794-play Valdacli

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794-play Valdacli

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This player had partial success slowing the Mumakanril, but four factions were slaughtered
during two turns in Usakan. Men of Ciryatanire and Men of Miredor were played. It was possible
early to wound or maybe kill the beast faction. A 15 prowess for the Mumakanril may be high. I
like the value 14. The deck had Pick-pocket and Thief creatures, which I deemed too powerful
for a game wanting more use of agents. Therefore, I discarded the creature when drawn and drew
another card.
It was boring to be this player due to low prowess characters with limited companies. It took 13
turns to play the three rings providing DI boost. Half the turns had any site phase. I might remove
the cards associated with keeping characters at a non-haven site for More Alert Than Most.
Faction battles went as expected. No healing of factions were performed.
Special rings were played mainly by using Old Toby to get a gold ring to the hand –very useful.
It was nice attempting to influence away minion factions late in the game. This is why I like
teams targeting other player. Prince Imrahil can CvCC minions with many followers so to lower
the GI buffer. 11 of the 23 creatures were killed belonging to the player. Four characters were
never played due to influence limits. I will go ahead and add a gold ring item and another Lesser
Ring so to have Sakulbâr II with that ring to control Seregul. Now, 20 GI is used. The third
company will likely be made during the Warlord Phase where the factions will already be
eliminated. The use of Muster Disperses on “moved” companies or besieged companies needs to
be addressed. Maybe allow Muster Disperses to tap a faction instead of discarding a faction. That
is if the faction is at his home site, then use Muster Disperses as normal, else tap the faction on a
successful roll. Three characters and one ally were eliminated. Derei and Arthrazoc were killed
by Southern Slayer creatures. Dunadan Mariner was killed by the AA at Aeluin.
64 strikes were rolled for this player, which is I think is averge. There were 11 body checks
killing four. There were a little 11 corruption checks. There was no avatar to access the
sideboard. The Council of the Seven was used by 10 characters. I would have like to use it more.
Never was there more than one card accessed due to free general influence.
This player face 18 creatures from 72 hazards, but 10 were agent actions. Indûr played 17
hazards. Five slayer creatures were played. One CvCC was defended. There were 34 moving
companies and 52 total companies. Average hazard limit was 2.67; that is average. About 87
regions were moved through. 20 regions were Free-Domains or Border-lands and another 23
Coastal Sea. This was a reason of facing few creatures.
50 hazards were played by Valdacli, 0 were agents – 14 on Indur. Seven creatures were
played on Indur. Seven players did not face more than one hazard from Valdacli.
I am considering relocating Indûr the Ringwraith to Eriador giving him the dark dwarves.
This then allows two Court of Ardor players using all the rich elf characters. Indûr is now using
five unique characters: Hargrog, Sakalure, Leardionoth, Savak, Burdilgoth. Sakalure can go to
Adûnaphel replacing Horseman of the Night. Then Surion can be used as an agent. Leardionoth
can go to Smaug the Golden replacing the second Dragon’s Disciple. The Mumakanril then can
be played by Akhôrahil with no condition of Mumakil Traders.
First deck exhausted on Turn 12. Second deck exhaust on Turn 19. 13 non-Lordhaven sites were
tapped. First deck shuffled 12 cards and drew a high 7.8 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 9 cards
and drew 11 cards/turn. Third deck ended with 21 in the deck, shuffled 3 cards and drew 10
Daroc, played at home site on Turn 17. He is useful playing factions. He killed minion Bewac
using Valiant Sword. He was wounded late in the game. A needed character with his prowess.
Phorakôn, played at home site on Turn 8. Stayed in play for rest of the game. He used The
Council of the Seven often. He faced a few strikes and played Flatter a Foe. Would like to give
him a weapon, but has corruption from the rings. He lead a core company.
Sakulbâr II, never played.
Imrazôr III, never played.
Seregul, never played.
Terilaen, played on Turn 9, discarded on Turn 19. Played once Marvels Told. Will have less of a
role in the next game.
Adrazar, started. Finished game. Surprised he lasted that long. Lucky, tough character. He faced
7 strikes and only Plague wounded him. He made two influence attempts (1 failed) and used
Flatter a Foe.
Araphor, started. Useful. Faced 9 strikes, wounded x1. Made one influence attempt. Discarded on
Turn 15 to play Hembur.
Derei, started. A weak character. He faced four strikes and was wounded 2x. Killed by Southern
Hembur, played Turn 16 at home site. Killed Southern Slayer on his first turn. He faced four
strikes and was wounded once. he was useful.
Arthrazoc, started and killed on Turn 23. He was a good, core character. He made 4 influence
attempts, faced 9 strikes, and was wounded 3x.
Dunadan Mariner, never played
Dunadan Mariner, played on Turn 10. Faced 5 strikes, wounded twiced. Killed by AA strike.
Elven Handmaid, never played
Overall, good use of characters. Need more DI for another company to move.
Magic Ring of Words, played two copies by Turn 13. Very useful to control characters.
Lesser Ring, played on Turn 14.
Hauberk of Bright Mail, played Turn 12.
Valiant Sword, played Turn 18. Held in hand for 5 turns due to weak characters facing AA.
necklace of silver and pearls, played Turn 18. Used against minion faction. Not a factor.
beautiful gold ring-easy play for magic rings.
Horn of Anor, used for 9x. not a factor.
Beasts of the Wood, played on Turn 4. I think it help avoid playing of some creatures.
Men of Sûlcoron, played Turn 5. wounded twice by Mumakaniril and killed.
The Monks of Mor Tarain, played on Turn 19 using Hour of Need.
Men of Ciryatanírë, played on Turn 15. Killed four turns later. Wounded Half-trolls. Killed by
Umbarean Corsairs.
Nandran, played on Turn 3. Canceled Wargs.
Men of Mirëdor, killed by Orcs of YM on Turn 15.
Clans of the Drêl, played on Turn 17. Avoided battle – too late to make a difference.
Clans of the Pel, played on Turn 11. killed by Mumakaniril on Turn 15.
Clans of the Pel, played on Turn 12. wounded by Orcs of YM, then killed by Mumankaniril
Noble hound, never played
Noble hound, played turn 11. Used GFW, then killed by AA.
Noble hound, played Turn 15, Faced x1 striked, used FGW to kill Seafarign Bellakarin.
No Strangers at This Time
Union of the Valdaclian
Princedom of Mirëdor
Persuasive Words, p3/7. needed against Men of Sulcoron. Used x2 other and non-factor.
Lordly Presence, p5/6. needed x1.
Tempering Friendship, p3/4. needed x1.
Hour of Need, p1/1.
Flatter a Foe, p3/5. Success v men x1. fail v men x1, fail v drake x1.
Dark Numbers, p1/3. used once.
Marvels Told, p7/8
Test of Lore, p3/6
Grip! Fang! Wolf!, p2/2. success x2
I Know Much About You, p3/5.
Old Toby, p2/4
Smoke Rings
Longbottom Leaf
Rumours of Rings
Await the Advent of Allies
Houses of Healing
Saw Further and Deeper
The Council of Seven
Alliance of Free Peoples
The Doom of Choice
Great Captain
82 hazards drawn (those that started). 26 discarded from hand. This was moderately fast.
Giant, p3/4. all killed.
Thunder's Companion, p5/5. two killed.
Sons of Kings, p5/5
Brigands, p3/4. two killed.
Ruffians, p6/7
Abductor, p4/6
Thief, removed
Pick-pocket, removed
Grasping and Ungracious, 6/6
No Longer Allowed to Pass, p0/5
Two or Three Tribes Present, p2/8
Beacons Alight, p1/1
The Enemy is at Hand, p4/4
Tidings of Bold Spies, p7/10
Fearful Sun, p2/4
Muster Disperses, p2/4
An Unexpected Outpost, p5/6
Facing Eriador Division; they play 12 hazards and Indur played 0.
T01-hand(Daroc, men of Miredor)
All move to Ostelor. Land-drake does not accept Flatter a Foe. Adrazar kills it. Araphor gets
through the site’s detainment attack to play the faction.
T02-hand(Nandran, Dark Numbers) All move to Mispir. Adrazar kills second Land-drake. All
T03-All stay. Derei plays Dark Numbers after facing site AA. Arthrazoc uses Lordly Presence to
play Nandran.
T04-hand(Beasts W). All move to Elornan Swamp. Ghosts haunt and wound Derei. Adrazar uses
Dark Numbers to play Beasts of the Wood. How do animals count?
Facing Gondor Division; they play 10 hazards and Indur played 1.
T05-hand(Men of Ciryatanire, Men of Sulcoron). All move to Tol Turgul. Arthrazoc uses
Persuasive Words to play Men of Sulcoron. Houses of Healing played on site. Plague wounds
Araphor and Adrazar.
T06-All move to Valagalen.
T07-hand(test of Lore x3, Old Toby). Derei moves to Lond Anarion. Others move to Arhazuntarik.
Southern Slayer kills Derei. Araphor is wounded by site AA. Adrazar plays Old Toby.
Arthrazoc plays gold ring; tests it for Magic Ring of Words.
T08-Phorakon played at home site. All move to Valagalen.
Facing Wilderland Division; they play 7 hazards and Indur played 1.
T09-Terilaen played at home site. He stays. Others move to Watch at Unullo. Two untap to start
site phase, so no enter.
T10-Arthrazoc taps to use Old Toby to fetch Beautiful Gold Ring. Mariner played at Lond
Anarion. he moves to Watch of Unullo. Arthrazoc and Araphor move to Arpel. Others stay.
Adrazar plays gold ring at the Ruins, but no Sage in the company to test.
T11-All move or stay at Arpel. Factions begin to move. Arthrazoc uses Tempering Friendship to
play Clans of Pel. Adrazar plays Noble Hound.
T12-Test of Lore finds Magic Ring of Words. Arthrazoc, Araphor, Terilaen move to Seregul’s
Keep. Others move to Arig’s Tomb. Deck exhausts. Orc-Warband attacks with Imprisoned and
Mocked. Grip Fang Wolf kills the creature. Then the Noble Hound is killed by the site’s AA.
Then Phorakon plays Hauberk of Bright-mail. Terilaen is wounded at the border-hold. Arthrazoc
uses Tempering Friendship to play Clans of Pel.
Facing Northern Waste Division; they play 10 hazards and Indur played 1.
T13-hand(gold ring, necklace) Arthrazoc and Terilaen move to Tol Turgul. Others move to
Watch of Unullo. Arapho kills Thunder’s Companion. Tidings of Bold Spies taps Arthrazoc.
Adrazar plays the gold ring; it is tested for Lesser Ring.
T14-Araphor moves to Alsarius, Terilaen stays, others move to Aeluin. Lesser Spiders wound a
lone Arthrazoc.
T15-Phorakon and Adrazar move to Lond Anarion. Others move to Valagalen. Nandran warn
against Wargs. Phorakon uses Lordly Presence to play Men of Ciryatanire. Then Men of Miredor
are killed by Orcs of the Yellow Mountains. Clans of Pel stooped by Mumakaniril along with the
other copy. Men of Sulcoron also killed by Mumakaniril.
T16-Hembur played at home site. King-spiders played – nothing assigned. Then Darkness Made
by malice canceling site phase.
Meaty 28 MP in play.
Facing Harad Division; they play 12 hazards and Indur played 6.
T17-Daroc played at home site. Arthrazoc and Mariner move to Alsarius. Others stay. Hembur
kills Southern Slayer. Flatter a Foe fails on Alsarius site AA. Daroc uses Tempering Friendship
to play Clans of Drel. No Strangers At This Time played at Tol Turgul.
T18-Terilaen moves to Valagalen. Arthrazoc moves to Aeluin. Phorakon stays. Mariner eaten by
sites AA. Daroc plays Valiant Sword. Hember plays Necklace.
T19-Hour of Need played by Arthrazoc on Monks of Mor Tarin. Success. Phorakon moves to
Arhazun-Tarik with one wounded. Others move to Valagalen. Jungle Demon wounds Hembur.
Majmum taps two.
T20-Arthrazoc moves to Three Sisters. Phorakon moves to Hau Nysrin to heal factions.
Seafaring Bellakarin killed by Grip Fang Wolf. Flatter a Foe cancels Corsairs of Umbar. Three
Sisters AA wounds Arthrazoc. Indur’s covert minions combats at Three Sisters. Bewac is killed.
Facing Harad Division; they play 4 hazards and Indur played 8.
T21-Arthrazoc moves to Valagalen. Others move to Bur Esmer. Pirates tap two. Bur Esmer is
entered, but Phorakon is tapped.
T22-Phorakon moves to Korlea. Others stay in hope to influence a minion faction. Korlea is
entered. Adrazar makes an influence attempt on Umbarean Corsairs using Lordly Presence and
Tempering Friendship and fails by 10; rolls 2 v 6.
T23-Arthrazoc moves to Hau Nysrin. Phorakon stays. Southern Slayer wounds Arthrazoc, then
kills him. Another copy wounds Daroc. Korlea entered. Phorakon moves attempt on Black
Numenoreans using Lordly Presence, Persuasive Words, and Necklace failing by 11. rolled 4&2
v 11.
T24-Get to a haven with all rings. Slayer played but two IKMAY cancels creature.
+Council Checks
Phorakon has 5 cp.
deck with turn notes and stats
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