far. He now starts for the second game.
Vygavril, started and killed on Turn 3 by Slayer. Second game has here in playdeck.
Argirion, played on Turn 9. Wounded later that turn by Dwar using Some Secret Art of Flame.
Did not tap 3x facing strikes –very useful.
Ûrêkhâd, started. Discarded on Turn 7. Cancelled two home AAs.
Duinhir, played on Turn 19 and later killed at Setamaenen from Pon-ora-Pon.
Derufin, never played.
Dunadan Mariner, started, tapped to cancel AA, killed from Forgotten Scrolls attack.
Dunadan Mariner, played Turn 20. Tapped for Port movement x1. Killed by Sand-drake.
Duilin, never played
Lothíriel, started. Played Marvels Told x2, Reforging. Discarded on Turns 9 & 14 by agent.
Played again on Turn 13 & 16. She moved I think twice.
Barliman Butterbur. Came in the nick of time on Turn 21. He will start the second game.
Foliant of Warfare, played on Turn 15. DI bonus not used for anything.
Tower of Amroth
Skilled Was Their Knighthood, played for 1 turn. Not used.
Trusted Counsellor
Knight of Dor-en-Erhil, Played on Turn 19.
Grace of Uinen, Tapped to fetch Fair Sailing x2, Hair of Uinen. Useful.
Son of Adrahil, played on Turn 21. Helps with Council cc.
Swan of Amroth
Clad for War, played Turn 14.
Elendilmir, played on Turn 10. Very useful for cc and DI.
Belegennon, removed during game for Karma of Aldarion.
Hauberk of Bright Mail, played on Turn 16. Much needed for 7 body character.
Valiant Sword, never played.
Glamdring, played Turn 9.
adamant helmet, played Turn 15. Should of played from sideboard at Linhir.
twice-baked cakes, never played. But kept in deck.
forgotten scrolls, 2 copies played x3.
Miruvor, discarded when bearer killed.
Potion of Prowess, not used.
Horn of Anor, used in 4 IC. Needed for one of them.
Knights of Dol Amroth, played on Turn 18.
Royal Navy, played on Turn 24.
Men of Anfalas, played on Turn 6. Moved to Harondor, but returned to Andrast for battle.
Discarded later by agent.
Southrons(H), never played.
Bozishnarod, never played.
Bellakaze, failed on Turn 1, then played Turn 14.
Nenseldë the Wingild played Turn 13, but agent discard two turns later.
When You Know More, never played.
Raid on Umbar, played Turn 19. Delayed due to lack of characters.
Dark Numbers, Turn 13, needed to influence Bellakaze.
Dark Numbers, Turn 16, used for Raid on Umbar
Reforging, played at Lothiriel on Turn 7 at Edhellond.
Reunion played on Turn 9.
Concealment, played 5/6. men x2, undead x2, demon
Marvels Told, played 5/7.
Fair Sailing, fetched twice and used.
Great Ship, played once. Disappointed, but better game play next time should change this.
Belegaer, played once. Disappointed, but better game play next time should change this.
Ulmo's Watch, never used. Will remove for next deck.
Gates of Morning, used.
Balance Between Powers. Removed due to powerful effect.
Quiet Lands, never used. Removed for new deck with lack of visits to Ruins and Slands.
Sun, played 2/2. Another copied added.
Star of High Hope, played 2/2.
Clear Skies, played 1/2. Three copies now in new deck.
Hair of Uinen, tapped x3. Would of liked to used more.
Hidden Knife. Played 1/3. Replaced by Face Out of Sight.
Withdrawn to Mordor, removed for Memories Recalled.
Stories of the Eldar Days, played Turn 17.
Gift of Comprehension, played on Golasgil on Turn 21, but Sage skill not used.
Tokens of War, not used. I think added to replace BB.
The Seaward Tower
The Doom of Choice, played Turn 11.
Númenór's Legacy, played Turn 21.
90 hazards drawn (those that started). 70 discarded from hand. That is horrible.
Stout Men of Gondor, played 3/8
Sorijan Raiders, played 0/6
Knights of the Prince, played 1/2
Seafaring Bellakarin, played 2/9. One killed
Sloth Bear, played 1/8
Dunadan Explorers, p0/6
Sand-drake, p2/9
Tavir, the Y’shar, p0/2
Lure of Conquest, p0/5
Tidings of Doubt and Danger, p2/3
Power Relinquished to Artifice, p1/3
Lost at Sea, p1/5
Drowning Seas, p0/4
Noose of the Sea, p0/4
Sea-Blockade, p1/3
Quicksand, p0/4
The Sun Shone Fiercely, p3/4
Nothing to Eat or Drink, p2/4
Burdensome Commands, p2/2
An Unexpected Outpost
Call of Home, p4/4
Muster Disperses, p1/2
Trouble on All Borders, p1/2. Removed from whole game.
Dark is the Hour, p2/2
Facing Eriador Division; they play 5 hazards; main hazard player: Adunaphel played 2.
T01-Good starting hand. Played Great ship and Belegaer to play Bellakaze. Reach Hazaj Tollin
on good wind. Urekan taps to cancel AA. Vygarvil used Horn of Anor to file by 2 to play faction.
Smoke Rings shuffles that faction.
T02-Avatar played. Some move to Korlea to play Bellakaze again. Urekhad uses Horn of Anor,
but mocks the host and fails.
T03-Strider discarded to return home. Losers return to Hazaj Tollin. Lothiriel gets fiery with
Politics. Slayer is found along the path far from the city. Dunadan Mariner yells before the attack,
but one strike kills Vygavril. Under a heavy heart Hazaj Tollin is entered. Dunadan Mariner
founds Forgotten Scrolls in a souvenir ship, but is killed when the scroll’s hidden pin trap pricks
his elbow. Miruvor he was carrying drops and spills on the floor. Three characters now in play
for this player.
T04-Urekhad moves to Southron Oasis on his way to Gondor.
Facing Gondor Division; they play 9 hazards; main hazard player: Adunaphel played 1.
T05-Imrahil moves alone to Lond Galen(character). Urekhad moves there too. Lucky draw.
Urekhad uses Horn of Anor to rouse Men of Anfalas during the Harvest Festival, but pass
failures barely makes the roll so faction played.
T06-Golasgil awed by the dunadan joins the company. All move to Dol Amroth with two copies
of Dark Numbers in hand.
T07-Urekhad is dismissed due to performance review. Urezir in hand. Imrahil and Lothirirl move
to Edhellond. Golasgil moves to Pelargir. At Edhellond, Lothiriel learns Regorging techniques
from a Noldo elf ready to take the Straight Road. Golasgil sits at a tavern outside of town. Vaal
Gark is Near to Hear a Whisper, but Golasgil is Conceal(ment) by making the “Captain Morgon”
stance when the agent walks by.
T08-Urezir is recruited from the wharfs. Imrahil+ move to Dol Amroth. The other move to
Linhir. Tower of Amroth is fetched so Prince Imrahil can return home to silver trumpets.
Reforging is stored when Safe From the Shadow.
[moved through only two W in eight turns]
Update: Low 6 MP and 31 cards in deck. This is the worse deck of the 40.
Facing Wilderland Division; they play 13 hazards; main hazard player: Adunaphel played 0.
T09-Arigiron is borrowed from the barracks. Imrahil moves alone to Pelargir to build the navy.
Others move to Haudh-in-Gwanur. Concealment gets into the site. Glamdring is found with
Forgotten Scrolls. Lothiriel is later discarded by agent.
Dwar the Ringwraith visits the Ruins & Lairs with Some Secret Art of Flame. Argirion is burned.
T10-All move to Tolfalas. Concealment played to enter. Forgotten Scrolls are used to find
T11-Imrahil moves to Dol Amroth. Others move to Monastery of the True Faith for any glimmer
of hope. Desert Orc Raiders with Orc Archers attack with a Stir. Imrahil reads the Forgotten
Scrolls to find the key to the Seaward Tower.
T12-Niluphel enters the game after her time of prayer. They move to Vamag with Belegennon in
Facing Northern Waste Division; they play 7 hazards; main hazard player: Adunaphel played 1.
T13-Imrahil moves to Vale of Erech. Urezir moves to Bur Esmer. Lothiriel plays Nenselde the
Wingild. Niluphel plays Concealment to enter the shadow-hold. Golasgil counts Dark Numbers.
But On-Eno attacks as agent but slain by Urezir with a sword stroke.
T14-Urezir has Fair Sailing to Hazaj Tollin. Imrahil stays at Imrahil. He fails by one to influence
Royal Navy. Golasgil needs Dark Numbers to persuade Bellakaze to enter war. Lothiriel again
discarded by Elwen.
T15-Elwen is Withdrawn to Mordor. Urezir moves to Benish Armon. Imrahil returns home.
Argirion duals with the wild men on the Ruins. Golasgil hides with Concealment the roaming
demon. Foliant of Warfare found in an abandoned building. Adamant Helmet was found dropped
among the rubble.
T16-Lothiriel played again. Urezir move to Gobel Mirlond. Golasgil buys a suit of Hauberk of
Bright-mail while Argirion counts Dark Numbers of corsairs.
[17 MP, 28 cards in deck]
Warlord Game Points, 1. Selects Karma of Aldarion.
Facing Gondor Division; they play 2 hazards; main hazard player: Adunaphel played 6.
T17-All move or stay at Dol Amroth. Great Secrets Buried There finds Karma of Aldarion.
Knights of Amroth played.
Balance Between Powers replaced with other resources.
T18-Imrahil has Fair Sailing to Umbar. Niluphel and Duinhir move alone to Vale of Erech.
T19-Duinhir played at home site. All stay, but Niluphel and Duinhir move to Setamaenen to play
Forgotten Scrolls. Pon-ora-Pon seeks revenge on the men of the water and kills Duinhir.
Umbar is entered under dark. Golasgil has Concealment to pass the sentries. Dark Numbers
discarded to enter the shipyard. Golasgil is wounded by a roaming patrol. Argirion lits the oil to
burn the ships.
T20-Dunadan Mariner trained at Dol Amroth. Niluphel moves to Dol Amorth. Urezir moves to
Umbar. Imrahil stays. Earcaraxe is hunting. Urezir defeats the first assault of the tail. Dunadan
Mariner parrys the jaw snap.
Facing Gondor Division; they play 4 hazards; main hazard player: Adunaphel played 9.
T21-Barliman Butter stops on his “Tour of Bree Beer.” Imrahil moves to Urud-an-Khibil.
Niluphel moves to Pelargir. Sand-drake ambushes and kills Dunadan Mariner with a swap of a
claw escaping with a meal. Vaurak is then found or did Vaurak find them? Urezir valiantly
fights, but is struck down. A cairn is made by Prince Imrahil. Anger drives the avatar to enter the
forsaken place against demons. Imrahil uses Glamdring and does not tap rolling 10. Golasgil taps
to parry his strike. Karma of Aldarion is found beyond all hope.
T22-Imrahil moves to Dusalan with 7 corruption points. at 7/14/8/10. No creatures. Detained and
thus no use of Bozishnarod.
T23-Imrahil moves to Linhir. Golasgil is wounded by Seafaring Bellakarin. Fell Turtle is turned
into luggage by the avatar. Niluphel enters the seaport. Pon-ora-Pon is there and kills her.
Golodhros, Angamaite, and Dunadan Mariner combats Imrahil and Golasgil. Imrahil expertly
swordsplay Mariner to death. Angmaite wounds Golasgil.
Knights kill Dunlendings in Andrast. Wolves take down Bellakaze.
T24-Imrahil moves to Pelargir. Clear Skies played. Corsairs of Umbar raid. Big mistake and one
point in a pile. Pon-ora-Pon attacks, just what Imrahil wanted. The agent is wounded. Imrahil has
a 21 result to play Royal Navy.
Son of Adrahil x4 and Elendilmir helps Imrahil.
Ends with 22 MP. Finished strong.
game deck with notes, turn actions, and stats
(611.46 KiB) Downloaded 65 times

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